Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Events This Saturday

Look out for "Howzat", the club newsletter - including a player profile of Mick Bellamy. Ask your captain if you didn't get one.. There are things in Howzat which are not on the website so make sure your read it.

There will be a BBQ held at the South Tamworth Bowlo ($5 per head) after play on Saturday. This will be our last BBQ at the Bowlo before Christmas as the area is booked out and also a chance to celebrate Dan Mitchell's birthday and send Paul Fisher off with our best, so lets make it a big roll up. It should be our regular haunt after the Christmas break. The Social Committee is currently hatching some plans for other social events before the fat guy in the red suit (and we're not talkin' Higgo in his disco gear) arrives, so stay tuned.

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