Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Messages For Our Club Mates

Tony Higgins says ...
"I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all our members and their families. Most of all a very safe Christmas."
Dan Mitchell says ...
"Merry Christmas to all City United members and friends. May the Christmas season bring you renewed strength, happiness and an opportunity to do more for others in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all then."
Simon Hood says ...
"Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to all City players, officials and their families. May it be a time of fun, fellowship and not too much Christmas pud! See you all in the New Year."
Claude Orenstein says ...
"Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a safe journey to those travelling away. All the best and I look forward to continuing the season in 2010."
Glenn Ryan says ...
"All the best for Christmas and the New Year guys. Let’s hope that 2010 brings health and happiness for players and their families and final berths for the four City teams."
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You'd Better Watch Out ...

It's official: the English language is under threat from small collections of words which contain a verb and an object wholly concerned with Christmas. The so-called Santa Clause has forced authorities to declare a sliding scale of holidays between now and the end of January, according to susceptibility to rogue clauses. Teachers, through familiarity, are the worst affected and therefore will be absent from their workplace for five weeks.

The most common side affect of people affected by the Santa Clause is an overt jolly nature and the desire to call for multiple quantities of garden implements, most often hoes.

In issuing warnings, authorities have suggested that those affected by the Santa Clause should engage the services of the Christmas Cricket (pictured) from Dec 26th, maintain a prone position on comfortable furniture for the following five days and only rise from their position when wooden structures are dishevelled before their eyes, when suitable cold liquid sustenance is exhausted, or in the event of experiencing hotspots.

Hunter New England Health has warned the public that sensible self-administration of medicinal pizza and the distasteful fizzy, frothy, burpy Amber Liquid Energy drinks may not be enough. Carers have been urged to be understanding and overly lenient during this time.

You have been warned. Good luck and God bless. Merry Christmas,


(If you have encountered the Santa Clause already, click on "Comments" below and share your knowledge!)

Last Round Before Christmas v Norths

1st Grade at Scully Park
City United 6-229 (Aaron Flaherty 134x, Peter Mead 38) defeated Norths 165 (Aaron Flaherty 3-21, Brendon Reynolds 2-26, Matt Reynolds 2-29, Tom Wilson 2-31)
It wasn't all the Aaron Flaherty Show but it was just about! Coming in at 1-9, Aaron was unstoppable with a glorious innings which left Norths like minions standing on the shoreline trying to turn back the tide. Sixteen 4's and two 6's may have convinced them by the end that it was a fruitless task. Buddy Harriott (79) and Peter Mead (83) were perfect foils for his strokeplay in big partnerships around which the innings was built. Norths, despite losing early wickets, were in it until the 15th over when Nathan Whale trapped Rixon in front during an economical spell. The game swung on that dismissal and came crashing about their ears with Flaherty's surprising late wickets. The last highlight was a lightning fast stumping by Buddy Harriott from MOM Flaherty's tweakers. Great effort lads and special mention to Skipper Dan Mitchell for his readiness to swap and change players from seconds according to form and opportunity.
2nd Grade at Chaffey Park
City United 129 (Luke O'Connor 49, Chris Langston 19) lost to Norths 5-133 (Daniel Lawrence 2-19, Jaye Sippel 2-31)
In truth, the scoring was too slow but the bowling was good and at least the side didn't panic and collapse in twenty overs but saw out their alloted number. The innings was built around Luke O'Connor who opened and was ninth man down against some difficult bowling. Chris Langston looked to be coming back into form in a fifteen over stay. Norths had to withstand a fiery and accurate opening salvo from Daniel Lawrence and Leo Steyn and then some tight overs from Chris Langston, Pat Dwyer and Jaye Sippel but they never had enough runs to defend. This was a very encouraging win for 2nds right on Christmas and more of this attitude in the the New Year will see more wins than losses.
3rd Grade at TREC
City United 8-209 (Cory Callcott 56, John Kennedy 43, Glenn Ryan 19x, Terry Skews 16, Matt Ballantine 14x) defeated Norths 137 (Ryan Sippel 2-0, Tim Hunt 2-25, Ron Farrell 2-36)
Third are back on track as their locomotion ran down Norths with a very sound win. At 5-36 things looked decidedly grim but come the crisis, come the man and when you are batting like Mark Waugh (well, against Sri Lanka at least) it time to deliver - and deliver Cory Callcott did, uncocking eight spanking fours and a perfect forward defensive shot. John Kennedy weathered the initial storm, batting at four and played a good hand. In the end, the last four scored half the team total. It was diversity in bowling and fine fielding which secured the victory against a team of owerful hitters who may have stolen the game. Ron Farrell bowled with promounced loop, Tim Hunt justified his place with the new ball and big catch was gutted and cleaned by some eager bowling anglers.
4th Grade at Chauvel
Norths 133 (Ryan Hanson 2-17, Kaine Philpott 2-19, Paul Lawrence 2-26. Phil Cook 3 catches) defeated City United 106 (Phil Cook 32, Ryan Hanson 18, Kaine Philpott 13)
The one that got away! After their best bowling and fielding effort of the season, including tight bowling, super catching and a run out from a Sam Langston throw at the boundary edge, 4ths were tasting victory. Unfortunately, only three players were able to exceed double figures and they crashed from 3-58. That said, what a happy bunch turn up at 4ths every week. Keep up the good work Scarby!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fees Due On Saturday

All players are reminded that final payments must be made on fees by this Saturday, 19th December unless an arrangement has been made with the Club.

Players are also reminded that all players who have paid their fees by the 19th December are in the draw for a
dinner for two at the Quality Powerhouse.

The draw will take place at South Tamworth Bowling Club on Saturday night.

There are currently 25 players in the draw.

