Monday, March 4, 2013

A wrap-up of the regular season.

          Now with the regular part of the season completed, how did City players perform? City players, as reported throughout the season have represented this city of Tamworth and their zone in both junior and senior teams.  Congratulations, to all our City United players that have played at that next higher level of cricket this season.  
Through the regular part of the season there were five City batsmen who have scored over 300 runs with  three century's being scored.  There has been eight City bowlers who have taken 5 wickets or more in a innes and there has been one Hat-Trick taken.
City United finished in third place in the Club Championship in front of West Tamworth, Old boys and Bective.

City United will have three Grades playing this weekend in the finals. Just short of our "Goal" set at the start of the season which was to have all four grade there, never the less it is still a very strong performance from everyone involved in this great club.
              The business end of the season is upon us now. These are the matches you want to play in. The matches are longer, now 90 overs per innings and played over the same weekend.  Our 2nd Grade play West Tamworth at Riverside 3, 3rd Grade play Old Boys at TREC and 4th Grade play Old Boys at Riverside 7. Training and selections on Wednesday Night as usual.
GOOOOOOOOOOO play hard, play in the spirit of the game, play smart, play to your best CITY

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