Monday, December 1, 2014

With the passing of Phil Hughes Friday's post will be posted today. Looking for extra cash.

Coach Cricket With Nathan Bracken, Michael Bevan, John Dyson & Get Paid?
Shaun Brown’s Cricket Coaching are once again conducting cricket clinics throughout December & January in NSW and we NEED YOU to assist in coaching the young cricketers of tomorrow.  The clinics have been operating for over Twenty years and provide coaches with numerous benefits. 
The benefits to you!!
üThe chance to meet, coach and learn from Former Test & First Class players;
ü 9am – 3pm work hours;
üHaving a ‘mini trip away’ with other Premier cricket players;
üPay from $180 for a two day clinic – ask about our pro coach multi camp roll over pay
üCar pooling and travel expenses covered;
üGain further experience in coaching;
üStaying at reputable motels throughout  NSW – which most often have a pool;
üCoaching appointments which work around your lifestyle and schedule;
üCoaching attire consisting of a cap and shirt provided;
ü“Refreshments” provided following the conclusion of each days coaching;
If you are interested in being one of the coaches on this year’s clinics, simply go to ; fill in your details at the bottom of the front page under Coaching; Employment Opportunities. If you have registered this year then we look forward to your participation on this year’s summer cricket camps. If you registered last year you will need to re registered this year due to the new financial year.

Friday's little story.
I'm not happy, not happy at all !!!!!!!
My 16 year old daughter, nervously brought her boyfriend home last week to meet her parents.  Although my daughter was very fond of him she was nervous about what sort of  impression he’d make on her parents. After all, he was full of tattoos and rings all over his body.
 “Mom and Dad” said Katrina nervously, ” I would like you to meet  Spike, my boyfriend, Spike this is my Mom and Dad.” After a few minutes of small talk and pleasantries, I called my daughter over and whispered “Katrina, I don’t like him, I don't think he is nice guy at all”
“Dad please!” retorted Katrina, “if he’s not a nice guy how can you explain the forty hours of unpaid community service he does a week?!”
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the joy of your children growing up CITY

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