Friday, January 9, 2015

WE CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!! Is what he announced.

Mark with his follow 2nd Grader Johnny.
Our 2nd Grade team might be a fair way from fourth spot.
They have the return of their inspirational captain in Mark Fisher. Mark has missed the last five matches with a crippling, extremely painful, unsightly,    broken finger nail but he is back to lead his side against Norths tomorrow at TREC.
Mark is full of confidence that his side could still force their way into Semi-final contention. He has a new signing in Hayden D’arcy and he is very happy with the form of Jake Philp who stepped in as captain while Mark was injured.  
He believes he has the team to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Fisher (c) ph. 0402931783, Pat Dwyer, Jake Philp, Jocob Hawley, John Miskle, Dan Rogers, Lachlan Cooke, Mitchell Newman, Hadyn D'arcy, Andrew Bowden, Neil Cooke.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO go you good things CITY

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