Sunday, December 12, 2010

City United Christmas Party


City United will celebrate the festive season with a Christmas party to be held after matches on the 18th December. The venue will be at our major sponsor, the Tamworth City Bowling Club. Santa will be making an appearance and parents are asked to be Santa's helper by providing a wrapped present to the value of $10, clearly marked with their child's name. Owing to the constraints of new carbon emission laws, Santa can only deliver presents to primary school age children, 12 and under. Tucker will be provided at $10 a family or $5 a head, all you can eat. Ladies are asked to bring a dessert. Everyone is asked to dress in a festive mood.

In the event of wet weather, a decision on an alternate venue will be made at 4:00pm and all players will be contacted by text. The night will go ahead regardless of weather.

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