Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rodney Pryor

Rodney Pryor is our newest life member and has been appointed as a selector for the coming season. Let’s ask him 16 questions in 90 seconds.

Who was your favourite cricket player to watch when growing up? Allan Border & Steve Waugh
Favourite cartoon as a child? It is not a cartoon but The Goodies.
Are you studying or working, If so doing what? Working-Revenue Clerk
When you were growing up, what did you want to be? Farmer or Fireman
What do you normally eat for breakfast?  Whatever I can find in the house.
Who is the team mate that brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh? Glen Balderston
Your every last meal would be? Shepard Pie
What highest level you have played cricket? 1st Grade with City
What primary school did you attend? Kootingal
What is your most embarrassing moment on the cricket field to date?  After being dismissed at Riverside 2 I picked up another bat from my kit bag that had a broken handle. To release my frustration on getting out my idea was to swing the bat hard as hell and hit the trunk of a large tree completely breaking the bat in two.
 I set myself and took an almighty swing “BANG” as my cricket bat collided into the tree only to rebound back from the tree and whacking me in the face, nearing breaking my nose.
Stranded on an Island, What are your 3 essential items? Food, my son, and whatever he wanted.
What footy code do you support either Union, NRL or AFL? Love my footy, mad West Tiger fan & Carlton fan.
What would you buy with your last $20? Whatever my son needed.
 How did you become a City player? Following my father and older brother to City.
Who is the smartest teammate? Damien Robinson
What is your middle name? Neal
  GOOOOOOOOO Keep that broken bat away from him CITY


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