Thursday, October 3, 2013

Captains announced

City United have pleasure to announce that Harrison Kelly will be City United’s 1st Grade captain for the coming season, Harrison has a wealth of experience through captaining representative sides.  Our previous 1st Grade captain in Dan Whale is still very much involved in the club as a 1st Grade player and currently holds a position as Vice President of City United.
City United has appointed Peter “he just keeps getting better” Mead as our 2nd Grade Captain. Peter also brings a wealth of experience to this role after many years captaining our 1st Grade side and only last year captaining our 3rd Grade side through it most successful season ever. 

Terry Skewes has been appointed City's 3rd Grade Captain for the coming season. Terry is hoping to give all his players the opportunity to continue their development into the best cricketers they can be.

Lastly but most importantly Anthony Fitzgerald has been appointed City's 4th Grade captain. Anthony has a wealth of knowledge of the game, that he will past onto the next generation of City United cricketers this season.

GOOOOOOOOOO a club you want to be a part of CITY

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