Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year ...

... to all City United players, officials and supporters. May 2011 bring bigger numbers at training, BBQ's and meeting and from all of that, premierships.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Deb Batley is chasing more volunteers to assist with Gate, Canteen and Showers duties at the Country Music Festival camp grounds at Riverside. See the roster at Country Music Roster and/or contact Deb Batley

Monday, December 20, 2010

The New Dress Shirts

The first of the new dress shirts are currently being distributed to players who have finished paying their fees. This first lot of 13 shirts have been sponsored by Six Nines Imagery

A second 13 shirts will be available in the new year, sponsored by IJ & JB Kelaher, the Pura Milk Distributers.

To be eligible for a club dress shirt, all fees have to be paid to Treasurer Claude Orenstein.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

City United v Norths, 18/12/10

1st Grade at Scully Park
Norths 7-203 (Bede Young 3-35, Dan Lawrence 2-26, Cale Penrith 2-38) defeated City United 110 (Richie O'Halloran 21, Anthony Dutton 14, Bill North 14, Peter Mead 14)
Never really in the hunt despite making Norths feel a little pressure early on. Four guys made starts but no one finished. Improved form from Bill who spent some useful time in the middle and good see Richie O playing more like last season. Bede took some big wickets in his second spell.

2nd Grade at Belmore
City United 128 (Michael Bellamy 33, Sean Hancock 22, Luke O'Connor 21) lost to Norths 7-130 (Robbie Gregg 2-24, Al Austin 2-24)
2nds all but batted out their overs against a stern opposition. Nice hands from Sean and Michael and welcome back to Luke. Norths were made to work hard for the win with Jack, Robbie, Al and Hamish outstanding defending a small total on a smaller ground.

3rd Grade at Minor League
City United 9-151 (Tim Hunt 45, Simon Bellamy 35, Trent Balderston 16, Matt Ballantine 15) lost to Norths 4-155 (Simon Bellamy 3-36)
A 58 run 3rd wicket partnership between Tim and Simon was the cornerstone of the innings but unfortunately no one got going after that. A good eight over spell of left arm spin from Simon kept Norths honest, as did six tight overs from Pat Dwyer. Norths got their in the 38th over.

4th Grade at Riverside 7
City United 101 (Jim Stacy 25, Adam Ballantine 21, Mark Chew 20) lost to Norths 3-104 (Mick Cullen 2-26)
Never enough runs on a ground which still had the long grass on it despite being mown. Chewy showed class doesn't age and Adam led a last minute rear guard action from No10 but it was that renaissance man Jim Stacy who was the star with his highest score for the club. Never had a hope of defending the total but Mick and Paul bowled really well.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

City United Christmas Party


City United will celebrate the festive season with a Christmas party to be held after matches on the 18th December. The venue will be at our major sponsor, the Tamworth City Bowling Club. Santa will be making an appearance and parents are asked to be Santa's helper by providing a wrapped present to the value of $10, clearly marked with their child's name. Owing to the constraints of new carbon emission laws, Santa can only deliver presents to primary school age children, 12 and under. Tucker will be provided at $10 a family or $5 a head, all you can eat. Ladies are asked to bring a dessert. Everyone is asked to dress in a festive mood.

In the event of wet weather, a decision on an alternate venue will be made at 4:00pm and all players will be contacted by text. The night will go ahead regardless of weather.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Reminder on Fees

All players in the club are reminded that membership fees must be paid in full by Saturday 18th December. Membership fees allow members to meet their responsibility for the costs incured by the club in providing a cricket match for them to play each Saturday. City United doesn't run to make profits, it runs to make players happy. The fees are voted on each year at a Club meeting before the season commences.

This year, as a special offer, as each club member pays his fees in full, he will receive a club dress shirt at no extra cost. The cost of the shirts is being met by sponsors. Players who pay their fees will have preference in selection from January onwards and players who don't may be deemed ineligible to play in semi finals.

Thanks and congratulations to the following players who will be the first to receive club dress shirts: Simon Bellamy, Cory Callcott, Lachlan Cooke, Ryan Hansen, Tim Hunt, Richie O'Halloran, Paul Lawrence, Daniel Lawrence, Peter Mead and Claude Orenstein.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Sponsorship Deal With Espresso Addimi

City United Cricket Club are pleased to welcome to our club a new sponsor, Espresso Addimi who are co-sponsoring the 1st Grade team kit for the day/night games this season and providing a $10 voucher to City's best player during day/night games.

Espresso Addimi are also issuing all City players with loyalty cards at their 257 Peel St premisis. Each time a player/supporter from City United makes a purchase, the card will be swiped but on the 9th purchase, instead of issuing the free coffee voucher, Espresso Addim will retain the receipt. At the end of the season, sponsors and club officials will meet to determine the level of support and a bonus payment will be made to the club based on that support. Players just need to go into the store (next to Tony Windsor's office), make themselves known as a City player and receive their loyalty card.

City United is very grateful for this sponsorship deal and urge all City players, supporters and affiliates to support this new buisness in town.

New Sponsorship Deal With Monogram It

City United Cricket Club are pleased to welcome to our club a new sponsor, Monogram It who are co-sponsoring the 1st Grade team kit for the day/night games this season and providing and providing club shirts for all players at discount rate.

We suggest you see Sue or the staff at Monogram It for all your work, organisational, sporting or protective clothing in a big range of colours and designs which can then have emblems, logos or wording monogramed in place.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ESPN Cricinfo - Dennis Lillee

For those too young to have seen him, claims that Dennis Lillee was the greatest bowler of all time may seem exaggerated in the light of the careers of Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath or Muttiah Muralithadin. Watch this four part series on ESPNCricinfo and judge for yourself.

Dennis Lillee - Legend of Cricket

Sunday, December 5, 2010

4th Grade v Bective, 4th December

City United 8-171 (Mick Cullen 77, Pierre Steyn 41) lost to Bective East 4-174 (Luke Hagley 1-11)

After a strong batting display - their best this season - City posted a very competitive total thanks to Cullen at first and then Steyn. Unfortunately, the bowlers were then caned by Bective who got the winning runs in only 23 overs.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scores & Photos at the Club

Scores from City United games and a selection of photos will now be showing during the week on the screen at the Tamworth City Bowling Club. The mighty 4ths are the first City side to feature.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

4th Grade v Old Boys at Minor League 2, 27/11/10

Old Boys 141 (Tim Hunt 2-35, Max Cullen 1-16 & Neil Cooke 1-18 both off 8 overs) defeated City United 133 (Tim Hunt 32, Adam Ballantine 23, Neil Cooke 15, Tait Jordan 13) by 8 runs
After losing by 10 runs chasing last week, heartbreak again for the 4ths with a loss by 8 runs with an over to spare. A great bowling performance to restrict Old Boys to a catchable target and at 3-69 they were right in the game. A collapse saw all hope gone at 9-107 but someone forgot to tell the No 11, young Payter that. He might still be growing but his heart is big enough. He pushed singles whilst Ballantine swung lustily and they pair added 26 for the last wicket and that agonisingly close loss. Well played 4th Grade. There has to be a win just around the corner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sundries, Dates & Details Page

The temptation is always to read the latest news on main page of the City United website but visitors should make the Sundries, Dates & Details page at least as an important stop. Here you will usually find the details which may be missing from the front page in order to be brief. As an example, did you know you can find the following on the S, D & D page?
  • monthly meeting reports ... if you don't turn up at least you can see what was decided;
  • quizzes;
  • City United's rego form can be downloaded for you to print
  • the City Calendar which links you to our Google Calendar to see upcoming events
  • a reading list of recommended cricket books for you to read (always looking for more suggestions Rod)
  • a 7 day weather forecast
  • and of course links to all the other City pages

Check it out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Results v Souths, 20/11/10

I wish I could report a mixed bag but it was four straight losses today.

