Monday, November 14, 2011

City United Teams vs Souths - Round 4 (19th November)

All City United Players and Supporters are remided to get along to support our First Grade side in there day night match vs South Tamworth, commencing at 3pm at Number 1 Oval. Players and supporters from lower grades are reminded to attend Number 1 Oval at the completion of there days play for a free player and supporter BBQ at innings change from 6pm. Any players with late unavailabilities please inform your captain asap.

First Grade - (Number 1 Oval, 3pm Start)
D. Whale (C) 0423 918 389, N. Whale, R. Steyn, R. Hansen, A. Dutton, R. O'Halloran, L. Steyn, J. Philp, M. Walter, J. McVee, D. Lawrence

Second Grade - (Riverside 3)
P. Fisher (C) 0429 654 808, B. Hawley, S. Hancock, A. Cashman, B. Cederblad, M. Fisher, S. Bellamy, P. Dwyer, N. Cooke, C. Langston, I. Kensell, J. Miskle

Third Grade - (Belmore Park)
C. Callcott (C) 0402 334 403, D. Holzigal, D. Mitchell, P. Mead, M. Ballantine, B. Ballantine, N. Stacey, A. McDonald, S. Ballantine, S. Ravi, N.Townsend, A. Ballantine. RES: L. Baily

Fourth Grade - (Riverside 8)
P. Lawrence (C) 0438617044, T. Skewes, T. Skewes, G. Whale, P. Hagley, L. Hagley, T. Kempe, S. Hurn, L. Cooke, L. Baily, G. Schwenke, A. Fitzgerald. RES: Z. Johnston, J. Stacey, R. Benjamin

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