Friday, August 2, 2013

Give me Test match cricket over any One-Day competition any day.

Like most Australians I was excited about the 1st Test of the Ashes and watched most of it, my excitement waned through the 2nd Test but after the first day of the 3rd Test I’m back being excited again.

Watching the Pommy crowd reminds me of a true story.

  A  English woman went to the local Coastline newspaper office to publish the obituary for her recently deceased husband. Her late husband loved his cricket and didn't give her the time that he should have.
The obit editor Michael McRae informed her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word.
She paused, reflected, and then said, "Well then, let it read, "Angus MacPherson  died."
Amused at the woman's thrift, Michael told her that there  is a seven word minimum for all obituaries.
She thought it over and in a few seconds said, "In that case, let it  read........
 "Angus  MacPherson died. Cricket Kit for sale.”
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO four more sleepless nights ahead CITY

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