Friday, November 18, 2011

Turf matches cancelled - Saturday 19th November

TDCA has advised that all scheduled turf matches for this Saturday 19th November have been cancelled due to wet weather - this affects City Uniteds 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teams.

All 4th grade maches on synthetic are still on at this stage, if there is anymore rain overnight this may also call off 4th grade - please listen to FM 92.9 and 2TM 1287 for any further match cancellations.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Player Profile - Terry Skewes

Who was your favourite cricket player to watch when growing up?
Dennis Lillee

Favourite cartoon as a child?

Road Runner

Are you studying or working, If so doing what?
Maintenance department Northern Daily Leader Print site

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

My most treasured possession/s:
My memories of the good times.

What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Who is the team mate that brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh?
Johnny Miskle

My every last meal would be:
A very, very long one, of roast lamb and potatoes

 What highest level you have played cricket?
1st Grade with City United.

Favourite holiday destination?
Any where on the coast.

What primary school do you attend?
Oxley Vale Public School

What is your most embarrassing moment on the cricket field to date?
At my age and with my body stiffening up, every time I take to the cricket field but I still love it.

Stranded on an Island, What are your 3 essential items?
Sunscreen, a hat, a comfortable chair.  

What footy team do you support either in NRL or AFL?
Newcastle Knights

What would you buy with your last $50?
A boat trip to a deserted Island. With my 3 essential items.

Who is your favourite band?
The Beetles.

Monday, November 14, 2011

City United Teams vs Souths - Round 4 (19th November)

All City United Players and Supporters are remided to get along to support our First Grade side in there day night match vs South Tamworth, commencing at 3pm at Number 1 Oval. Players and supporters from lower grades are reminded to attend Number 1 Oval at the completion of there days play for a free player and supporter BBQ at innings change from 6pm. Any players with late unavailabilities please inform your captain asap.

First Grade - (Number 1 Oval, 3pm Start)
D. Whale (C) 0423 918 389, N. Whale, R. Steyn, R. Hansen, A. Dutton, R. O'Halloran, L. Steyn, J. Philp, M. Walter, J. McVee, D. Lawrence

Second Grade - (Riverside 3)
P. Fisher (C) 0429 654 808, B. Hawley, S. Hancock, A. Cashman, B. Cederblad, M. Fisher, S. Bellamy, P. Dwyer, N. Cooke, C. Langston, I. Kensell, J. Miskle

Third Grade - (Belmore Park)
C. Callcott (C) 0402 334 403, D. Holzigal, D. Mitchell, P. Mead, M. Ballantine, B. Ballantine, N. Stacey, A. McDonald, S. Ballantine, S. Ravi, N.Townsend, A. Ballantine. RES: L. Baily

Fourth Grade - (Riverside 8)
P. Lawrence (C) 0438617044, T. Skewes, T. Skewes, G. Whale, P. Hagley, L. Hagley, T. Kempe, S. Hurn, L. Cooke, L. Baily, G. Schwenke, A. Fitzgerald. RES: Z. Johnston, J. Stacey, R. Benjamin

CUCC - Round 3 Results vs Bective

First Grade 
Bective opening the batting on Day 1 and declared their innings closed at 9/269. At end of play on Day 1, City were 1/21. Day 2 and City continued to bat before being dismissed for a total of 161 runs. Best batting: Anthony Dutton 44 runs; Nathan Whale 29 runs; Leo Steyn 22 runs. Bective had a second innings and were 0/95 at the end of the match. City lost on first innings.

Second Grade
City batted first and were dismissed on Day 1 for a total of 246 runs. At the close of play on Day 1, in reply Bective were 1/80. Day 2 and Bective continued batting before finally being dismissed for 228. Best bowling: Brock Hawley 4/52; Daniel Lawrence 3/54 and Jack McVey 2/41. In their second innings, City finished the match at 8/121. Best batting: Daniel Lawrence 34 runs; Simon Bellamy 26 runs; Brock Hawley 23 runs.
City won on first innings.

Third Grade
City batted first and were all out for 97 on Day 1. Bective continued batting into Day 2 and were all out for 285. Best bowling: Shel Ravi 2/45; Tait Jordan 2/35 and Peter Mead 2/26. In their second innings, City were dismissed for a total of 183 runs. Best batting: Peter Mead 119 runs N/O; Ben Ballantine 26 runs and Graeme Schwenke 20 runs. City lost outright and on first innings.

Fourth Grade
City finished Day 1 at 3/99 from their 40 overs and then dismissed Bective for 104. Day 2 and City continued their first innings before finally declaring at 9/283. Best batting: Terry Kampe 78 runs; Garry Whale 40 runs N/O; Tim Skewes 39 runs N/O and John Misckle 38 runs. Late on Day 2, Bective batted again finishing with 3/87. Best bowling: Rod Pryor 2/19 and Terry Skewes 1 /4. City won on first innings.