1st Grade v Souths at Scully Park
City United 45 lost to Souths 1-46
Jack McVey a wicket on his first grade debut and unfortunately player shortages were made worse when Chris Langston broke and dislocated his right thumb when fielding.
2nd Grade v Souths at Chaffey
City United 6-129 (Robbie Gregg 52x, Ryan Hansen 20, Michael Bellamy 18x, Paul Fisher 12) lost to Souths United 5-131 (Steve Ballantine 3-22, Robbie Gregg 2-26)
The early batsmen were pinned down by accurate bowling which killed the scoring rate. Robbie Gregg played one of his usual robust innings, greatly supported by Ryan Hansen in a 65 run stand. Michael Bellamy quick fire 13 ball effort gave the side hope. The opening bowlers, Gregg and Ballantine, had half the Souths side out before 50 was reached but although Dan Mitchell bowled a tight 8 over spell (0-18) there were no more breakthroughs defending a totals that was at least 40 runs light on.
3rd Grade v Souths at Belmore
Souths 8-220 (Cory Callcott 4-34, Terry Skewes 2-24) defeated City United 135 (T Ballerstone 24, Pat Dwyer 18, Garry Whale17, Phil Cook 13, Terry Skewes 13, B Ballintine 12)
The bowlers were taken to until a Skipper and a President showed they others the way. The batting had more jump starts than a P76 but no one could go on with it to make real runs.
4th Grade v Souths at Minor League 2
Souths 7-146 (Paul Lawrence 3-22, Tait Jordan 2-31) defeated City United 136 (Pierre Steyn 57, Tait Jordan 20, Neil Cooke 20)
After bowling and field exceptionally well, 4ths were in the box seat with only 5 wickets down and seven overs to get 23 runs but the tail wagged like a Jack Russell and they lost by ten. A nice hand by Pierre Steyn set the side up for the win before the wheels fell off and rolled away.

Major whinge - make sure you get catchers names recorded in the scorebook. This is the captains job, either by alerting the scorers when the wicket falls or checking the book at the close of innings but players who take catches could help by checking the book. Catches add points to players chances in best and fairest end of season trophies with the club and the TDCA.
Minor whinge - please make sure you get a newsletter at the start of every match. They are usually in the scorebook and will often have information that isn't on the website.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Meeting

The next meeting of City United will take place next Tuesday, 23rd November, from 6:30pm at the Tamworth City Bowling Club.
Apologies to Deb Batley 0488 024 567

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help Required Urgently

Tamworth is hosting the NSW Country Championships on Friday November 26 - Sunday November 28. Help is required to cover the pitches every night of the carnival (Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th), and remove the covers the next morning.

City United has been assigned Riverside 1. Phil Hood 0408662012 is organising a roster, so please contact him as soon as possible to assist. Its not a task that takes a long time and anyone who plays for City can help out so get on the blower NOW. It's just part of those responsibilities that everyone has to support if you play the game.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Responsibility

Your club officials - Terry, Phil, Cory, Claude, Selectors and the Skippers - are working hard to provide you with a game of cricket every weekend. This has been a hard job because the start of this season saw City disadvantaged at almost every turn. Despite setbacks, we have fielded teams and been competitive in every grade.

Putting teams on the paddock every week is not a cheap business. The TDCA has fees and umpires charge the club fees, there is the cost of cricket balls, clothing and gear which has to be paid for up front before you get a chance to use it. If every bloke in the club got active in signing his rego form and submitting at least registration money to their captain or the Treasurer, Claude Orenstein then life would be a tad easier for the officials of your club. They give you a match to play every week so how about you kick the can and get some money in.

In the next few weeks, nearly $1800 will be paid out for new shirts and trousers for the day/night games and a club dress shirt. These are items players will have pay for but a delay in payment puts the very guys under pressure who are dusting their tail so you can play cricket.

So how about getting those regos forms signed (you can download them off the website) and money for fees or shirts in as soon as possible.

Both rego forms are available from the following links.

City United Rego Form

Tamworth City Bowling Club

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Sponsorship Announced

City United has entered into a new sponsorship deal with Monogram It to provide club shirts. Monogram It will provide shirts for the 1st Grade squad to wear in its three day/night one day games this year and City will purchase a further 40 shirts for club members to buy. All of the shirts will be in the traditional maroon with yellow trim and will have the club logo and the logo of our major sponsor - Tamworth City Bowling Club - embroidered on the front. This is a further development of the sponsorship which the club already has with AM Printing. The First Grade shirts will be available before the first day/nighter with the other shirts to follow shortly after.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

City Bouncing Back

City United has bounced back following a difficult start to the season. Driven by a new Executive and a fresh approach, the players have responded with some old fashioned guts and determination and are showing pride in their colours on and off the field.

One of the crucial reasons for this strong bounce back has been ability to get together and socialise thanks to our fantastic new sponsor The Tamworth City Bowling Club who provide us with a great area at the club where we can gather, talk about our day and share successes. This has been a missing element in recent years and the Barefoot Bowls night was another example. More than 40 players, officials and supporters participated in a BBQ and then bowls.

Peter Mead lead the way with his weekly summary of performances in the various grades and at the end of his humourous coverage of the round, he announced that Richie O'Halloran was the Player of the Week for his 5-71 in first grade and has won a $30 meal voucher from the Park View Restaurant at the TCBC.

City United are Lazarus rising. As the add says, it won't happen overnight but it will happen!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bare Foot Bowls

As published last week, City United is holding Bare Foot Bowls.
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2010
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Venue: City Bowling Club
Cost: $5.00 each or $10.00 family.
Bring your own bowls, or they will be supplied.
BBQ on the night.
We look forward to your attendance.

Monday, October 25, 2010


The next meeting of City United Cricket Club will be held on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 from 6:30pm at City Bowling Club. Agenda items & apologies to Deb Batley on 0488024567. We look forward to your attendance.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bare Foot Bowls

City United will be having a Bare Foot Bowls night on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at City Bowling Club.

Start time and other details will be published early next week - but this is a great opportunity to have some fun, and enjoy each other's company.

This Saturday night we will be having nibblies after play - and a reflection on the day's play.

See you all at City Bowlo after play.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Round 2 Teams are posted on the team selection page.

To take some of the workload off Simon, players who become unavailable AFTER the selections have been made are asked to contact their captain in the first instance.

Good luck to all teams this game.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16 Wash Out

Due to rain, October 16 has been washed out.