Another Disappointing Weekend

1st Grade v Wests at Dick Edwards Oval
Wests 8-179 (Tom Wilson 5-26, Ben Semmler 2-35) defeated City United 174 (Dan Mitchell 52, Buddy Harriott 33)

2nd Grade v Wests at Riverside 2
City United 4-192 (Richie O'Halloran 78, Luke O'Connor 50, Jaye Sippel 20) lost to Wests 8-194 (Anthony Cashman 3-23, Richie O'Halloran 2-22)

3rd Grade v Wests at Riverside 5
City United 178 (Ryan Sippel 45, Michael Bellamy 39, Terry Skewes 30) lost to Wests 5-182 (Ben Cleghorn 2-26)

4th Grade v Wests at Riverside 6
Wests 4-304 (Kaine Philpott 2-35) defeated City United 182 (Kaine Philpott 58, Phil Cook 31, Ryan Hanson 21, Paul Lawrence 21)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Improve Those Scorebooks




TDCA Recorder, Simon Hood

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shop Around

It pays to shop around on the City United site as things are always changing.

Results, Stats and Team Selections are three examples but new things are added on other pages too. For instance, don't miss President Tony Higgins new post on The President's Message or the bits and pieces which get added on the Sundries page. Find the quiz question for the week and the current poll.

Our website is the only "active" cricket website in Tamworth.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Mixed Bag For City

Some very encouraging results this weekend, especially the narrow win by 2nds and the strong showing by 4ths and without wanting to run to excuses, its damn hard to field four competitive teams with twenty five players out across the grades. We might be disappointed at losses in 1sts and 3rds as those teams were flying high on early results but lets take some pride in all grades from the fact we fielded teams this weekend and were well-in all games at stages.

Heads up City.

1st Grade v Souths at No.1 Oval
Souths 200 (Tom Wilson 5-27, Leo Steyn 2-24) defeated City United 116 (Peter Mead 35, Aaron Flaherty 23) by 84 runs.
The bowling was good enough and restricted Souths to a getable score. Tom and Leo bowled really well and Aaron bowed a long spell which kept things tight. Unfortunately we collapsed, despite being 1-44 in the 8th over. After losing 3-1 and then two more sets of wickets in pairs around 70 and 90, the innings was soon done in the 26th over.

2nd Grade v Souths at Max Sutton Oval
Souths 102 (Pay Dwyer 5-20, Josh Allen 2-35) lost to City United 9-105 (Richie O'Halloran 26, Matt Reynolds 19, Pay Dwyer 18) by 1 wicket.
A real nail biter and a great win when you consider that only three players in this City side have played 2nds this year! Souths were out in only 24 overs. Matt Reynolds and Josh Allen took the early wickets but Souths had got to 2-55 before skipper Claude Orenstein let Pat Dwyer loose on them. Wow! Richie O'Halloran bowled a long and important spell of tight bowling, conceding only 24 off eight overs whilst Pat was taking the wickets. The same pair got City off to a great start with an opening stand of 41 before that old 2nd grade rot set in and wickets fell in all directions. Matt Reynolds played a sensible hand to get us level before the last pair hit the winning runs. Go you 2nds!

3rds Grade v Souths at Belmore Park
City United 160 (Luke Lawrence 25, Robby Smith 30, Tim Hunt 28, Phil Cook 25) lost to Souths 7-162 (Tim Hunt 2-22, Ryan Hanson 2-22, Garry Whale 2-27) by 3 wickets.
A fabulous fighting performance by the thirds, who like 2nds, had many personnel changes for this game. In fact, stand in Skipper Rod Pryor was the only player left from those who played 3rds last week! Batting first, City probably never had enough runs but it wasn't for lack of trying. Tim Hunt caught the eye with another good showing with the willow and Robby Smith returned from injury with runs. The bowlers tried hard with Whale and Hunt probably the standout performers. Robbie Smith completed a good return with seven reasonably tight overs.

4ths v Souths at Minor League Park
Souths 146 (Lachlan Ng 6-16, Craig Sheaves 2-13, Grant Scarborough 2-21) lost to City United 7-150 (Stefen Van Aanholt 78x, Alex Van Aanholt 26, Nick Stacey 16) by 3 wickets.
The 4ths, soon to be sponsored by the UN, pulled off a great win. Skipper Scarborough had more new faces than Bert Newton and made good use of them. Lachlan Ng's five over burst started when Souths were 2-118 and together with the resurgent Craig Sheaves (you can't keep a Shire boy down), they ended the innings only 28 runs later. In reply, City were soon 2-0 and then 3-52, before Stephan Van Aanholt took charge of the innings and steered City home.

Welcome aboard all new players to the club this weekend and thank you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lango Having Time Off

Members should note that Lango will be taking some time off from club duties until after 12th December. He'll still maintain the website but he won't be attending to the rest of his work as Secretary.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Round Five v Bective 28/11/09

There's no way around it ... we woz fumpd! Four thrashings in four grades.

There were excuses - players out etc - but even so, we were bested this weekend. All of which will make victory against the Bective Boys even sweeter when it comes later in the season. Our season doesn't end after one bad day. Pull the caps down to the eyeline, square up those jaws and fix those steely eyes you City Men!

It wasn't all bad news. A great return to form by Peter Mead with a better than a run a ball 75, Al Austin's economic return under fire in seconds, Josh Allen's best outing with the bat in 3rds (and on his birthday) and the continued good form of Tim Hunt in 4ths.

Besides this, we had a very successful BBQ wilst watching the 1sts at No.1 under the lights. Thanks to Chris and Sam Langston for their organisation and work.

