Monday, May 17, 2010

Winter Topics - Ponting (C), Better Than Waugh, See

From time to time during the off season, I'll throw in some topics to keep us all warm and lively.

Lets start with Ian Chappell's recent assertions about Ricky Ponting's captaincy in comparision to Steve Waugh.

Is Ricky Ponting a better captain than Steve Waugh?


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  1. rod pryor18/5/10

    ian chappells comments must be taken in context. he has long been a critic of steve waugh for any excuse he can concoct. rather than praise waugh for helping test cricket to be played much more aggresively, he chooses to defend ponting for losing 2 winnable ashes series .

  2. Chris Langston20/5/10

    My view is exactly the same as your view on this subject of who is a better captain.

    Steve Waugh on so many different levels and reasons.

    His record is proven as a captain, batsmen, player in all circumstances/situations in every country against quality opposition.

    The Windies in their golden years, the great turn around of Australian Cricket in 1995 series in the Carribean, the immense pressure of the media when Steve Waugh was given the captaincy.

    Ian Chappel has to take check of his comments as he really uses his position in the media to fuel his own ego and pitfalls as a player himself. Don't get me wrong - I respect the guy greatly for his role in the history of Australian Cricket. My own philosophy on cricket dictates that respect is the highest form of compliment when you are playing such an illustrious game as cricket is.

    To be making comparisons between Ricky and Steve, really!

    I would've thought that Ricky would be the first one to let everyone know that he is a better captain than Steve. But I think deep down in Ricky's flawed soul that he would know himself that he's not. One of Australia's premier batsmen, but a flawed captain.

    Steve Waugh's record stands up in the history of Australian captains. He is a man to respect not to judge.

    I think you would agree with most of this view as we have similar views on captaincy of this current Australian side.

    Katich is a ripped off man and will always be.

    Clark deserves a crack, but I really believe that this current Test side needs direction of someone like Katich.

    But time will serve as the best indicator of what Clark will achieve after Ponting retires after the next Ashes series.

  3. Ian Charlton21/5/10

    Ian Chappell unfortunately has a record of being negative towards Steve Waugh. Perhaps Tugga does not show Chappell the respect Ian thinks he deserves.

    Ponting V Waugh. Ponting rates as one of the great bats in cricket history, Waugh stands as one of the toughest bats to dismiss in cricket history, their averages will probably end up comparable.

    Ponting V Waugh as captains. Stats suggest that Ponting is more successful however to rely on raw figures is like treading on broken glass. The comparative strengths of the opposition, the side each person led and so on are very important factors.

    In my view the real points of difference are those instances when the blow torch was applied whether on the field or of the field Ponting has been found wanting on a number of occassions. He has consistently set poor fields at critical times, he has the habit of pointing the finger at all but him or his team when under pressure and has a tendency to be a good winner but not so good at losing.

    Waugh was always hard as on the field but very rarely showed anything but dignity off the field. He had his moments of course but as a rule was excellent off the field.

    When you lead a national team there are many different qualities that make the leader and when ticking the boxes Ricky comes up short. Perhaps next time him and Chappelli play golf they can come up with some better ideas.


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