Enjoy the day relaxing at home in front of the heater and TV!

Training Monday & Wednesday from 4:30 at McCarthy.

Please let Simon know (0411209876) if unavailable for round 2, October 23 & 30.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Message From The Prez

There is a new message from Terry Skewes on The President's Message page.

Match Reports - Round 1, Day 1

1st Grade
With all considerations taken into account I believe 1ST Grade should be happy with their first days efforts. Yes, we do have areas that we need to improve on but the way every player made a conscious effort to contribute to the teams performance was great. The attitude and the way the team carried themselves during the day should be commended. Special mention goes to the opening bowlers Ben Semmler and Daniel Lawrence. They bowled exceptionally well, focussing on bowling to set fields. Ben's long spell obviously showed how hard he has been working off the field with his cricket. All players need to follow this example. Thanks for setting the tone Ben. Dan Whale's batting towards the end of the innings showed how important developing partnerships are.

2nd Grade
To follow

3rd Grade
Won the toss and elected to bat on a greenish hard topped pitch which could go either way. Missing an opener Cory opened up with Patty in what was a short lived partnership with Cory missing his middle stump from a gem of an yorker at the end of the second over. Garry Whale and Patty added some stability at the top end with some sensible batting until patty was removed. This opened up a good opportunity for Ryan Hansen to get some time in the middle with the cool headed Garry Whale, this opportunity wasn't missed with some good straight batting display and some nice drives to the fence from the young bloke showing the rest of us how easy it should of been! With the fall of whales wicket came one of City's lost sons now refound in Cale Penrith who while still a little rusty from 3 seasons missed, quickly added some entertainment when he got his eye in, cracking an awesome six over the clubhouse and some nice drives to the fence in his middle order display. With Cale gone it was up to the bottom order to milk as many valuable runs as they could with Phill Cook sticking in punishing anything he could reach whilst in with rod Pryor and Adam Ballantine. City managed a total all out for 143. In the field city was set to attack mode, wickets were needed and the opening bowlers bowled too well at times to get that edge which was hung out many a time. With the small square boundaries always hard to defend wests had a good middle order stand by ex City player Ben Cleghorn who managed to slap a few boundaries and do some damage before he was removed on 47. A few quick late wickets managed to put City back in the game with some nice tight fielding efforts after the runs were slipping away to have Wests at 9for 146, with both teams close it should be an arm wrestle next weekend to the last delivery. At stumps Wests 9/146 Regards,Cory Callcott

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Season

City United Team Selections - Round 1

Due to the teams being selected Wednesday after training, and Simon being unavailable to post these onto the Website until Thursday, they will be published on the Website as soon as possible on Thursday.

1st, 2nd & 3rd grade commence this Saturday, with a two-day match against Wests. 1st Grade - Chaffey Park. 2nd Grade - TREC. 3rd Grade - Belmore.

4th Grade starts on October 23.

Please advise Simon (0411209876), Gary (0427496577) or Pierre (0423 846 136) if unavailable for Round 1.

All players are invited back to our Major Sponsor, Tamworth City Bowling Club after play on Saturday to share a yarn or two about the day's play.

Good luck to all teams this Saturday.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training & Availabilty

There will be no City United training next Sunday, October 3.

The next training session will be held on Monday, October 4 & Wednesday, October 6 at McCarthy commencing at 4:30pm.

Please notify Simon Hood (0411209876) or selectors Gary Whale (0427496577) or Pierre Steyn (0423846136) of your availabilty for Round 1 (October 9 & 16) by Monday, October 4.

Monthly Meeting

The next City United monthly meeting will be held this Tuesday, September 28 commencing at 6:30 at Tamworth City Bowling Club.

Please email secretary Deb Batley - if you have any agenda items by 1:00pm on Tuesday. Also, please contact Deb if you are unable to attend.

We look forward to your attendance.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Registration Day This Sunday

City United - Training Sunday 10:00 - 12:00 at McCarthy. Bring any balls you may have. Registration afternoon & BBQ Sunday 12:30 @ City Bowlo. Anyone wishing to nominate for TDCA 20/20 please sms Simon by Tuesday Sept 14. See you all on Sunday.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Things For Your Attention

  • there is a new mesage from President Terry at the President's Message
  • footie doubles results are at the right, in the side bar
  • training starts this Sunday, from 10:00am at McCarthy High School nets
  • a calendar of coming events can be found in the side bar on the Sundries page

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News From The August Meeting

Sixteen members attended the August meeting of City United held at the Tamworth City Bowling Club, with President Terry Skewes in the Chair. The following matters were discussed:
  • the club is now selling footie doubles until the end of the season. See Cory Callcott or Paul Lawrence if you can take some tickets to sell. The winning number will be posted on the website;
  • the first social committee event will be the rego/sign on day on Sunday 12th September at the the TCBC
  • training will commence on Fathers Day, 5th Sept, at the McCarthy nets from 10:00am. If anyone has some cricket balls we can use, please contact Terry Skewes;
  • City United has been awarded Level 2 accreditation in the Good Sports Program ... the only sporting club in Tamworth to reach this level;
  • rego forms have been posted to players and are also available for download and printing on the Sundries, Dates & Details page of the website, in the right hand side bar under "Useful Downloads". Completed forms and money can be forwarded to Claude Orenstein or handed in on the sign on day'
  • Aaron Flaherty has announced he will be leaving City United and joining West Leagues this season. Whilst this is disappointing, City United is grateful for Aaron's contribution to the club last season and wishes him all the best for his future;
  • the Club is still looking to appoint a club coach;
  • the club will be investigating the implementation of a club dress/training shirt. It has been several years since we purchased the current shirts and it was felt at the meeting that an update was needed;
  • with a new season closely approaching, City United is willing to entertain approaches from players looking to join the City Family, especially those with an eye on playing in the higher grades. Opportunities now exist for quality cricketers who wish to cement a first grade position with a well organised club looking to grow. Contact Terry Skewes 0407 467 012, Buddy Harriott 0439 995 626 or Gary Whale 0427 496 577

For more information about the meeting, contact the Secretary, Deb Batley for a copy of the minutes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simon Says

For the latest news on Simon's progress, keep up with the comments below this post.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre Season News

Congratulations to the four men who have been named to skipper City United's team during the coming season.
1st Grade - Andrew "Buddy" Harriott
2nd Grade - Anthony Dutton
3rd Grade - Cory Callcott
4th Grade - Paul Lawrence

The selection policy worked out by members present at the AGM has been adopted and the selectors will work very closely with the captains in every effort to meet their needs and the needs of the club as a whole. Selectors are still being finalised but Lango has withdrawn his nomination.

Pre season training commences on Sunday 5th September from 10:00am at the McCarthy High School nets. The Sunday sessions will run for four consecutive weeks. Regular training, Monday and Wednesday this season, will start on the Monday of the long weekend, 4th October at 5:00pm.

There will be a sign on/registration day held at Tamworth City Bowling Club at 12:30, Sunday 12th September, following our second pre season session. We'll have a BBQ whilst we present Claude Orenstein with rego forms and the registration fee of $55 and the club membership forms. For all players 18 or over, the cost of your membership to the TCBC ($5) has been included in your fees, you just have to fill in the form sent to you with your rego form.

