Thursday, September 19, 2013

Training is still on Sunday

City will be training on Sunday as usual even though we have a trail match this Saturday. Talking of training, my mind goes back a few years now, to a old City United player called Robby Smith. Robby was a true gentleman of the game and fun to be around. At one of City's afternoon training sessions Robby was batting when a delivery collected him in the place we all dread to be hit. We were all concerned as you are, when this kind of thing happens, through our laughing we said to Robby to check his box. Robby's reply was "I don't have a box".
Our response was "Why not"
With pride Robby replied "Cause I am not wearing any underwear"
GOOOOOOOOOO Robby spent two months in Highlands of Papua New Guinea working as a teacher at a local school. Robby was planing to return back to Australia by paddling through the Torres Strait in a dugout canoe until his mother heard of his planed trip and quickly had him on a air flight back home, but thats another story CITY

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