Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Big Saturday in City Colours

Every Saturday is a chance for glory when you're a City man! No exceptions this week.

A few guys out of the firsts opens up some opportunities for blokes who have been doing well in the first few weeks of the 2nd grade season.
Ben Semmler joins the team following a Pfeiffer last weekend and few runs in chase of victory. Anthony Cashman takes a batting spot after a first day of the season unbeaten hundred and the reliable Tim Skewes - no stranger to top grade - will come in on the second week.

In 2nds, Pierre Steyn and Ryan Sippel join the team from thirds. Sip is a brilliant fieldsman and will give the side some zest and Pierre is a lower order batsman in form who will be taking over the captaincy when Paul Fisher leaves after this game for a shoulder re-con. Hamish Batley gets half a game as reward for his good season start in 3rds.

As you would imagine, the shuffling continues to 3rds but its not all one way traffic, with Doug Cederblad back from the 2nds to add to an already strong bowling line up. Simon Bellamy (full game) and Matt Ballantyne, Kyle Eather and John Kennedy (half games) all get a chance coming up from the 4ths.

4ths grade continues to bracket players in order to expose them all for a few games before chosing the squad of fifteen. See
Team Selections for more details.

Don't forget to read your Newsletter ... it will be the one featuring Michael Bellamy in the player profile and come back to the South Tamworth Bowling Club after the game for a quiet, cool drink and a BBQ (cost a few $). See you there and around the grounds. Smile!

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