Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some days the results are not a reflection of the effort made.

Smithy you were just so sharp in the field.
I spent some time at our 3rd Grade at Belmore Park. This grade was typical of all our teams on Saturday.
City had called into our 3rd Grade team two old retired war horses in Ron Farrell and David Smith both were terrific (I am sure it will be a few days before they once again can move without pain). We had the father and son team in Robby and Brody Gregg and from the rehab ward from the Tamworth Base Hospital Shel Ravi (knee) and Graeme Schwenke (calf).
At the final drinks break Norths had already had a 80 run lead on City's first innings of 113 runs. With over an hour to play we were looking at a very big total being put on us. But during that drink break the boys got together and made a pack that we would win the final session, the final hour would be ours. 
So this team of City players half of them by now carrying an injury of one kind or another, took to the field. They supported each other and gave it one last dig. 
Graeme was one of the players that played injured. 
They slowed the run rate and started to take some wickets, when stumps were called and taking 4 wickets for a very few 35 runs City had won the final session. Over half this team will be interchanged, for the second week but to the players slipping back to retirement or back to a lower Grade well done, "Some days the result are not a reflection of the effort made." GOOOOOOOOO well done CITY

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