Friday, November 15, 2013

A different kind of Friday story

In my thirty odd years playing and being involved with this amazing cricket club City United, I have seen some of Tamworth’s finest cricketers. Some of them are City’s Life Members in Roger Newell, Mark Skewes, Basil Penrith, Frank Gooley and Tim Wooster.
There is another name that I would put at the very top of this list of wonderful cricketers. He is a leader of men, his passion and knowledge of the game is unquestionable.
Peter after scoring a hundred against Bective East in a One-Day Final.
He is quietly spoken but when he speaks everyone listens. He is a man of Integrity and he is admired for his unselfishness that he has shown time and time again at City.
Peter Mead has proven that he is more than a great club man, he is the soul and the heart of City United.
GOOOOOO the time will come when we all have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, thank you once again Peter CITY

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A amazing number

City United web site will be reaching 60 000 hits within the next few days. It is a amazing achievement. The number of hits are not the only bit of information recorded but also which country our visitors are viewing our site from is also recorded.  
Australia leads the way with 344 audiences, United Kingdom 79 audiences, United States 64 audiences, other countries well represented are Thailand, Germany, India and New Zealand    
GOOOOOOO it is truly a world game CITY                               

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The poms are coming

Just before my daughter went to bed I told her how the Cricket Test Match was starting in a few days in Brisbane against the old enemy. I told her "for the five days I am going to sit in front of the television and watch every ball bowled"

A hour later, while passing her room  I overheard her say. "Dear God, if cricket is played in heaven please let it be raining".
GOOOOOOOO don't you love them CITY

Thanks Simon

Lucky to have club-man like him, Simon Bellamy stepped up and took control of our after the match meal at the City Bowling Club on Saturday Night. Simon organised delivery of ten delicious pizzas. Thank you for that Simon. It was really yummy and very much appreciated.
With the shortish of players for this match, the club called upon Mark Fisher to play 3rd Grade. Mark is still wounded  after breaking his ribs with a collision with Tezza Kamp in 1st Grade a few weeks ago. Mark took to the field for 3rd Grade, holding his rib cage nice and tight whenever he ran after the ball. The 3rd Grades Snickers  Player of the Day Award went to, NO not to Mark but his partner Rikki  for allowing him to play. Rikki has had to put up with Mark's understandable complaints and frustration with his painful situation.                                                               GOOOOOOOO to our partners,  wife's,  girlfriends, mums who support us in our sport at CITY

Sunday, November 10, 2013

As a club we pulled through.

As you saw from the teams that are playing in this match against Old Boys, we again unfortunately have so many players being asked to move through the grades from the 1st week to the 2nd week of the match. I appreciate from a players point of view this is not ideal. In the end we had a total of 27 players who are unavailable for either just one week of the two day match or the whole match completely. Our club hasdone a marvelous job to ensure that we fielded four teams, a very big THANK YOU must go to all the player for their support during this match. 

Our season fees are now overdue. Kathy would prefer all payments are by direct deposit in to City United bank account ANZ ,BSB 012830 account 208227482. But if you are like me, and you pay by cash, it will be received with a smile. Fees can be paid to either Kathy, Nikki or Terry. If you require further time to pay your fees, please see or contact Kathy now and she will discuss the matter with you.

On Saturday two captains took the ball and the wickets for their teams. In 2nd Grade Peter he just keeps getting better Mead took 6 wickets for 46 off 13 overs. While over at 3rd's Trent captain for the day Balderston also took 6 wickets for 30 runs from his 12 overs. 
GOOOOOOO leading from the front CITY