1sts at No.1 Oval
Bective 4/299 (Tom Wilson 2-54) defeated City United 175 (Peter Mead 75, Tom Wilson 35)

2nds at Chaffey
Bective 5-239 (Al Austin 2-25. Pierre Steyn 3 catches) defeated City United 105 (Hamish Batley 20, Claude Orenstein 18)

3rds at TREC
City United 152 (Josh Allen 41, Pat Dwyer 23, John Kennedy 21) lost to Bective 3-155

4ths at Chauvel
City United 110 (Tim Hunt 41, George Harradine 22) lost to Bective 3-112 (Kaine Philpott 2-18)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

STBC Membership

All players over the age of 18 are remindered that it is a condition of our sponsorship arrangement with the South Tamworth Bowling Club that all players become members. This only costs $2 and about three minutes of your time to complete the orange membership form.

Lango will bring these around the grounds on Saturday for you to fill in and you can give him the $2 membership fee. After you receive you receipt from the club, take it up there during daylight business hours (Thursday and Friay nights 'till 7pm) to get your photo taken and card processed.

Those who joined last year must pay their renewal immediately which can be done over the bar.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BBQ At No.1 Oval

The Social Committee would like to announce that there will be a club BBQ after play finishes this Saturday in 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade, at No.1 Oval, where our 1st Grade will be in the process of beating Bective East in the first domestic day/night game held in Tamworth grade cricket. All club members are urged to attend. The usual sausage sandwiches will be on offer plus softdrinks.

Come along and be rowdy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dedicated Clubmen

Paul and Dan Lawrence must be high up on the list of dedicated clubmen. In the midst of a four week holiday to the USA, they send the following message:

This is Paul and Daniel signing in from sunny LA... good to see wins for 3rd and 4th grade last weekend... sorry we couldn't be there.

Here is a snapshot in support of Dan Mitchell's club nickname suggestion...

By the way my (Paul's) hat has met with a prehistoric end... lost forever in the depth's of the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios... even have photographic evidence to show on my return. Would you mind putting aside another cap for me please!!!

Good Luck next weekend.....

Cheers Paul & Daniel

Sunday, November 22, 2009

City United v Old Boys - 21st November, 2009.

1st Grade at No.1 Oval
Old Boys 9-223 (B Middlebrook 60x, A Hazelwood 49. Ben Semmler 3-22, Tom Wilson 2-29) defeated City United 9-200 (Buddy Harriott 58, Brendon Reynolds 37) by 23 runs.
The much vaunted Old Boys batting line-up didn't have things all their own way, despite the strong start they got from Norville, Hazelwood and Kelly. Tom Wilson gave City the dream start with the first ball of the innings smashing Morgan's stumps. After a mid innings comeback by City in taking 4-22, it was again Ben Middlebrook who played the innings of the day, especially a last wicket partnership of 25 with Will Howard. Ben Semmler again bowled well for three wickets. The City chase flagged badly to be 5-65 and then 6-96, with same problem of starts but no finish. Harriott and Reynolds put things back on track but their departures - two of three run outs in the innings - inside the last ten overs put an end to things. Semmler and Mitchell added twenty but at the end on the day, Old Boys last wicket pair made the winning difference.

2nd Grade at Max Sutton Oval
Old Boys 8-261 (B Fox 65, M Fulwood 39, A Follington 37, H Falkenmire 29. Leo Steyn 2-15, Jaye Sippel 2-28) defeated City United 8-175 (Hamish Batley 39, Anthony Cashman 17, Chris Langston 17, Leo Steyn 16, Luke O'Connor 13. M Fullwood 5-45)
Old Boys scored too many, including 28 noballs and wides which we gave them. City's bowling was undisciplined and that will always lead to punishment in the higher grades. Special mention to Chris Langston who held three catches. The batting started brightly but five players made starts and three made ducks and only Hamish Batley stroked the ball sensibly about for any length of time. This side is good enough, it just needs concentration, a bit more guts and a hunger for victory.

3rd Grade at Belmore
City United 8-264 (Peter Orenstein 74, Pat Dwyer 56, Ryan Sippel 46, Simon Bellamy 44, Wayne Brown 18. K Richards 3-32) defeated Old Boys 134 (L Dennis 36. Josh Allen 4-31, Glenn Ryan 3-11, Pat Dwyer 2-9)
Faced with a rampant batting line up and the small boundaries at Belmore, Old Boys were realistically no chance against the Rynocerators. Ryan Sippel and Pat Dwyer started as though they had a train to catch, raising 98 for the first wicket in just 17 overs. Great to see Patty back in touch. Simon Bellamy kept things cooking along and then Peter Orenstein blazed away with a mammoth return innings in City colours, his 74 including 12 fours and 2 sixes. Maybe the sole time you see him Thirds. Old Boys were routed by two spells of two wickets from Josh Allen and Skipper Ryan, who specialises in ripping up the batting tickets of opposition middle orders. Another huge win Thirds.

4th Grade at Minor Leagues
City United 7-196 (Steve Johnston 65, Dave Smith 47, Ryan Hanson 27x, Tim Hunt 16, Phil Cook 13. W Chesterfield 3-24) defeated Old Boys 122 (R Morgan 36. Steve Robinson 4-43, Tim Hunt 2-18, Dave Smith 2-22)
Welcome to the party Fourths and didn't they turn up to play. Another big opening stand, this time Smith and Johnston putting on 92 for the opening wicket and then a middle order steadied by the calm and experienced head of the 12 year old Hanson who M-bopped his way to red ink! Good runs were followed by better fielding with five catches, a stumping and a run out underlining the impressive fielding display. Steve Robinson flighted the ball right from the bat into the fielders hands but all the bowlers, including the openers Kaine Philpott and Sam Langston bowled well. Fourths are on the board. Well played Skipper Scarborough.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As both Lango and Dan will be engaged at the Twenty20 final at No.1 Oval tomorrow night and numbers have been light for the last few weeks, training is cancelled for this Friday, 20th November.

