Monday, February 4, 2013

There is only one "Sugar" and we just love him being around.

On Saturday our regular captain Peter Mead was away so Johnny "Sugar" was appointed captain for the day for 3rd Grade, the team at that stage had been unbeaten in all nine of their One-day matches. Johnny was very excited to win the toss on the second attempt (but that's another story). He elected to bat first and quickly ran off and started to pad up to open the batting until the boys told him to settle down and suggested that he could bat at four.
At the 35th over mark City had only 145 runs on the board and still with 5 overs available to bat, (SEE PICTURE) you see Sugar here discussing with Tezza Kampe whether he should declare the innings. Tezza was quick to point out to Sugar that it was not one of his best ideas.
GOOOOOOOOOOO we lost the match but Sugar was quick to point out it was not his fault CITY

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