Monday, February 25, 2013

The toughest job there is. To face the new ball as an Opener.

My tribute to Sean and all the other City openers
You get the word “We are batting”.
Unpack the kit.
Left pad, right pad, adjust  the straps.     
Collar up, sunscreen on.
Check the beloved  bat.
Collect the gloves .
Sit apart, isolate the thoughts,  ignore the taunts.
Time to go, glance at the bat.
Helmet  on, as you prepare for battle.          
Check the grip, on the weapon of choice.
Cradle the bat, as you become as one.
Stride to the wicket, take guard on middle and leg.
Take a big deep breath, try to stay relaxed.
Check the field,  where is the gap.
caress the ball,  off  the mark.
Bless the bat!
Face again, adjust  the box
 Sweet  cover  drive……………….boundary.
Wipe the face of the bat as if you were wiping away the blood.
Short pitched, fast, take it on the body.
Next ball faster looking for your middle stump, kept it out, just.
The battle is warming up.
Out of the corner of your eye you see the Umpire signals two to go.
Next one flys outside off, you shoulder arms.
Final ball, jumps from a good length, catches your glove, flys so slowly and drops in a gap.
You survived, the first over gone, you give a sigh of relief.
GOOOOOOOOOOOO to face the new ball, when the bowlers want blood, you have to be a little bit mad CITY

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