On the third day of the season - 4th graders first day - 23rd October, we will be holding a barefoot bowls event after cricket at the Club. More on this later.

The season starts for 1st to 3rd grade on Saturday 9th October. 4ths start on the 23rd October.

The Social Committee will be chaired by Chris Langston and its other members are Kathy Lawrence and Nikki Hansen.

The Fund Raising Committee will be chaired by Cory Callcott and its other members are Claude Orenstein, Phil Hood, Lee Dwyer and Wayne Brown. We have many opportunities to raise funds through events at the TCBC.

All club dates are on the City Calendar which can be found in the side bar of the Sundries page.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Latest Bulletin on Simon Hood

Phil Hood rang this evening to say that Simon's operation was more extensive than was originally planned by the neuro surgeon. As a result of more segments of his spine having to be fused, Simon will now be more restricted in the movement of his neck and head. The operation was therefore much longer (five hours), providing a nerve wracking wait for Phil and Lesley.

Simon is in the intensive care recovery ward, probably until tomorrow and will then be released to a regular ward but is unlikely to be back in Tamworth for two weeks. The opertaion appears to have gone very well and Simon has come through it as well as can be expected. To quote Phil, "he's a tough little nut!"

This information has been released at the request of the family so that friends in City United might know of his progress.

Cards and letters and well wishes should be addressed to Simon Hood, Westmead Private Hospital, PO Box 161, Westmead NSW 2145.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hazelwood Hopes For Ashes Action

Click here to read an article about Tamworth boy, Josh Hazelwood and his hopes of playing against the Poms this summer

Hazelwood Hopes For Ashes Action

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers With Simon

Simon Hood is undergoing spinal surgery on Thursday, August 12 at Westmead Private Hospital. He hopes to be back on deck soon, but he would value your thoughts and prayers.

Simon is a dedicated clubman who eats and breathes cricket through a City United filter. Players and officials wish Simon all the best on a speedy recovery and we all look forward to seeing him buzzing about the grounds before Christmas.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tale of Two Cities 2

A small group of City Supporters and players had an enjoyable evening at the new Sponsors, Tamworth City Bowling Club, on Friday night.

We got there about 5 pm to receive a warm welcome from TCBC President Rob Key. After completing our membership details (just $5 for a social member) we talked cricket until purchasing our chances in the very generous meat tray raffle which saw Lang pick up the first draw of thirty.

By the time we'd had an enjoyable few hours which included 30 minutes in the dark when the area was blacked out, we all sat down for dinner from the Parkview restaurant. The four of us who had stayed for dinner all had a different course from a menu that is quite varied. The food was nice, drinks are cheap, the staff and other members very friendly and the time spent in the club very pleasant.

We all left convinced this will be a great move for City United.
How about we get into the habit of meeting for a few beers after work on Friday. Let's call it the City Hour.
Stay in touch with the website for news of our Registration Day which be held at the club and will include bare foot bowls and a BBQ during the second half of August.

What's in a name? City by any other name would smell as sweet?

President Terry Skewes would like to bring the Club nickname competition to a head so club members are advised that they have until the next meeting to put forward suggestions. Further, they should have a critical look over the list as three of the suggestions will be selected by the meeting to be placed on the website for a poll to determine the winner.

So add your suggestion by all means but make sure you have a good look through the list so you will be prepared to whittle the list down to three at the next meeting.

Club Identity Competition

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

City United Cricket Club is pleased to announce a new major sponsor which now becomes our home in Tamworth. The Tamworth City Bowling Club have agreed to provide the club with wonderful facilities up on Napier St, at the top end on Anzac Park, in return for our patronage and exclusive use of their club for our social gatherings.

For City United members, the City Bowling Club has a very pleasant BBQ area which will be available every competition day for us to gather and recount the events of the afternoon. They also have an excellent restaurant which will cater for all tastes and will provide tucker for those after game Saturdays when we don't operate the BBQ. Our players, of all ages, will be welcome to sit inside as well, where there will be plenty of space for us to be one group. Downstairs there is a meeting room which is available for those more structured gatherings and space is available for the display of trophies and memorabilia. Our scores and even action photos will be placed on the in-house TV display system.

This means a return to weekly get togethers, plays of the day and the good times to be had when mates can meet together.

This is a great step forward for your club. Show your support for the decision by attending our next meeting, to be held at the Tamworth City Bowling Club on Tuesday night, 27th July from 6:30pm. Executive members (office bearers) are asked to be there by 6:00pm for an Executive meeting before the general meeting.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Messages

Birthday messages are sent to all club members via a text message. The birth dates come from registration forms. If you know of someone who might not fill in a rego form (an older club official or ex player or parent for instance), just contact Lango to have them added to the list.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Next Meeting

The next Club meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th July from 6:30pm. Members of the Executive (office bearers) will meet from 6:00pm before the main meeting. Among matters for the meeting to decide will be Captains for 2010/11 and the election of the Selection Committee. Further agenda items will be posted on this website during next week. For more information contact Terry Skewes or Deb Batley.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Bright Season Ahead

An excellent roll up of more than a third of the clubs members attended the Annual General Meeting held at the South Tamworth Bowling Club. There was much profitable discussion about the season past and even more forward thinking about the 2010/11 season which is still pulling the blankets up on these frosty, winter mornings and demanding sleep in rights until Spring.

Terry Skewes was elected to the President's role and he spend a generous amount of time describing the work of his predecessor Tony Higgins and his big vision of where the club should be headed. Largely armed with Tony's vision, the club will forge ahead next season.

Phil Hood and Cory Callcott will Vice President's this year. Deb Batley was confirmed in the role of Secretary and Claude Orenstein is back for his fourth year as Treasurer. Claude reported a good financial position for the club, with money in the bank, stock on hand and a greatly reduced amount of outstanding fees, 80% of which he is certain will be recovered.The measures taken to encourage players to pay their fees on time have worked.

Peter Langston was appointed Publicity Officer.

The meeting confirmed their desire to continue with targeted sponsorships to support specific programs, in particular bringing quality players to the club to play in the first grade side. The trial last season was a great success and Tony Higgins and Dan Mitchell have been asked to act on City's behalf in securing sponsorships for the coming season and seeking out players. There was unanimous support for these programs. The committee will continue to negotiate with the major sponsor after many members expressed points of view.

There was a long discussion on selection policy and it was decided that the club will appoint three selectors and that committee, along with input from the President and an open dialogue with the four skippers, will select teams each match. The aim is to have the selectors working with skippers on their teams in the best interest of each team and the club. The three selectors would be ideally experienced members, preferably non-playing who have extensive cricket knowledge and good skills of communication. They will be appointed at a later meeting but nominations should be sent to Deb Batley.

Training was also discussed at length. Everyone seemed happy with our current venue but a strong desire was expressed for a return to a Tuesday/Thursday format. The club will investigate this further, along with the appointment of a paid training coordinator/coach who will run one training session per week and will provide expert coaching in technique.