All club members are encouraged to go to No.1 Oval instead and watch the Twenty20 final and cheer on club mates engaged.

City Poll

From time to time, the Club will hold a poll of its members, through the website, to see how you feel about issues. Sometimes you'll only have a short time to vote, sometimes longer. The polls will always be found on the Sundries page. Just click on the button of your choice and click "Vote".

The first poll is waiting for you now. Follow the Sundries link and you'll find it down the right hand side.

Monthly Meeting Highlights

Members met on Tuesday night to discuss the affairs of the Club. These were the notable highlights:
  • Grant Scarborough reported that a squad of thirteen players will be formed for 4th grade from the generous numbers the Club had turn up in the pre-season;
  • water will now be provided for players at training on days of extreme heat as the day's maximum has usually occured in the thirty minutes before training starts;
  • letters of congratulation have been sent to Hamish Batley, Buddy Harriott and Ron Farrell on their recent state selections;
  • Claude Orenstein reported that the Club is in its best financial position for years and that players were being very responsible about getting fees paid;
  • our auditor praised Claude for his excellent work in maintaining the club finances;
  • the TDCA has a new sponsor, Blue Dog Fences;
  • TDCA rep teams have issued an invitation for captains to nominate young bowlers to attend rep training for skills development and to provide net bowlers for the rep players at rep cricket training at the Dick Edwards Oval nets on Tuesday from 5pm. Players should consult their captains;
  • the idea of holding BBQ's at members' houses was discussed on those Saturday evenings when the BBQ area at the STBC was unavailable. It's a matter that needs more thought so we can do the right thing by sponsors, members etc;
  • meetings will start thirty minutes earlier in future.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oops - A Small Goof

We had advertised that we had five tickets to give away for the Twenty20 Final on Friday night. Unfortunately, these tickets were actually hallmarked for one of our sponsors. It was a simple misunderstanding. Apologies if we had your hopes up but it turns out they weren't ours to give.

Go along anyway to see local cricket at it's most exciting. Sleep it off in the bleaches and wake up in time for the top of the table clash between City and Old Boys the next afternoon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monthly Meeting on Tuesday Night

The monthly meeting of the City United Cricket Club will be held this Tuesday night from 7:00pm at the South Tamworth Bowling Club.

Who should come? Anyone who plays for or supports our Club. Whilst certain people like the Captains and office bearers give reports on how the Club is going, there is an opportunity for anyone to speak and have an input into City United. When we say "all welcome", we mean it!

See you there.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The North Side Blues

A fantastic weekend for City United against one of the dominant clubs of recent times, Norths. Three wins from four grades and even fourth grade a long way from disgrace by taking five wickets causing their opponents some serious worry. Importantly, Norths were ahead of City on the Club Championship table, so 2nd place should again be ours.

Looks like those good old boys from the North will have the blues after going down in three out of four grades to the Mighty City United. Always mindful of our fellow man and in an effort to lighten the load that such terrible defeat must weigh on the men from North Tamworth, here's something that might cheer them up from Eleven Hundred Springs. Should be just about their pace ...

1st Grade - City United 203 (Aaron Flaherty 87, Cameron Pyne 36) defeated Norths 186 (Ben Semmler 3-29, Tom Wilson 3-44, Brendon Reynolds 2-27, Dan Mitchell 2-27)

A fabulous team effort with contributors coming from all directions. Ben Semmler, up from a sensational start to the year in 2nds, took out three of the top six in a much vaunted batting line up and fielded like a demon. Tom Wilson had another devastating second spell and the Skipper was finally in the wickets after generously giving others a go this season. It was particularly fitting he claimed the last. All this after a solid batting display built around Aaron Flaherty's run a ball innings and Cameron Pyne's mid innings acceleration. Great win lads.

2nd Grade - City United 187 (Paul Fisher 93, Hamish Batley 35) defeated Norths 133 (Ben Cleghorn 3-18, Jay Sippel 3-23, Tim Skewes 3-42)

This match had everything but mostly it was about guts. Facing the dominant competition leaders after an embarrassing flogging the week before, their best bowler up in 1st Grade, a player short in the batting and then a fieldsman taken to hospital, this shaped as a disaster for Skipper Fisher in his last game before a long time on the boundary. Despite all of these things, this group lifted several times throughout the afternoon and secured a morale boosting win. Fisher led the way with a fine innings deserving of a ton. It was stirring stuff. The 2nd grade rookie, Batley, gave support in the middle order as part of a crucial 64 run partnership. With a reasonable score which should not have been enough, the bowlers all did their jobs well and never once dropped their heads. This sort of stuff can win premierships.

3rd Grade - City United 215 (Pat Dwyer 39, Glenn Ryan 37, John Kennedy 32, Simon Bellamy 29) defeated Norths 34 (Jack Mitchell 5-23, Dan Lawrence 3-8)

Well excuse me for saying so but wasn't this a pasting! Plenty of runs and then the opposition all out inside 14 overs and the luxury of dropping 4 catches and all! Dwyer stood up at the head of the order and scored good runs, especially in a 70 run opening stand with Bellamy which set the tone of the innings. Ryan was the rock amidships upon which Kennedy was able to launch his 4x4's and a six, guided missile attack at the Norths bowlers. Some late hitting from Dan Lawrence put icing on the 200 cake. What followed could only be described as a massacre. Mitchell and Lawrence ran amok and by the time Doug Cederblad got the ball, his workload was only five balls long. This was a very sharp win guys. Well played.

