Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Start to the Season

Wins in all three grades and sensational performances form City cricketers, with a special flavour on youth bubbling out where ever City played this weekend. These boys weren't just good, they were sensational. It's been three years since City United started with three emphatic wins in the season opener.

Aaron Flaherty talking about his 139.
3rd Grade
A long hard day in the office for the Thirds after securing 1st innings points on the first week and working all day to try and gain the outright. In the end, a little unlucky with an obvious caught behind refused by the ump and one or two chances missed. Still a strong win.
Souths 57 (Ryan Sippel 3-0, Hamish Batley 3-4, Kaine Philpott 2-7) and 9-233 (Michael Bellamy 2-16, Glenn Ryan 2-30, Ryan Sippel 2-46) lost to City United 274 (Hamish Batley 77, Pierre Steyn 34, Rod Pryor 32) on 1st innings
3 Hamish Batley, 2 Ryan Sippel, 1 Glenn Ryan. POD - Ryan Sippel's Punter like run out.

Glenn Ryan talks about that Ryan Sippel runout.
2nd Grade
A game that was up and down for all of the second day. Despite looking in trouble several times, the youthful Seconds never ran out of fight and in the end, finished well on top. Paul Fisher had half the second innings runs and Tim Skewes let loose the thunderbolts in Souths 2nd innings.
City United 9-236 dec. (Anthony Cashman 108x, Ben Cederblad 34) and 87 (Paul Fisher 43) defeated Souths 198 (Ben Semmler 4-42, Matt Reynolds 2-25, Anthony Cashman 2-28) and 5-80 (Tim Skewes 3-26, Ben Semmler 2-24) on 1st innings.
3 Anthony Cashman, 2 Ben Semmler, 1 Mat Reynolds. POD - Cashy's maiden grade ton.

Paul Fisher talks about the lessons learnt for young players and club spirit.
1st Grade
A great first up win underpinned by good bowling and fielding in the 1st innings and an inspired 158 run partnership between Buddy Harriott and Aaron Flaherty - both playing their first innings for the club. In a signature move which all City players will remember, Flaherty pointed emphatically to the badge on his City cap when he raised three figures. His play on the legside was outstanding.
Souths 209 (Ross Steyn 3-56, Tom Wilson 3-58, Nathan Whale 2-24) and 3-122 lost to City United 8-248 dec. (Aaron Flaherty 139, Buddy Harriott 66) on 1st innings.
3 Aaron Flaherty, 2 Buddy Harriott, 1 Tom Wilson POD - Flaherty's celebration when he reached his 100.

Dan Mitchell describes a magic moment.
Higgins Air Con Player of the Day - Aaron Flaherty and Anthony Cashman

Tony Higgins talks about the season start.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The New Season Starts

City United have made an outstanding start to a 09/10 with strong performances in all three grades on the first day of the season.

Dan Mitchell's first grade babes had Souths on the ropes at 6-60 and again at 8-134 and the experience of letting runs be added among the tail will stick with them for later games. In the end, they are chasing a target well within range of this new look batting line up and Aaron Flaherty showed Tamworth why he's considered a star on the rise.

Souths 209 (Ross Steyn 3-52, Tom Wilson 3-58, Brendon Reynolds 2-24) v City 2-75 (Aaron Flaherty 52x)

In seconds, a serious injury to Sean Hancock took some of the lustre of an otherwise spectacular season start which included a brilliant century to Anthony Cashman. The bowlers have started the work and just have to finish it for first innings points.

City 8-236 dec (Anthony Cashman 108x) v Souths 4-65

Thirds have already secured first innings points thanks to Hamish Batley, who had a day out against Souths. Batley, Ryan Sippel and Kaine Phillpot ran through the opposition with the ball but the fielding was hot, hot, hot, including Sippel's Punter like run out when he dived at square leg and downed the castle with a one-stump aim. The batsmen, led by Batley and Rod Pryor, who batted with style and aggression but also including strong hands from Glen Ryan, Sippel and Pierre Steyn, set up a commanding lead. Possible outright points in the offing.

Souths 57 (Hamish Batley 3-4, Ryan Sippel 3-0, Kaine Phillpot 2-7) v City 9-257 (Hamish Batley 77, Rod Pryor 32)