This website was praised for its attention to detail and ease of use and many remarked on the positive impact it has on the club. Thanks - we all do our bit.

Say tuned for further announcements and future meetings. Matters still to be decided include:
1. Election of the selectors
2. Election of Captains
3. Appointment of a Training Coordinator
4. Settling the major sponsorship
5. Training days, times and commencement date (come on ... I'm already hitting a ball on a string!)

Fabulous attendance and great discussions about where to next. Stay involved. It's your club. Turn up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congrats Josh

City United Cricket Club would like to join the chorus of Tamworth well wishers in congratulating Josh Hazelwood on his ODI debut for Australia. Onward and upward Josh!

The Cricket Tragics

Lango on cricket, not even vaguely related to City United.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

City United AGM - note the change of details

Please note the change of details for the City United Annual General Meeting.

Tuesday 29th June, from 6:00pm in the restaurant at the the South Tamworth Bowling Club.

Apologies to Deb Batley or 67624962. More information on the meeting from Simon Hood or 0411 209 876.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

City United Yearbook ... online

The City United Yearbook is now available to read online. Go to the City Stats page and follow the link.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

City United Annual General Meeting

Friends, opening batsmen and countrymen: lend me your interface!

City United Cricket Club will conduct it's AGM on Tuesday 29th June from 6:30pm at the South Tamworth Bowling Club.

I am moved by a comment Simon Hood passed today in connection with letting people know the meeting is on ... "they should want to know ... it's their club". Towards the end of last year every man and his dog and often his girlfriend, had opinions to pass about how things should run at the club. Now that's a good thing but it won't count for diddly unless they turn up at the AGM and express their opinion.

City finished the season well, with a fabulous Presentation Night which has given the club an impetus to move forward, building on last season but doing it even better. The next stage in that process isn't the first ball of the season. The Club has to plan and organise and the Executive which will be elected needs input from members.

The next stage in the process is the AGM. It will probably only take 90 minutes but it will shape all of next season. Important, eh?

Mark it on your phone calendar, desktop, laptop, benchtop, forehead ... where ever a reminder might work. Wear a City shirt. Show the colours.

Be there if you care. It's your cricket future.

Apologies to Acting Secretary, Deb Batley

The following input comes from Tony Higgins ...

"I would suggest that the meeting be done as early as possible so that people know their roles and any strategies that need to be put in place can be acted on early.

If done in late July , that would leave only a possible 8 to 9 weeks before the season starts, and i think we all agree that the club needs to hit the ground running. Publicise that we will be having club training at the indoor centre for the club, possibly on Sunday mornings leading up to the season. Other clubs start building their season early and i think that is something we should look at.

Sort the captains out early and also find out who is available this season.
Discuss the possibility of a training co- ordinater for the weekday training sessions and renumeration for that person. Training has to be a lot more structured and more intensity needed. This person would only run the training and not considered club coach unless suitably accredited. We cannot have 1st grade bowlers bowling to 3rd grade batsman all afternoon, this serves no purpose to either party, we need structure in this area.

Forming of a proper social committee and not leaving it up to one or two people all the time, book in early social events and put on website in advance so people can have no excuses.

These are only my thoughts on some matters, but get things sorted out early or it will be rush rush and things will be overlooked, may as well do it properly.

The meeting does not have to be on a Wednesday night, Monday and Tuesday nights also work, people have to sacrifice a little sometimes to attend these important nights.

Cheers Higgo"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Winter Topic - Did Pakistani Players "tank" the Sydney Test

It's been talked about behind closed hands until now. The ICC Anti=Corruption Committee has bought it out in the open ...

Did Pakistani Players "tank" the Sydney Test?


All you have to do is click "Comments" below to read what others think or to add your own opinion. Speak up. The more the merrier!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Winter Topics - Ponting (C), Better Than Waugh, See

From time to time during the off season, I'll throw in some topics to keep us all warm and lively.

Lets start with Ian Chappell's recent assertions about Ricky Ponting's captaincy in comparision to Steve Waugh.

Is Ricky Ponting a better captain than Steve Waugh?


(Add your opinions by clicking on "Comments" below. Make sure you leave you name and keep the language tame or posts won't be accepted.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

City United Presentation Night

Sometimes promises are well intended wishful thinking. Sometimes they are made in desperation. Often, promises don't deliver.
Our presentation promised a lot, delivered more and satisfied everyone present about this season but left them wanting more next. It was that sort of night.
Conducted as our game is, in the open air, there was an atmosphere of welcome pervading the scene in the BBQ area of our major sponsor, the South Tamworth Bowling Club. The first hour was spent getting to know the wicket, feeling out batting partners, adjusting to the conditions and settling in as most present were in for a big one. The generous quantity and quality of food organised and supplied by Paul Lawrence was set upon as a man does a half volley outside the off stump and earnest conversation was erupting to guffaws as black and white memories were retold and relived in vivid colour, aided and abetted by players reading the Yearbook with it's combination of pictures, facts and Captain's reports. At the front of the space, glorious moments were captured in coloured slides of the years events.
President Tony Higgins welcomed official guests and club members to the evening, making special mention of the special sponsorship arrangements made this year to bring new players to the 1st grade and provide improved training facilities such as a bowling machine. He praised our well performed juniors throughout the season. He gave a special welcome to TDCA President Terry Psarakis who spoke next and in glowing terms about the City United Club. He was warmly received.
The presentations were broken into two halves but effectively three main sections. The first heroes to be recognised were the 4ths and co-Captain Grant Scarborough spoke with praise of his men and near-men and with hope for the future the younger members offered the club. Glenn Ryan spoke about the heart break of losing the Grand Final but the realisation that no one had beaten Bective all year and the need for us to recognise the hard work of the third grade players, many of whom did long tours of duty in 2nds throughout the year.
Owing to the commitments of some of our special guests, some of the perpetual trophies were presented before the break for sweets. There can be no doubt, that the most important and certainly the most moving of these presentations was the awarding of Life Membership to retiring President Tony Higgins. Presenter and Life Member Michael Pryor spoke with admiration and warmth about Tony's many contributions to the club over a twenty year time span, including his playing days as a terrifying fast bowler and occasional lower order batting hero, through to his many years on the executive, mostly as President. Fellow Life Member Basil Penrith related several playing anecdotes before the award was conferred. Tony's acceptance speak was passionate and moving and typically, didn't dwell on the past but urged all present toward a better City future through commitment to training and each other. His words and award were received with a rousing three cheers.
On a lighter note, Cory & Alison Callcott received the Club Clown award from Chris Eggleton for their ability to keep club mates entertained. Cory proved his worth immediately by yet another retelling of the famous "I didn't see it" run out story. Ryan Hanson was named the most consistent trainer, Daniel Lawrence and Hamish Batley the most improved juniors and Josh Allen the most improved player.
After a delicious break to sate the sweet toothed tigers, grade awards continued with Pierre Steyn speaking on behalf of second grade, as one of the four captains in 09/10. He spoke on an agreed set of goals, a key point of which had been consistency. The player turn over made this hard to achieve (36 players in the season) but to 2nds credit they fought the season right to the end, being somewhat unlucky to be beaten semi finalists. Dan Mitchell gave a generous speech about 1st grade, delivered with trademark humour and sincerity. He spoke of the worth of the support he had received from his close friend, Tony Higgins. He praised the skills and commitment of Aaron Flaherty. He thanked Peter Mead for the experience he gave to such a young side. He made special mention of the strength and talent of Ross Steyn and the courage he showed in the face of such a frustrating personal season and the outstanding qualities of selflessness and dedication to the club cause shown by Chris Langston.
The first of the final bracket of perpetual trophies was Basil Penrith's trophy for clubman of the year, won by Chris and Peter Langston. Chris said in acceptance that his aim had been to show club mates that cricket was a game to be passionate about and Peter thanked club mates for the opportunity to make new friends and belong to a group of blokes again. He also highlighted his joy at sharing such an award with his son. The Stuart Andrews Memorial Trophy for 1st Grade Player's Player went to Tom Wilson, based on 1st Grade player votes. Best All Round Cricketer (based on the McKellar Medal system) was awarded to young tyro Josh Allen, who polled just above Tom Wilson, Aaron Flaherty, Ben Cleghorn and Simon Bellamy. The final award for the evening, the Roger Newell/Frank Gooley Trophy, a couple of batsmen presenter Tony Higgins said were notoriously hard to dislodge, won ironically by Tom Wilson, who took more wickets than anyone else in 1st Grade this season.
It was a grand evening which ended with much deserved revelry and a fierce determination to focus on next season and better things ahead. Before the evening tailed off into laughs and shouts and eventually personal reflection, Cold Chisel closed the official proceedings with a special portrait slide presentation called The Last Wave of Summer (click on the play button below to view).