4th Grade - City United 101 (Dave Smith 38, George Harradine 22, Phil Cook 17) lost to Norths 5-102 (Josh Worpel 2-24, Grant Scarborough1-16, Dylan Jackson 1-22)

Okay, a loss but only five wickets from a win and a good effort given the small total that was being defended. Welcome back to Dave Smith, who led the way with a well compiled innings after opening and being 7th out. George Harradine smote the ball well for a while, including one big six. Unfortunately the innings fell away after Harradine and the run machine Cook were out, leaving Smith with all the run scoring work whilst wickets clattered about him. It would have been easy to just lay down but the bowlers took it to Norths for a while and at one stage five wickets were in the bag with Norths only halfway there. Keep up that level of commitment in your batting boys and a win is not far away.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ron Farrell Gains Rep Honours

City has players at all ends of the scale preparing to play cricket for NSW. Ron Farrell has recently been selected in the NSW Blues Over 60's team to conduct the Australian Championships soon in Tasmania. It's nice to see our very own Mr Cricket reaching such heights in a cricket career that is obviously only just reaching its prime.

Congratulation's Ron, from everyone at City United.

Congratulations to Buddy Harriott

Fantastic news today that City United wicketkeeper/batsman Andrew "Buddy" Harriott has been chosen in the NSW u/19 team. He and fellow Tamworth cricketer Josh Hazelwood are the only two bush babes in the squad. The selection was sealed with strong batting and keeping performances in the recently held final trial. Buddy scored 47 and took four catches. It comes as no surprise such honours have come his way, especially if you have spent any time at all watching him behind the sticks.
Well done Buddy. As Prez Tony Higgins said, "it's kind of a special thrill to see a bloke you know selected and then see 'City United' after his name.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Next Monthly Meeting

The next meeting of the City United Cricket Club will be held next Tuesday, 17th November at the South Tamworth Bowling Club from 7:00pm.

If you have matters you wish to discuss, email Lango with an outline of the issue, so that it may be included on the Agenda.

All members are welcome.

Events This Saturday

Look out for "Howzat", the club newsletter - including a player profile of Mick Bellamy. Ask your captain if you didn't get one.. There are things in Howzat which are not on the website so make sure your read it.

There will be a BBQ held at the South Tamworth Bowlo ($5 per head) after play on Saturday. This will be our last BBQ at the Bowlo before Christmas as the area is booked out and also a chance to celebrate Dan Mitchell's birthday and send Paul Fisher off with our best, so lets make it a big roll up. It should be our regular haunt after the Christmas break. The Social Committee is currently hatching some plans for other social events before the fat guy in the red suit (and we're not talkin' Higgo in his disco gear) arrives, so stay tuned.

Advanced Unavailability

All players should please note ... if you have dates anywhere within the cricket season (see "TDCA Draw" for reference) for which you know you will be unavailable (Uncle Fred's wedding, those two weeks in Bali), can you let your captains or Simon Hood know (see "Who Do You Call" page) ASAP to assist with planning for selections.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Message From Grahame Davies

Hi All.

Just confirming that all matches next weekend will be 1 day games.

1st Grade will be 45 overs each with a commencement time of 12-45pm. Over restrictions will apply for the 1st 13 overs.

2nd, 3rd and 4th grade will be 40 overs each.


Grahame Davies
Tamworth Cricket Inc.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Weather Wrecked Cricket on 7th November

Following 45mm of rain in the 24 hours before 9:00am Saturday, the chance of cricket in the any grades went beyond dim to non-existent. The forecast, scattered showers or rain areas, easing later, isolated thunderstorms, light to moderate east to northeast winds and 26c didn't make it any better. Announcements were made on the radio well before 11:00am and a text message was sent to all members at 10:45am. Bummer.

The club BBQ which was to be held tonight at the South Tamworth Bowling Club has also been cancelled for but we'll catch up next week.

Cricket Training Cancelled Friday 6th Dec

Owing to a heavy downpour affecting the training grounds at McCarthy HS after lunch today, training that was scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Big Saturday in City Colours

Every Saturday is a chance for glory when you're a City man! No exceptions this week.

A few guys out of the firsts opens up some opportunities for blokes who have been doing well in the first few weeks of the 2nd grade season.
Ben Semmler joins the team following a Pfeiffer last weekend and few runs in chase of victory. Anthony Cashman takes a batting spot after a first day of the season unbeaten hundred and the reliable Tim Skewes - no stranger to top grade - will come in on the second week.

In 2nds, Pierre Steyn and Ryan Sippel join the team from thirds. Sip is a brilliant fieldsman and will give the side some zest and Pierre is a lower order batsman in form who will be taking over the captaincy when Paul Fisher leaves after this game for a shoulder re-con. Hamish Batley gets half a game as reward for his good season start in 3rds.

As you would imagine, the shuffling continues to 3rds but its not all one way traffic, with Doug Cederblad back from the 2nds to add to an already strong bowling line up. Simon Bellamy (full game) and Matt Ballantyne, Kyle Eather and John Kennedy (half games) all get a chance coming up from the 4ths.

4ths grade continues to bracket players in order to expose them all for a few games before chosing the squad of fifteen. See
Team Selections for more details.

Don't forget to read your Newsletter ... it will be the one featuring Michael Bellamy in the player profile and come back to the South Tamworth Bowling Club after the game for a quiet, cool drink and a BBQ (cost a few $). See you there and around the grounds. Smile!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Website Success

From the "blow your own trumpet" department, the City United website passed the 1500 hits mark tonight and all in just 26 days! That's nearly 60 hits a day! Thanks you fellow Net Nerds.

