Sunday, November 29, 2009

Round Five v Bective 28/11/09

There's no way around it ... we woz fumpd! Four thrashings in four grades.

There were excuses - players out etc - but even so, we were bested this weekend. All of which will make victory against the Bective Boys even sweeter when it comes later in the season. Our season doesn't end after one bad day. Pull the caps down to the eyeline, square up those jaws and fix those steely eyes you City Men!

It wasn't all bad news. A great return to form by Peter Mead with a better than a run a ball 75, Al Austin's economic return under fire in seconds, Josh Allen's best outing with the bat in 3rds (and on his birthday) and the continued good form of Tim Hunt in 4ths.

Besides this, we had a very successful BBQ wilst watching the 1sts at No.1 under the lights. Thanks to Chris and Sam Langston for their organisation and work.

1sts at No.1 Oval
Bective 4/299 (Tom Wilson 2-54) defeated City United 175 (Peter Mead 75, Tom Wilson 35)

2nds at Chaffey
Bective 5-239 (Al Austin 2-25. Pierre Steyn 3 catches) defeated City United 105 (Hamish Batley 20, Claude Orenstein 18)

3rds at TREC
City United 152 (Josh Allen 41, Pat Dwyer 23, John Kennedy 21) lost to Bective 3-155

4ths at Chauvel
City United 110 (Tim Hunt 41, George Harradine 22) lost to Bective 3-112 (Kaine Philpott 2-18)

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