Many thanks to the following for their contribution towards a memorable evening: Chris Langston, Simon Hood, Phil Hood, Michael Pryor, Basil Penrith, Terry Psarakis, Tony Higgins, Paul & Kathy Lawrence, Claude Orenstein, the ladies who donated sweets, the blokes who helped with the clean up, South Tamworth Bowlo (for the venue and PA system), Dan Mitchell, Pierre Steyn, Glenn Ryan, Grant Scarborough and every club member, wife, girlfriend and supporter who was there ... some of whom had travelled considerable distance. Anyone forgotten in this list is still loved, just misplaced.

In the words of Dr John ... "oh what a night!"

To read the report about the City United presentation night in the Northern Daily Leader, click on the link which follows.

A full list of trophy winners can be found on City Stats and photographs from the night can be viewed at City Snaps. If you would like to order photos of the night, contact Lango.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


You can't touch this!
Now why would we ever
stop doing this
When others playing cricket
are never making hits
I've toured around the world
from SCG to Bombay
and its City go, City yes, City play, City best
and the rest can go away.
You can't touch us!

See you all at the South Tamworth Bowlo as day becomes night.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Presentation Night & Magic Moments

With the playing part of the season out of the way, it's time for the post mortems to start and the biggest and best of these will be at the Annual Presentation Night to be held at the home of our major sponsor, the South Tamwortth Bowling Club on Saturday 17th April from 6:30pm in the BBQ area.

Sure we'll have awards to hand out, sure there will be great tucker, sure there will be music and speeches and presentations of this and that but most importantly, you'll be there and so will your mates, wives, girlfriends etc. There is no better way to put a season to bed than getting together with club mates and taking those highlights out to dance. As the night goes on, watch how the greatness of the performances grow!

Don't miss this evening. Apart from anything else, we get a chance to draw a line under this season, slap each other on the back and start to further build the strong social links which eventually make for even stronger playing performances next season.

Cost of the evening will be small $5 per person or $10 a family.

Magic Moments - Towards this end, name your highlight in comments below. It can be about you (really), it can be a single performance or a season performance. It can be a club event. We average 520 hits a week, so let's see some entries. Click on "Comments", write you response and include your name. As they come in, I'll list them to the right in the sidebar. You can simply agree with something already written. Give the people a voice!

Let's have a party!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Message From the Thirds

The City United Cricket Club Third Grade team wish to thank all our many supporters, friends, fellow players and parents for the overwhelming support that we received during out Grand Final match. We recognise that we were beaten by our competitor, but we would still like to acknowledge the help and assistance that was given to us on the quest to training, preparing and playing the Grand Final.

City United Third Grade Team

Saturday, March 27, 2010

City United Thirds Under Pressure

City United v Bective East at Riverside 2
City United 144 (Ben Cleghorn 35, Cory Callcott 30, Josh Allen 28x) and 153 (Michael Bellamy 39, Simon Bellamy 38, Tim Hunt 38) lost to Bective East 324 (Ben Cleghorn 4-83, Josh Allen 3-76) by an innings and 27 runs.
It would be pointless to sugar coat the situation after the first day. Against a side which has been undefeated all year and which is strong right across the park, the prospect of taking 17 of their wickets whilst scoring enough to catch them and set them a target is a daunting one.
However ... stranger things have happened on cricket fields. Faced with the question "what is enough runs against Bective", we could ony must a semi-target which proved inadequate but it wasn't for a lack of trying. Cory Callcott batted with great responsibility in the middle order helped by Robbie Smith. The ever reliable Josh Allen was again superb in the tail. He found an aly in Ben Cleghorn who played probably his best innings of the season.
With the ball, all of our bowlers tried hard and Paul Lawrence gave another gutsy spell for the team despite a reoccuring back injury. Josh Allen was quick and Ben Cleghorn bowled a twelve over spell which caused all the Bective bastmen concern. Simon Bellamy bowled well early in the innings. All the bowlers probably bowled too many wide full balls but that's better than dropping too short.
It's all before us but there's nothing to loose. To paraphrase the President, "it's footprint time!"

It wasn't to be, beaten by probably the strongest combination in any of the four grades. We hung in there and at least we bowled them out. Ben Cleghorn and Josh Allen were again the heroes with long, strong performances. Batting a second time, trouble came knocking on the door early and at 4-21, heads could easily have dropped to the floor but Tim Hunt and Simon Bellamy put on 60 and then the Bells Bros added another 55 just to show Bective it wasn't all one way traffic.
Hold your head up fellas. You may have finished second but that's a lot better than the other three City teams. Congratulations to the beating heart of this 3rd Grade side which is a great bunch of young men on which to build a club's future and to Skipper Glenn Ryan, who lead his men with a steadfast calm.
As for next year ...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Give The Thirds Your Best Wishes

All club members are invited to leave a comment wishing the Thirds straight bats and safe hands this weekend. To leave you message, click on "Comments" below, type in your message to the Thirds and follow the instructions. Remember, no name, no posting.
Lets fill the page with best wishes. Show the boys you care!

Message From the President

Go to The Presidents Message for the latest words of President Tony Higgins.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cricket Tragics

If you are a cricket fan who'd like to discuss the wider issues in cricket, go to The Cricket Tragics. Points of view are expressed on wider cricket matters (can you believe their are cricket matters outside City Thirds?) and you have the opportunity of commenting. There is usually a post after every day's play of a match featuring Australia but often after other games as well. Love to see you there, love to hear your comments. There's even another quiz!

