Friday, February 11, 2011

Dress Shirts Sponsorship

An opportunity exists for sponsors to come on board through sponsoring a set of dress shirts.

The standard sponsorship is $400 which pays for 13 shirts which will bear the sponsors logo on the back of the shirt. Last season, sponsors of targeted programs were offered exposure on the website for 12 months. This season, sponsors of the dress shirts program will get exposure on the website until the end of next season, with direct links from their logo to their own website or contact details and exposure on 13 shirts, one of which will be given to the sponsor. This is an infinitely better deal.To date, Six Nines Imagery and Pura Milk Distributors have sponsored two sets of the smart dress shirts. We are currently looking for two more sponsors and all club members should make it their job to help us line up sponsors for the shirts.

Unless we find two more sponsors, there won't be any more dress shirts to distribute or players might have to pay for their shirts. If you have someone in mind or, if your company would like to sponsor a set of shirts, contact Claude Orenstein or Peter Langston.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Website Changes

As a result of a training session provided by Cricket NSW and an examination of the My Cricket website being offered to City United, you will notice some changes to our own website. Most of what is being offered by the My Cricket website we already do a better job of on our own however there are real advantages in incorporating the results and stats sections of My Cricket. Therefore, sometime in the next few weeks you will notice that when you click on the Results or the City Stats links you will be redirected to the My Cricket stats/results pages. By the start of next season, we may also incorporate the selection section of My Cricket which may include email/sms contact with players about availability and selection week by week. There are issues about ease of use and cost in using the selection part of the website which will need to be explored before committing fully to it.

In keeping the best of what we already have and incorporating the best of what is now available, City United will have the best of both worlds. I hope you enjoy the changes which will include a detailed appraisal of each players performances season by season, including charts and graphs not currently available through our website.