Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lastest up-date 1st and 2nd are off. 3rd and 4th are still on.

Due to the wet  conditions of turf wickets. 1st Grade and 2nd Grade has been called off today.

Our 3rd Grade match has been transferred to Chauvel Park 1 pm start, while the 4th Grade match is still on at Riverside 7.

3rd Grade Chauvel Park 1pm start time:
 Trent Balderston(C) 0431589787, Graeme Schwenke, Nathan Smith,  Scotty Hurn, Cooper Thompson, Tim Paynter, Paul Fisher, Tom Fitzgerald, Eddie Beattie, Danny Malpe, Josh Miles, Locky Cooke, Jesse Alken (reserve) 
4th Grade Riverside 7 1 pm start time.
Anthony Fitzgerald(C) 0401177209, Josh Cooke, Neil Cooke, Brody Gregg,  Doug Truman, Robby Gregg, Mark Chew, Ron Benjamin, Gary Whale, Paul Lawrence, Russell Pitt, Noah Pitt.  
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO may the sun shine on you today CITY

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just to make sure.

Our three mates went out hunting rabbits when Ritchie complains about chest pains when he grabs for his chest and falls over and collapses. 

Scotty says to Sugar “He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed.”  Scotty gets out his mobile phone and calls the emergency services.

 Scotty gasps, 'My friend Richie is dead! What should I do?'
The operator says, 'Calm down, I can help, it will be ok. First, let's make sure he's dead.'

Scotty turns to Sugar and saids “Sugar we need to make sure he is dead”.  
"Are you sure?" Sugar asked.
"That is what she said" replied Scotty.
Suddenly there was a gun shot. , 'OK, now what?' said Sugar.

There will be a Pizza Night back at the friendliest Club in town after the match on Saturday night. Come along and hear how the other grades went and who performed on the day. Only at the Tamworth City Bowling Club. Hope to see you there!!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The boys are in the hunt

Both our Terrific 3rd Grade and Awesome 4th Grade sides are both in the hunt for a semi-final spot with two matches remaining.  This weekend City takes on Wests in a two –day match. I know the boys will keen to rebound after last week’s disappointing lost.

It starts at training and selection this afternoon from 5pm at Riverside2.

GOOOOOOOOO see you there!!!!!! CITY

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sugar’s over on Saturday.

Towards the end of the 2nd Grade match on Saturday,  Bective needed six runs to win with heaps of overs and wickets in hand.  Dean Hoy had just come to the crease and had scored 16 runs off 4 deliveries from the over before.
It was time to turn to our Sugar!!!!!
The ball was thrown to Sugar to have a bowl by his captain, with the cheeky words from Mark  “don’t you lose us this match, Sugar.”
The first ball of Sugar’s over.
With Dean Hoy on strike Sugar balled his first delivery. Hoy was surprised by the delivery and pushed it to the leg side for what he thought would be an easy single.  NOT when Sugar is bowling, he took off after the ball, Hoy then started to run. Sugar found that Hoy was now between him and the ball, so what does our Sugar do.
A/ Pull up and let Hoy pass and let him make his ground.
B/ Side step Hoy to collect to ball.
Or C/ Shoulder charge Dean Hoy who plays front row in Group 4 Rugby League.
You guessed it Sugar shoulder charged Dean Hoy and although Sugar ended up on his backside. Sugar did let him know, that Sugar meant business.
The 2nd ball of Sugar’s over.
You see it was a long hot day in the field. You had our President at 1st Slip and Rodney Pryor at point, both of which are not your fastest movers at the best of time let alone after a few hours in the field.
Sugar bowled and the batsmen guided the ball between our two tired old fieldsmen. Both our President and Rodney looked at each other to see who would be the first to move and chase the ball down, when suddenly Sugar like a flash, like a strike of lightning took off from his follow through and bisected both Rodney and our President who were still having a stare off. Sugar fielded the ball at the 3rd man boundary off his own bowling.
The 3rd Ball of Sugars Over.
Sugar run-up was getting longer with each delivery. As he approach the crease Mark Fisher at Keeper, our President at 1st Slip and Rod Pryor at Point were chatting SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. The delivery was a bit too short and it ended up in the piles of gravel on the Sully Park hill. The match was over. 
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sugar’s three ball over will never be forgotten.CITY

Monday, February 10, 2014

Leading from the front.

We are all astounded by the personal sacrifices that City’s newest Life Member, Peter Mead has made for our club. This season has been no exception, Peter was looking forward to a season in 2nd Grade but after we lost Harrison Kelly as our 1st Grade Captain at the start of the season the club turned once more to Peter as our saviour. Once again Peter didn’t let us down, not only has he taken leadership of our 1st Grade side but he has turned them into a very competitive team that play for each other and have a wonderful spirit of mateship and a common goal.

In 2nd Grade the same can be said of Mark Fisher. Mark has stepped into the breach as captain and has kept an understrength team together through difficult times. He has shown faith in his players and always encouraged them.
Our 2nd Grade didn’t have a wicket keeper for Saturday’s match and after ringing around could not find any keeping gear. So Mark went off and brought the entire keeping gear we required himself. He practiced Keeping during lunch and morning tea breaks in the offices at Council and had some office staff throw him catches, using his chair as the stumps.
Match day came, Mark had Josh throw him some catches, it didn’t look good. Mark said with a smile “I am confident of stopping at least half of them”.
We took to the field and like in every match that he has captain, Mark set a high standard for his fellow players to follow. The bowling as a bit over the shop and on occasions the ball would bounce just in front of him, sometimes twice. But NOT one catch was dropped and NOT one bye was given. Mark wore them on his chest, his legs, his arms, as he got behind every ball that came his way.
A Wicket Keeper he is not but a leader of men he is.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO where some amazing people play CITY