Thursday, September 19, 2013

I googled Dubbo and found.

 Dubbo is said to have come up with the following Australian nicknames, the local RSL club as the 'rissole'  and referring to the Commercial Hotel as the 'the mersh' .
The Macquarie River runs through the joint. It's 2001 population was 30,860, I guess it's bigger now. And lastly it has three highways running out of it Mitchell Highway, Newell Highway, Golden Highway well it did have back in 2001.
I could not find any information on Dubbo since 2001. I am guessing not much has happened since then.
But really Dubbo is a lovely place, it's nice to have you boys over.
City United Squads
1st/2nd Grade Squad at Chauvel Park
Harrison Kelly, Dan Whale, Nicholas Blake, Simon Toyer, , Ryan Hansen, Tait Jordan, Lachie Cooke, Mark Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Rod Pryor, Cory Callcott, John Miskle, Jack McVey, Peter Mead.
3rd/4th Grade Squad at Riverside 4
Graeme Schwenke, Anthony Fitzgerald, Josh Cooke, Neil Cooke, Gary Whale, Eddie Beattie, Ryan Woods, Robbie Greig, Brodie Greig, Trent Balderston, Danny Malpe, Noah Pitt, Russell Pitt, Mark Chew, Cooper Thompson.


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