Friday, October 5, 2012

Only one sleep to go.

Our own Ryan Hansen pictured here cutting this delivery to the boundary yesterday playing for his Central North team against St. George. Ryan is hoping to be amongst the runs tomorrow when City takes on Old Boys in the first match of the season. Weather forecast tomorrow is Sunny 31 degrees, as my mum always says “don’t forget your hat”. Ryan and his family have covered many miles and visited many towns over the last month for his representative cricket and the love of the game. 
GOOOOOO Ask the Leyland Brothers CITY

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We want you !!!

All players are reminded that they must have paid their minimum amount of $65 before you can take the field this Saturday, due to the new insurance policy from NSW Cricket as well as filling out a Registration form. Kathy would prefer all payments are by direct deposit in to City bank account ANZ ,BSB 012830 account 208227482. But if you are like me, and you pay by cash it must be with a smile.
Our Kathy and Nikki (riding as shot gun) will be visiting all grades on Saturday to ensure both the insurance fee and rego form have been completed.  

Teams for this Saturday.

City United teams to play Old Boys this Saturday 6th October. Please note One-Day matches this weekend start at 1pm and are a 35 over a side match. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain. There will be a BBQ after the match at our major sponsor the Tamworth City Bowling Club.
1st Grade Scully Park: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Ben Semmler,  Simon Toyer, Scott de Weymarn,
Cale Penrith, Ryan Hansen, Jack Philp, Ben Chew, Jake McVey, Daniel Lawrence, Aaron Dennis, Scott Hulbert.
2nd Grade TREC: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, Neil Cooke, Simon Bellamy, Daniel Rogers, Chris
Langston, Pat Dwyer, David Weekes, Shel Ravi, Sean Hancock, Paul Hagley, Luke Lawrence, Alex Baker
3rd Grade Chauvel: Peter Mead (C)0427603558, Rob Mills, Andy Jarrett, John Miskle, Adam Ryan, Tait Jordan, Lachlan Cooke, Graeme Schwenke, Anthony Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald, Matt Ballentine, Terry Skewes.

City prides itself on being a true club, not 4 individual teams.  We all train together, we all celebrate
our victories together and we all move on from our defeats together, we all wear the same City
clothing with pride.  We play for the club not for a specific team or grade, throughout the season
there will be movement of players within the grades both up and down but always playing for City, that’s what being a part of a club is all about. Best of luck to everyone for the weekend matches.
GOOOOOOO come Saturday night may the town ring out with the words of city city city CITY

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Will it ever come to this

Our first mid-week training sessions start today, from 5pm at the Riverside 2 practice cricket nets, all player are requested to attend. Training will be held every Wednesday throughout the season from 5pm. The season kicks off this Saturday with a One-Dayer against Old Boys. The selected teams for this weekend will be placed on the web site, as well as any late changes to the teams. It is the players responsibility to ensure they notify their captains of their unavailability after the teams have been selected.
GOOOOOOOO see you there at training CITY

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The numbers just keep adding up!!!!!!!

Our web site is celebrating 40 000 hits since it was launched on the 16th October 2009. We have had inquires and feed back from visitors from all over the world. Not bad for a small sporting body based in the bush. A big thank you must go to everyone involved from the early days with the likes of Dan Mitchell, Peter Langston and Cory Callott to the current Web custodians.

A important message for all.

All players are reminded that your minimum amount of $65 must be paid before you can take the field, due to the new insurance policy from NSW Cricket.
Our season playing fees are as follows- Senior$260,                         Student$190,
                                                         4th Grade Senior $190,4th Grade Student $165.
All new players to the club will receive a City United club shirt once they have paid their fees.
All playing members, once you have paid your fees you will receive a City United training singlet.
BUT THERE IS STILL EVEN MORE!!!!!!!! (no not a set of kitchen knives but:)
All playing members, if you have paid your fees in full before our Christmas Party you will be in the draw for THREE that’s THREE chances of having half your fees refunded back to you.
Kathy would prefer all payments are by direct deposit in to City bank account ANZ ,BSB 012830 account 208227482. But if you are like me, and you pay by cash it must be with a smile.

 It is also a request that all players fill out the MY CRICKET availability e-mail sent to them for the match this Saturday.
Training is set down for this Wednesday from 5pm at the Riverside 2 Nets, all players are requested to attend.
GOOOOOOOO only four sleeps to go CITY