Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dress Shirts

There are only two dress shirts now available for distribution to players who have completed paying their fees. All of them are L or Large size. The first in, best dressed players of that size from the following list can receive their shirt from Kathy Lawrence at 36A Peel St or ring 0419 490 534. Those who miss out will have to wait until next season when new sponsors will be sought for the remaining shirts. Those eligible are: Jack McVey, Isaac Kensell, Gary Whale, Paul Hagley & Luke Hagley, Bede Young, Cale Penrith, Matt Ballantine, Terry Skewes, Bill North.

Meeting Report

Dress Shirts
As a result of decision taken at last night's club meeting, there are some changes to the distribution of the dress shirts. As we have been unable to secure sponsors for half of the 52 shirts we had made up by Monogram It, the meeting decided that the balance of the shirts will be held by the club and not distributed until sponsors can be found. Therefore, the last sponsored shirts still available will be distributed on Saturday.
Players who have paid their fees but miss out on a shirt may collect their promised shirt next season once sponsors have been found.
Any comment or discussion on this matter can be directed to the Executive and those present at last night's meeting.
Presentation Night
Saturday 9th April from 6:30pm. Details still being worked out. Invitations will be posted to all members of the club. It will be important to RSVP with numbers attending as we are having a formal dinner this year so numbers must be obtained for the caterers.
Executive Resignations
Both Claude Orenstein (Treasurer) and Deb Batley (Secretary) told the meeting they would be resigning at the AGM.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next Meeting

The next meeting of City United will be held at Tamworth City Bowling Club on Tuesday 22nd February from 6:30pm. All ideas, great and small, are welcome.