Monday, June 15, 2015

One of City United’s true characters have left us.

Bobby Hession was City United’s fourth Grade captain over many years, his highlight was winning the 1997 4th Grade Premiership with a number of juniors that went onto play 1st grade for City.
Bobby instilled sportsmanship and  integrity into the many juniors that came to City during that period and gave each player under his leadership an opportunity to excel.
I remember one afternoon when his young opening bowlers didn’t have a good start to the day’s play, with many of their deliveries going to “FOUR” down at fine leg.
I went over to Bobby and said “Do you think we should have a Fine Leg in place?”
Bobby replied “No way!! I am not going to encourage them by placing a fieldsman down there. “
Sure enough Bobby’s patience with his young players paid off and soon they were attacking off stump.
Bobby passed away after a long fight with cancer. Many of City United’s passed players were at his funeral today to show their respect for one of City’s best.
GOOOOOOOOOO rest in peace Bobby, you put up a good fight CITY

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