Thursday, October 30, 2014

Interim Results from Rd 3 matches played against Bective on Saturday 25th October.

1st Grade
City won the toss and elected to bowl first.
Bective were dismissed for a total of 309 runs on the last ball of the innings.
Best bowling:    Tait Jordan 4/45 off 10 overs; Jack McVey 2/44 off 19 overs; Daniel Lawrence 2/54 off 10 overs
The 11 guys in the team spent the whole day in the field in the heat.  It was a mighty effort by the bowlers & fielders under the circumstances.  Thanks to young Brody Gregg who assisted in the field when the bowlers finally got a break after tea.  Next week we will have Simon, Ryan and Dan back in the team to get some runs on the board and hopefully chase down the big target.
2nd Grade
City lost the toss and bowled first.
Bective were dismissed for a total of 263 runs in the 67th over.
Best bowling:  Simon Bellamy 3/62 off 18 overs; Jinto Joseph 2/42 off 11 overs.
At stumps, City were 1/17 off 10 overs.  Josh Bennie is 6 runs N/O and Pat Dwyer is 8 N/O.
City will be hoping to continue on with a big score next week with some good batsman still to come in.
3rd Grade
City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City were dismissed for a total of 157 runs in the 48th over.
Best batting:  Eddie Beattie 36 runs; Liam Dunn 34 runs; Tim Paynter 27 runs.
At stumps, Bective are 8/106 off 29 overs.
Best bowling:  Eddie Beattie 3/16 off 7 overs; Brock Dunn 3/22 off 6 overs; Liam Dunn 2/25 off 8 overs.
City only need to take 2 more wickets on day 2 of their match to take first innings points.  Another man of the match performance from Eddie has put the team in a good position.
4th Grade
City lost the toss and bowled first.
Bective hit 2/148 off their allotted 40 overs.
Best bowling:  Paul Lawrence 1/21 off 7 overs; James Wallace 1/26 off 5 overs.
At stump, City are 0/122 off their 40 overs.
Best batting:   Russell Pitt 53 runs N/O; Noah Pitt 48 runs N/O.
The game is right in the balance at the moment with City trailing by just 20 runs at the half way point in the game.  The Pitt father & son combination have set up a great match with an unbeaten opening partnership of 122 runs.  City will be looking to take some early wickets next week and then continue with their good batting display.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO it is about each batman batting for long periods, then victory is ours CITY

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