Friday, August 1, 2014

A fun morning of Golf.

The United States of America might have the Augusta National golf course and Scotland has St Andrews.  We at City are just as excited about having an opportunity to play on the world class Farrer Memorial course where being in the rough could mean you being in the piggery or poultry shed. City United’s Registration/ Golf morning will be held this Sunday 3 August at Farrer. The school had a 7 hole golf course with tee off at 10am. Golf clubs are available at the school if anyone needs them.  Play will be in teams of 4 (2 seniors/2 new or juniors).  There will be drinks provided and a sausage sizzle at the club house after the rounds.
I have just received these direction to the first TEE. I can assure you this is not a windup, if anyone gets lost e.g. “Sugar” just park and we will come and get you.
Drive to Farrer and enter from O’Briens Lane (closest to Nemingha).
Drive until you reach the balloons near the dairy and turn right.  (if you come to the pool, you have gone too far – turn around and look for the balloons)
Proceed through the paddocks, following the balloons, down to the Golf Course and Clubhouse.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So come along for a morning of laughter and fun with City’s golf morning CITY

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