Congratulations to Hamish Batley

Following a trial match on Melbourne Cup Day, Hamish has been selected for the NSW Combined Independent School U/15 years cricket team, which is effectively an under 16 state team, drawn from all of those schools which are not public high schools. He had a very good trial and performed particularly well with the bat.

Hamish was one of only three "bushies" who made the team. The others were from the central coast and Newcastle and the rest were from Sydney.

This is a big feather for a fairly new cap and City United salutes the achievment. Well played McBatley.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Competition

A new competition has been started by President Tony Higgins. All club members, past and present, should read his latest President's Report for the chance to be in the running for some big prizes.

Club members are also reminded that a
dinner for two is on offer at the Quality Hotel Powerhouse. All you have to do is pay your full fees by 19th December to be in the draw for the prize of a two course dinner for two people in the Workshop Restaurant.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cricket Weather for Saturday 7th November

29c - Scattered showers in the north, tending isolated in the south. Isolated thunderstorms. Light to moderate east to northeast winds. 90% chance of 1-5mm of rain. The forecast is like a Doug Walters innings - full of excitement and a chance of anything happening!

For more info go to "Team Selections" and click on the Weatherzone button or follow this link

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Results v West Tamworth, 31st October

Two up, two down but pretty predictable after the first week. As it looked after last week's play, it was the odd teams - 1st and 3rds - who recorded first inings wins and the evens - 2nds and 4ths who lost. What was unpredictable was the outright loss in 2nds.

1st Grade
This was a game that almost slipped away and at 7-107 , with an injured Ross Steyn waiting in the wings to bat only if required, it may well have had it not been for Cameron Pyne and Tom Wilson who combined for a 43 run 8th wicket partnership which just about saw us home. In the end, the Skipper had that honour, greatly aided by four byes which secured first innings points. Bonus points in Wests second innings which included two wickets to Flaherty and sixes of consecutive balls from Harriott - proof positive of his keeping ability.
Wests 161 (Tom Wilson 3-26, Nathan Whale 2-22, Brendon Reynolds 2-29) and 5-138 (Aaron Flaherty 2-26) lost to City 9 dec for 167 (Aaron Flaherty 46, Cameron Pyne 36, Nathan Whale 28, Tom Wilson 20x)on the first innings.

2nd Grade
No matter how you cut this game apart, it was a bad loss which focused on two poor team innings, despite good work by our bowlers. Ben Semmler was again the outstanding performer with the ball but he was hardly alone. For a period on both days, heads may have dropped, as did catches but these things can be cured on the training paddock, which is where we need to see the 2nds this and following weeks. It can only be up from here. Let's lift for Fish's last game.
Wests 170 (Chris Langston 3-29, Doug Cederblad 2-28, Jay Sippel 2-40) and 135 (Ben Semmler 5-21, Anthony Cashman 3-26) defeated City 122 (Ben Semmler 34) and 54 (Anthony Dutton 22) outright.

3rd Grade
Another good win from a team with many contributors, even if it became a bit sticky towards the end of the second day. Wests fought hard over the first innings points and were denied when within reach when City took the last three wickets for three runs, courtesy of Ryan and Batley. Batting a second time, City were always in trouble, despite some excellent strokeplay from Orenstein and Calcott and some taile wagging from Ryan, Pryor and Lawrence. Wests may have won and got close enough to do just that, but again, Batley and Lawrence bowled well to slow their progress.
City 241 (Cory Calcott 65, Pierre Steyn 44, Ryan Sippel 40, Michael Bellamy 36) and 122 (Claude Orenstein 25, Cory Calcott 23) defeated Wests 233 (Glenn Ryan 2-17, Josh Allen 2-19, Jack Mitchell 2-35, Hamish Batley 2-48) and 6-122 (Hamish Batley 3-18) on the first innings.

4th Grade
A tough game for the team(s) but again, some good indicators including the batting of Tim Hunt in both innings and a return to form from Phil Cook with the bat and a gutsy effort from all of the young bowlers. Having to chase leather across burr ridden grounds is definitely an exercise for the young at heart and our boys did just that for a long time on the second day, before being offered another bat. Everyone bowled but Hunt was the best of them. Second time around, there was a lot of spirit shown in making Wests wait until five to six to secure the outright. Well played lads.
City 125 (Tim Hunt 27, Simon Bellamy 25) and 136 (Phil Cook 30, Tim Hunt 27, Steve Johnston 16, Simon Bellamy 15, Ryan Hanson 14) lost to Wests 340 (Tim Hunt 3-51, John Kennedy 2-12) outright.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

City United Clothing

Players who would like to purchase a club cap or broad-brimmed fielding hat, Claude Orenstein still has plenty. If you don't have a City shirt, get your order (with size and money) in to Claude ASAP, as he's about to order a new batch. He also has a short supply of sew on badges which are going fast.

Self-adhesive helmet badges are on the way. The club will be happy to supply these free to any player who wants one. Lango will come around the grounds and distribute these little treats. They would also make good bumper or window stickers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good News From The Junior Ranks

Its always good to hear our younger players doing well away from the realms of grade cricket. Last Sunday, Daniel Lawrence and Dougie Cederblad were on rep duty for the Tamworth U/16's in a Twenty/20 tournament at Scone. Both lads were in the wickets and Daniel picked up handy runs too. This Sunday they are back at Scone to take on Upper Hunter in a 50 over game. Hamish Batley was another City player to do well at the same carnival, this time in the Tamworth U/14's. The Little City Batley(er) picked up 5 wickets for the carnival at the miserley cost of 12 runs. Not bad in three Twenty20 innings! Batts has also been picked to play in the independent school Possibles v Probables match in Sydney next Tuesday. More of the same form will land him a spot in the NSW team. Good luck Batts.

