Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Teams to play Souths and important information for all members.

City United teams to play Souths in a two- Dayer match on 1st and 8th March. 

CITY NEWS - The date has been set for this years City United Presentation Night, it will be held on Saturday night the 5th April at the City Bowling Club. The presentation night will commencing from 6.30pm. Cost will be $20 per person with children under 12 years $6 per head. Numbers need to be in with Nikki 0427826704 by no later then 29th March. Place it in your diary, as you would not want to miss it.
There will be a yummy BBQ back at our Bowling Club after the match. This will be the last time that we will all be together as a club smelling of sweat, leather, willow. So let support our club by a big turn out.
With the season quickly coming to an end we ask that all perpetual trophies are returned to either your captain on Saturday or bring them along to training.

1st Grade Riverside 2 1pm start time:
Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Jack McVey, Ryan Hansen, Simon Bellamy (1st week)/Simon Toyer(2nd week), Tait Jordan, Terry Kampe, Dan Rogers(1st week)/Brett Walsh(2nd week), Dan Lawrence(1st week)/Dan Whale(2nd week), Richard O'Halloran, Patrick Dwyer, Michael Bellamy, Luke McVey (12th man)
2nd Grade Riverside 3 1pm start time: 
Mark Fisher 0402931783 John Miskle (VC), David Smith, , Rod Pryor(2nd week), Ron Farrell,  Josh Bennie, Steve Ballentine,  Mitchell Morgan(1st week)/ Cory Callcott(2nd week), Terry Skewes.
3rd Grade Cheuval Park 1pm start time:
 Trent Balderston(C) 0431589787, Graeme Schwenke, Nathan Smith,  Scotty Hurn, Cooper Thompson, Mark Chew(1st week)/Tim Paynter(2nd week), Tom Fitzgerald, Eddie Beattie, Danny Malpe, Tom Schwenke(1st week)/Josh Miles(2nd week), Locky Cooke, Jesse Alken,  Tom Schwenke(reserve 2nd week) 
4th Grade Riverside 7 1 pm start.
Anthony Fitzgerald(C) 0401177209, Josh Cooke, Neil Cooke, Brody Gregg,  Gary Whale(1st week)/Doug Truman(2nd week), Robby Gregg, Les Wallace(1st week)/ Mark Chew(2nd week), Ron Benjamin, Ryley Fitzgerald, Paul Lawrence, Russell Pitt, Noah Pitt..

At City

Growing up in the country you play a lot of sport
fun thing to do with mates, using a bat and ball of course

and here at City there is still one match yet to be played,
So bring with you your goals, and leave your doubts away
Whether you think you can or can’t, you certainly will find
Cause we have captains that never say die

They will give you the space to reach for the sky.
We play south's that are tough and they are good
But we will play to our best and that's all you can ask
As little do they know we are ready to kick some a**.

GOOOOOOOOOOOO all the best on the weekend gentlemen CITY

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