News, views, reviews and yous.

There is a permanent link in the sidebar or click on the name above.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3rd Grade Preliminary Final 20/3/10

3rd Grade v Wests at Riverside 2
Wests 126 (Simon Bellamy 4-38, Josh Allen 2-10, Ben Cleghorn 2-38) and 207 (Ben Cleghorn 6-54, Josh Allen 3-38) lost to City United 252 (Mark Chew 47, Cory Callcott 42, Michael Bellamy 37, Josh Allen 30, Simon Bellamy 28, Pat Dwyer 20) and 1 for 84 (Tim Hunt 38x, John Kennedy 33x) outright by 9 wickets.

A fabulous performance from the 3rds, with changes during the week to the side which flogged Souths, including the season long captain Glenn Ryan. In his place, Michael Bellamy has done a wonderful job with sharp field placings and some of the more astute touches it takes to lift sides to play winning cricket.
Brother Simon, although feeling he has had days where he bowled a better line and length, did the business on a slow ad low Riverside 2 deck. Josh Allen just continued on his brilliant way with two early wickets and Ben Cleghorn, despite injury, kept the pressure on.
Early wickets might have rattled the side but the brothers Belamy have batted the team to the edge of a huge advantage with sensible, level-headed cricket during the slow partnership which started in defience of the bowlers and then gradually filled the run bucket. Despite any appearances to the contrary, this was a day of great team cricket and this mob hunted like a pack whilst a lot of us sat by and took a lesson from a great group of young blokes.
More work lies ahead on Sunday but this was a day of gutsy, brave cricket in the execution of the stand in Skipper's match plan.
With the Bellamy's both gone within four overs you could have been forgiven for thinking a small first inning lead might be all that would be gained and the match back in the melting pot. Team batting made a lie of such thoughts. Callcott, Chew, Allen and Cleghorn batted and batted and batted, using up 87 overs, adding to the lead and eating up time. It was stiring stuff. Batting again after having their score doubled, Wests went for the doctor and threw the bat at everything in order to run through City second time round. Skipper Bellamy was equal to the task, keeping fieldsmen in catching positions rather than pushing the panic button and sending everone out. Cleghorn honoured his recent form and bagged another six scalps, giving him 18 wickets in two games.Catches to a nervously set field and City was set 82 for the outright win. After losing an early wicket, Hunt and Kennedy followed the example set by team mates in the first innings and steadily amassed the required runs.
How strong is this performance? Every batsman in the top eight got a score of 20 or more in the match. All the bowlers bowled well and Cleghorn (8-92), Allen (5-48) and Bellamy (5-48) took important wickets and were never intimidated.
This is a Grand Final team.
Match scoresheets are available in Results and all the boys stats have been added in City Stats. For photos of the game go to City Snaps.

City United Presentation Night

Another reminder to all players and supporters that the Presentation Night (or as it's known in some circles, Allan Border's Other Medal) will be held at the South Tamworth Bowling Club, in the BBQ area, from 6:30pm on the 17th April. Your compere for the evening will be none other than Langers. There will be all the season's photos projected onto the big screen, prizes and other trinkets for the gifted, a few speeches and some great tucker. A new item this year will be a Yearbook which will have all the season's stats & reports from captains to sum up 2009/10.

Richard Wilkins will be there to interview all guests on the red carpet.

All this for the bargain basement price of $5 a head or $10 a family.

Any holders of perpetual trophies please get them to Simon as soon as possible or the week before that.

Be there or be a four-sided plane figure having all its sides equal and all its anges right angles!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3rd Grade Preliminary Final

It's all up to a youthful Thirds this weekend, as the only City United flag bearers as they take on Wests in the preliminary final.
We wish them well but that's hardly enough! Let's get down to Riverside 2 en masse and make some noise for our club mates and help Skipper Michael Bellamy and the boys bring it on home for a shot at the premiership next week. There must be some time over the two days when you can make your self known.
Go for it Thirds!

See a message from the President.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Urgent Notice - Club Meeting

There will be a meeting of the City United Cricket Club tonight, Tuesday 16th March, from 6:00pm at the South Tamworth Bowling Club.
The main order of business will be to discuss the club presentation night. Players, parents and supporters are welcome to attend.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Semi Final Weekend

A bitter sweet weekend for City United with the 2nds knocked out after being so competitive in the second half of the season and for such a long time in their semi-final. The 3rds again rose to the occasion in a compelling and in the end emphative outright win. Birthday men, Chris Langston and Ben Cleghorn certainly found good ways to celebrate with the ball and Richie O'Halloran's rich run of form continued.

2nd Grade v Souths at Chaffey Park
Souths 206 (Chris Langston 4-17, Ben Semmler 3-50) defeated City United 156 (Richie O'Halloran 55, Leo Steyn 45, Sean Hancock 27) by 50 runs.
One Mitch Holt (souths) over closed the season down for the 2nds after they had bowled so well on the first day, with Langston and Semmler outstanding but everyone contributing. Unfortunately, with Souths 7-114 and the game plan of playing a bowler heavy line up, pressure stopped yielding wickets and by stumps, there was 200 to chase. In truth, this side hasn't chased that many and won very often this season, if at all. After a clatter of early wickets where Hancock had really looked the goods, City was in trouble at 4-44. Steyn and O'Halloran combined for an 80 run stand that whispered victory until Steyn, Mick Bellamy and Jaye Sippel all left in that Holt over spoken of ... at least two of them to decisions that would have most times gone the other way, but then, that's cricket. Totals have been our problem all season. There's lots to gain from experiences this season and young players to celebrate and watch for next season in Bellamy, Steyn, Batley, Sippel, Lawrence.

3rd Grade vs Souths at TREC
City United 130 (Josh Allen 26) and 159 (John Kennedy 43, Cory Callcott 30, Ryan Sippel 22) defeated Souths 105 (Ben Cleghorn 7-53, Robbie Snith 2-0) and 112 (Josh Allen 4-17, Robbie Smith 3-30, Ben Cleghorn 3-43) by 72 runs.
What a great win by 3rds, underlined as it was by a terrific bowling effort from Cleghorn who picked up match figures of 10-96 in two long spells of bowling. Josh Allen also had a big game, particularly with another very sensible hand at the end of the first innings and his contribution stands creditably against the first innings lead of only 25. In the last innings, his first three overs produced three wickets which broke the game in City's favour. Special mention to wicketkeeper Mark Chew who must be getting younger judging by his seven dismissals for the match including five first innings catches! Well played boys.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Club BBQ on Sunday

As we play on both days of the weekend this week in both 2nds and 3rds and as the BBQ area is not available on Saturday night, we will have a BBQ on Sunday night at the South Tamworth Bowling Club from 5:30pm (note the day and earlier time).

All club members are asked to attend and hear how team mates faired in semi-finals. The usual cost of $5 per person or $10 per family will apply.