Tamworth junior cricket teams travelled to Coonabarbran (sounds like a wheelbarrrow load of cheese and bran doesn't it?) and won in all three games. In the u/14's, Ryan Hanson batted well but bolwed even better with 2-9. No wonder he's been bothering older blokes with a good line and length at training. In the U/16's, it was the Simon Bellamy show. In at six, he top scored with 41 in a total of 157 and then took 3-5 from 4 overs in Coona's losing total of 101. Leo Steyn who earlier made a well compiled 18, took the new cherry to great effect (2-17), bowling a nice line during his 8 overs.

Any other tales of City players shining? Drop Lango a line with the details.

Old Photos Update

Thanks to good detective work from Luke O'Connor, three old photos of past City United teams are now on display on the City Snaps page, including players names. See the youthful faces of the 1996/97 1st Grade Premiers, including President Tony Higgins and current club players Luke O'Connor and Anthony Dutton.

If you have any old cricket snaps of City players, email them to Lango or let him borrow and scan them to add to the collection.

Grand futures are built on such rich history.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Mixed Bag - City v Wests

City served up twenty cents worth of mixed lollies against West in four grades on Saturday. Those odd grades - 1st and 3rd - are well placed after strong team performances but the evens - 2nds and 4th - are in a spot of trouble after digging themselves deeper the longer such a fine, warm Saturday went on. Still, the thought of being a City Man can often make up a lot of difference.

Firsts played a lot of smart cricket and certainly have the upper hand in this match at No.1. Winning the toss, Dan Mitchell was always intent on making sure he took advantage of a Wests line-up short on a couple of the stars from their firmament and he duly asked them to have a bat. Brendon Reynolds struck first but the skipper kept his bowlers rotating about despite the regular fall of wickets. This was exemplified by the first six wickets falling to six different bowlers. Tom Wilson again ended with the bulk of the spoils but all bowled well, including Richie O'Halloran with six overs of spin. The other eye catching performance came from Buddy Harriott behind the sticks, where his skill mounted pressure on the batsman. The willow-men then made the most of things until stumps with Aaron Flaherty again impressive. The lowlight came with the needless runout of Nathan Whale just as the umps were about to pull the timbers.
Wests161 (Tom Wilson 3-26, Nathan Whale 2-22, Brendon Reynolds 2-29). City 2-77 (Aaron Flaherty 41x, Nathan Whale 28).

Seconds bowled well, especially in finishing of the Wests innings, where the last six wickets were taken for 41. Chris Langston, returning from injury, was again a key contributor, even if a little loose as he shakes off pre-season cobwebs. Ben Semmler continues to impress as does his new ball partner Tim Skewes. With the injury to Matt Reynolds, the chance for others to step up was offered and taken by Dougie Cederblad and Jay Sippel. Cederblad, in particular bowled well, snaring a couple of important mid-innings wickets. Unfortunately, the City innings was soon in tatters and stayed there for the hours when the shadows lengthened after tea. A few made starts but it was Xavier Tras who top scored. Still, with 86 required, Ben Semmler looking solid and Anthony Dutton to return next week, we might be wheezing and have wobbly legs but like Monty Python's Black Night, we are not beaten yet.
Wests 170 (Chris Langston 3-29, Dougie Cederblad 2-28, Jay Sippel 2-40) v City 7-85

Thirds have more rabbits and more hats than any other team in the club. Four big contributions saw them post a very healthy first innings. The biggest Jack of them all was Cory Calcott who used the small boundaries at Belmore to his advantage with ten 4's and two 6's in his dig. He should have stayed out there swinging whilst the others had a cool one because he lost it after the break. Ryan Sippel played a nice hand opening and dominated the 61 first wicket stand with Pat Dwyer. Michael Bellamy at three unfortunately played over one when well on top but this was a good hand which set the stage for later batsmen. Pierre Steyn, as he often does, unleashed drives on both sides of the wickets and never stayed on strike for too long. He is a busy batsman. Wests were in trouble early courtesy of Josh Allen and Daniel Lawrence but they rallied only to be thwarted by astute bowling changes from the Skipper, Ryan.
City 241 (Cory Calcott 65, Pierre Steyn 44, Ryan Sippel 40, Michael Bellamy 36) v Wests 5-130 (Josh Allen 2-19)

Fourths have conceded first innings points and the day ended with some leather chasing but as is always the case, there were some nice pointers to future things. Tim Hunt and Simon Bellamy would be two of them. They batted well and combined good defence with selective shot making with a certain sense of maturity that indicates they will spend many more years in higher grades than these fledging performances. The other that caught the eye was Josh Worpel, who has been working hard at training and batted like it was a Test match. It's always encouraging to see young blokes with such determination. There was also a lot of spirit in the sense of team that all of the lads showed, even when defending their smallish total. Kaine Philpott and Dylan Jackson tried hard with the ball and Simon Bellamy bowled a tight line.
City 125 (Tim Hunt 27, Simon Bellamy 25) v Wests 5-179 (Tim Hunt 2-31)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

For A Good Time ... Who Ya Gonna Call?

BBQ tonight after play at the South Tamworth Bowlo. Bring some gold coins to cover your costs.

Chris "Happy Langers" Langston, Robbie "Sensational" Smith, Anthony "Dude" Dutton & Sam "Smirk" Langston are your social committee this season. Welcome to all the new players and their families. Loving the family vibe.
So far we've had a BBQ on Sign On Day and after the first day's play, followed by cheese and biscuits and water melon devoured after we secured wins in all three grades after the 2nd day's play back at South Tamworth Bowling Club. What a start. The social committee are stoked with the buzz around the club and so much support from the STBC, City United Club committee and fellow players. What a club to be in.
Players enjoyed listening to each other recall the first game's highlights. A few coldies, a few softies as the laugh's and hoots echoed down the bowling greens as we celebrated.
A special mention to Phil Cook at McWilliams Meats in Calala shopping centre for supplying us with the meat for the BBQ's. We have an ongoing supply from them for the rest of the season.

