Sunday, January 13, 2013

Whale watching at 1st Grade on Saturday, could only happen at CITY

There was something very special happening on Saturday at 1st Grade. Whale watching of a difference, there was a pod of whales in 1st Grade. Yes there was Gary, Daniel and Nathan Whale all in the 1st grade side. All three taking to the field possibly for the final time in a Grade match. Dan had some fun with his old man by sending him from fine leg to fine leg in the first few overs before he thought his old man might have a heart attack. The crowd went off when Gary and Dan put on 31 runs for the eighth wicket. Family moments like these are treasured and I was pleased that I was there to witness it. GOOOOOO Garry last word on 1st Grade, "I hit a four, did you see it" CITY

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