The BBQ last weekend was a beauty (see City Snaps for photos of the event), so let's stay on a roll with our attendance.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CityQuiz Update

With only three weeks left in CityQuiz, the points table is closing up.
4 Cory Callcott
3 Jack Mitchell, Michael Bellamy, Deb Batley
2 Luke O'Connor, Chris Langston
1 Simon Hood

With three or four questions a week, there is still time for a new player to breeze past the lot of them.
The Quizmaster has put up a $50 gift voucher at the local Soundness of Mind music shop for the winner.
Go to the Sundries page to play.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Semi-Final Draw

TDCA Administrator Graham Davies has announced the official draw and allocation of grounds for the Finals series to take place over the following three week ends with play on Saturdays and Sunday. City United 2nd Grade will play Souths at Chaffey Park and 3rds Grade will also play Souths but at TREC.

All City United players must wear a club cap or a white broad-brimmed cricket hat during finals matches. No other caps or hats please. All players are to have the major sponsors logo on their shirt. Contact Treasurer Claude if you do not have either.

For the full draw in all grades follow this link to TDCA Draw or select it from the list of links to the right on this page.

In finals matches, play on Saturday will be from 1:00pm, as per normal and play on the Sunday will commence at 10:00am, with a lunch interval of forty minutes from 1:00pm.

Preliminary City teams are on the Team Selections page and will be finalised on Wednesday, so anyone unavailable should contact Simon Hood on 0411 209 876, as soon as possible or half an hour before that.

Weekend Wrap

With rain washing out play in all but 4th grade, 1st and 4th now bow out for the season but that doesn't mean their work is done. With 2nds and 3rds still well in contention in semi-finals played this coming weekend, players whose season is finished should still turn up at training to provide net bowlers for the semi-finalists. This is a great way of building our club spirit.

Another is to be at their games over the weekend, cheering every four and screaming with every wicket taken. Both of these sides are well in contention after their strong showing in the final round against the minor premiers in their grade.

The club gathering last Saturday, including Drinks with Dan and the BBQ, were a big success. There are a nice set of photos to mark the event on City Snaps. Our juniors weren't there as they were attending the junior cricket presentation night. Juniors or parents with news or photos from the event should contact Lango. Follow this link to the Sundries for a report.

Our next major event will be the club presentation night to be held at South Tamworth Bowling Club from 6:30pm on Saturday 17th April. This is the culmination of our season and as we'll likely have a couple of premierships to celebrate, let's see every one of the seventy or eighty players who have worn our colours this year be there to make some more legends. Perpetual trophies still need to be handed in to captains, ASAP.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Weekend

Rain yesterday and last night has ruined the chance of some exciting results today as all games in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade are cancelled. Therefore, let's see the blokes from the hgiher grades down at Minor Leagues 1 to encourage our 4ths.

However, cricket is not only played on the field. Some of your best cricket is played as you sit and talk about the game and players are reminded that they have their last regular season chance to do that today and tonight.
Dan Mitchell has invited all club members to meet him at 3pm at the home of our generous sponsor, the South Tamworth Bowling Club
, which will be followed by a City United BBQ at 6pm. $5 per head or $10 per family and millions of memories.

This is one of our last chances to remind the Bowlo why their support of City is so important to us so let's have another big roll up. Wear something that shows you're a City man.

Don't forget those perpetual trophies to be handed in tomorrow and make sure you have the 17th April on your calendar organisers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

City United Presentation Night

Club members can start making plans for the gala event of the season as the date for City United Presentation Night has been announced.

The event will take place on Saturday 17th April, from 6:30pm at our major sponsor's premises, the
South Tamworth Bowling Club.

The date has been strategically picked between school holidays, Anzac Day and the end of the season. The Club knows that this is the last Saturday of the school holidays but there are no alternatives.

To assist with planning for the night, players who won perpetual trophies (the big, engraved ones) are asked to bring them to cricket this Saturday and give them to their captains. It would make it so much easier if we are not chasing blokes for trophies and in the long run, be fairer on your mates who might win them this season.

Captains have their share of the jobs to do too (apart from hanging onto perpetual trophies). As we will be handing out a Yearbook for the first time, they are asked to write a report for the booklet. There will be space for one A4 page for each skipper and the President. This has to go to Lango (email will be fine) by 1st April (no fooling). Please don't be tardy as Lango will be working off his own deadlines.

This will be a great night. I reckon the girls should posh up and come down the red carpet ... whilst the blokes sit and watch in thongs and stubbies and enjoys the show!

Lots of cricket left to play but lets start thinking about Presentation Night.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Results v Bective 27th February

Last round before the semis and the pressure was on in all grades to try and qualify - all that pressure and your opponent is Bective-East. Overall, City stood up tall today and were competitive. What's more, we had a fantastic roll up at the South Tamworth Bowling Club, with over thirty players and supporters enjoying City's hospitality through a few drinks.
1st Grade v Bective at No.1 Oval
City United 134 (Peter Mead 32x, Nathan Whale 31, Cameron Pyne 22, Chris Langston 17) v Bective 4-55 (Nathan Whale 2-7, Dan Lawrence 1-15, Brendon Reynolds 1-24)
After a disastrous 3-17 then 4-27 start, Pine and Whale looked the goods before both falling to the left arm spin of Kellett. Mead steadied the ship but apart from an aggressive innings from Langston, none were able to stay the course. Some strong inroads have been made into Bective batting lineup but its still all to do. Dan Lawrence's first grade debut was very impressive and Whale continued his improved contribution with the ball. Hard work ahead but this is winnable.
2nd Grade v Bective at Max Sutton Oval
City United 167 (Richie O'Halloran 83, Sean Hancock 20) v Bective 6-73 (Ben Semmler 5-11)
Playing the unbeaten Bective for a chance to play semi-final cricket, this day was dominated by two outstanding performances. Stand in skipper O'Halloran came in at 2-43 and never looked in trouble in delightful knock which included 14 fours and some wonderful use of the feet against the spinners. This was a century gone to waste and one which held his team together. Sean Hancock had started well and Gary Whale stayed for a 55 run partnership. With ball in hand it was all Semmler, returning to City after Uni holidays and his second Pfeiffer of the second grade season. Bective are most definitely vulnerable from here. Special mention to Ryan Sippel who snared two catches standing behind the stumps for the first time.
3rd Grade v Bective at Belmore Park
Bective 222 (Bruce Eather 3-34, Robby Smith 2-18, John Kennedy 2-38, Simon Bellamy 2-70) v City United 5-39 (Simon Bellamy 17)
How do you contain the powerful Bective batting line up to 222 on the small boundaries of Belmore Park? You bowl well, you take your chances and you never ever let the pressure off. A really good bowling performance and good work from the skipper. Unfortunately, much was undone in the last hour but until the fat lady sings, we don't stop trying.
4th Grade v Bective at Minor League 1
City United 64 (Dave Smith 26) v Bective 8 dec 191 (Nick Stacey 2-7)
Much as you don't like to count a side out, it looks a long way out of the bottom of the hole for the 4ths. Routed with the last 8 wickets falling for 20, one has to pay credit to an extraordinary bowling performance from A Kellett of Bective with 8-16 from 7 overs. We battled well and managed to snare 8 of their wickets but at five an over.

Club BBQ next Saturday. Let's see an even bigger rollup then as we celebrate the close of the regular season.

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