The plan is to have BBQ's after play on Day 1 of each game and nibblies after the second day.

Let's wear the City colours bright and proud.
Here is a thought for a club chant :
"City United, City United
no other club will ever be like us,
City United, City United
no other club will ever be fighters
like great City, City, City United"

We also believe it's a great thing to supply iced water at all grounds and we're working on how to do that. What about a Hawaiian Night? Any ideas or suggestion are welcome. Let Langers know what you think. See you all at the club to catch up every Saturday night.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Photos

We need some more old photos of City United players and events. If you have some, could you scan them onto a disk or thumb drive or lend them to Lango so he can. The aim is to build up a sense of history in the club.

The Cricket Weather

Weather forecasts for Saturday can be found by clicking on "The Cricket Weather" in the section "Other Cricket Links" ... down and to the right on this page.

Saturday 24th should be mostly sunny and 33C.

In the event of inclement weather affecting the likelihood of play on any Saturday, players are directed to one or many of the following options:
1. Listen to FM 92.9 or 2TM after the 11:00am news for an announcement;
2. Ring/SMS Simon after 11:00am and he will advise whether we are playing;
3. Keep mobiles turned on as the club will send out a text message advising if play is off;
4. Check the website after 11:00am.

All of these options would be better than inundating you Captain.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Start to the Season

Wins in all three grades and sensational performances form City cricketers, with a special flavour on youth bubbling out where ever City played this weekend. These boys weren't just good, they were sensational. It's been three years since City United started with three emphatic wins in the season opener.

Aaron Flaherty talking about his 139.
3rd Grade
A long hard day in the office for the Thirds after securing 1st innings points on the first week and working all day to try and gain the outright. In the end, a little unlucky with an obvious caught behind refused by the ump and one or two chances missed. Still a strong win.
Souths 57 (Ryan Sippel 3-0, Hamish Batley 3-4, Kaine Philpott 2-7) and 9-233 (Michael Bellamy 2-16, Glenn Ryan 2-30, Ryan Sippel 2-46) lost to City United 274 (Hamish Batley 77, Pierre Steyn 34, Rod Pryor 32) on 1st innings
3 Hamish Batley, 2 Ryan Sippel, 1 Glenn Ryan. POD - Ryan Sippel's Punter like run out.

Glenn Ryan talks about that Ryan Sippel runout.
2nd Grade
A game that was up and down for all of the second day. Despite looking in trouble several times, the youthful Seconds never ran out of fight and in the end, finished well on top. Paul Fisher had half the second innings runs and Tim Skewes let loose the thunderbolts in Souths 2nd innings.
City United 9-236 dec. (Anthony Cashman 108x, Ben Cederblad 34) and 87 (Paul Fisher 43) defeated Souths 198 (Ben Semmler 4-42, Matt Reynolds 2-25, Anthony Cashman 2-28) and 5-80 (Tim Skewes 3-26, Ben Semmler 2-24) on 1st innings.
3 Anthony Cashman, 2 Ben Semmler, 1 Mat Reynolds. POD - Cashy's maiden grade ton.

Paul Fisher talks about the lessons learnt for young players and club spirit.
1st Grade
A great first up win underpinned by good bowling and fielding in the 1st innings and an inspired 158 run partnership between Buddy Harriott and Aaron Flaherty - both playing their first innings for the club. In a signature move which all City players will remember, Flaherty pointed emphatically to the badge on his City cap when he raised three figures. His play on the legside was outstanding.
Souths 209 (Ross Steyn 3-56, Tom Wilson 3-58, Nathan Whale 2-24) and 3-122 lost to City United 8-248 dec. (Aaron Flaherty 139, Buddy Harriott 66) on 1st innings.
3 Aaron Flaherty, 2 Buddy Harriott, 1 Tom Wilson POD - Flaherty's celebration when he reached his 100.

Dan Mitchell describes a magic moment.
Higgins Air Con Player of the Day - Aaron Flaherty and Anthony Cashman

Tony Higgins talks about the season start.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The New Season Starts

City United have made an outstanding start to a 09/10 with strong performances in all three grades on the first day of the season.

Dan Mitchell's first grade babes had Souths on the ropes at 6-60 and again at 8-134 and the experience of letting runs be added among the tail will stick with them for later games. In the end, they are chasing a target well within range of this new look batting line up and Aaron Flaherty showed Tamworth why he's considered a star on the rise.

Souths 209 (Ross Steyn 3-52, Tom Wilson 3-58, Brendon Reynolds 2-24) v City 2-75 (Aaron Flaherty 52x)

In seconds, a serious injury to Sean Hancock took some of the lustre of an otherwise spectacular season start which included a brilliant century to Anthony Cashman. The bowlers have started the work and just have to finish it for first innings points.

City 8-236 dec (Anthony Cashman 108x) v Souths 4-65

Thirds have already secured first innings points thanks to Hamish Batley, who had a day out against Souths. Batley, Ryan Sippel and Kaine Phillpot ran through the opposition with the ball but the fielding was hot, hot, hot, including Sippel's Punter like run out when he dived at square leg and downed the castle with a one-stump aim. The batsmen, led by Batley and Rod Pryor, who batted with style and aggression but also including strong hands from Glen Ryan, Sippel and Pierre Steyn, set up a commanding lead. Possible outright points in the offing.

Souths 57 (Hamish Batley 3-4, Ryan Sippel 3-0, Kaine Phillpot 2-7) v City 9-257 (Hamish Batley 77, Rod Pryor 32)