Tuesday, October 8, 2013

City welcomes its new faces to the club.

The excitement is building with the new season only a few days away.  With a new season brings new faces to our club. City welcomes all its new players and their families to our club and the season ahead.  
Teams will be selected at training tomorrow at Riverside 2 starting at 5pm. Our first match against Wests in a One-Dayer is this weekend. Fourth Grade will start a week later on the 19th of October.  
Talking about selections, I am reminded of what Tezza Kampe said to me when he first arrived at the club. We were selecting teams when I approach this new player to our club and said “We are starting you off in 4th Grade, Terry.” Tezza looked at me and said “No problems, I joined City United the club not a particular team.” Since then Tezza has played 4th Grade to 1st Grade and everywhere in between.
And that’s what being part of a club is all about. At City we all train together as a club, we all celebrate after the matches together as a club. So throughout the season players will requested to move through the Grades.
So get along to training, as there will be heaps of fun to be had as well as new friends to be made.

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