Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Messages For Our Club Mates

Tony Higgins says ...
"I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all our members and their families. Most of all a very safe Christmas."
Dan Mitchell says ...
"Merry Christmas to all City United members and friends. May the Christmas season bring you renewed strength, happiness and an opportunity to do more for others in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all then."
Simon Hood says ...
"Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to all City players, officials and their families. May it be a time of fun, fellowship and not too much Christmas pud! See you all in the New Year."
Claude Orenstein says ...
"Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a safe journey to those travelling away. All the best and I look forward to continuing the season in 2010."
Glenn Ryan says ...
"All the best for Christmas and the New Year guys. Let’s hope that 2010 brings health and happiness for players and their families and final berths for the four City teams."
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You'd Better Watch Out ...

It's official: the English language is under threat from small collections of words which contain a verb and an object wholly concerned with Christmas. The so-called Santa Clause has forced authorities to declare a sliding scale of holidays between now and the end of January, according to susceptibility to rogue clauses. Teachers, through familiarity, are the worst affected and therefore will be absent from their workplace for five weeks.

The most common side affect of people affected by the Santa Clause is an overt jolly nature and the desire to call for multiple quantities of garden implements, most often hoes.

In issuing warnings, authorities have suggested that those affected by the Santa Clause should engage the services of the Christmas Cricket (pictured) from Dec 26th, maintain a prone position on comfortable furniture for the following five days and only rise from their position when wooden structures are dishevelled before their eyes, when suitable cold liquid sustenance is exhausted, or in the event of experiencing hotspots.

Hunter New England Health has warned the public that sensible self-administration of medicinal pizza and the distasteful fizzy, frothy, burpy Amber Liquid Energy drinks may not be enough. Carers have been urged to be understanding and overly lenient during this time.

You have been warned. Good luck and God bless. Merry Christmas,


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Last Round Before Christmas v Norths

1st Grade at Scully Park
City United 6-229 (Aaron Flaherty 134x, Peter Mead 38) defeated Norths 165 (Aaron Flaherty 3-21, Brendon Reynolds 2-26, Matt Reynolds 2-29, Tom Wilson 2-31)
It wasn't all the Aaron Flaherty Show but it was just about! Coming in at 1-9, Aaron was unstoppable with a glorious innings which left Norths like minions standing on the shoreline trying to turn back the tide. Sixteen 4's and two 6's may have convinced them by the end that it was a fruitless task. Buddy Harriott (79) and Peter Mead (83) were perfect foils for his strokeplay in big partnerships around which the innings was built. Norths, despite losing early wickets, were in it until the 15th over when Nathan Whale trapped Rixon in front during an economical spell. The game swung on that dismissal and came crashing about their ears with Flaherty's surprising late wickets. The last highlight was a lightning fast stumping by Buddy Harriott from MOM Flaherty's tweakers. Great effort lads and special mention to Skipper Dan Mitchell for his readiness to swap and change players from seconds according to form and opportunity.
2nd Grade at Chaffey Park
City United 129 (Luke O'Connor 49, Chris Langston 19) lost to Norths 5-133 (Daniel Lawrence 2-19, Jaye Sippel 2-31)
In truth, the scoring was too slow but the bowling was good and at least the side didn't panic and collapse in twenty overs but saw out their alloted number. The innings was built around Luke O'Connor who opened and was ninth man down against some difficult bowling. Chris Langston looked to be coming back into form in a fifteen over stay. Norths had to withstand a fiery and accurate opening salvo from Daniel Lawrence and Leo Steyn and then some tight overs from Chris Langston, Pat Dwyer and Jaye Sippel but they never had enough runs to defend. This was a very encouraging win for 2nds right on Christmas and more of this attitude in the the New Year will see more wins than losses.
3rd Grade at TREC
City United 8-209 (Cory Callcott 56, John Kennedy 43, Glenn Ryan 19x, Terry Skews 16, Matt Ballantine 14x) defeated Norths 137 (Ryan Sippel 2-0, Tim Hunt 2-25, Ron Farrell 2-36)
Third are back on track as their locomotion ran down Norths with a very sound win. At 5-36 things looked decidedly grim but come the crisis, come the man and when you are batting like Mark Waugh (well, against Sri Lanka at least) it time to deliver - and deliver Cory Callcott did, uncocking eight spanking fours and a perfect forward defensive shot. John Kennedy weathered the initial storm, batting at four and played a good hand. In the end, the last four scored half the team total. It was diversity in bowling and fine fielding which secured the victory against a team of owerful hitters who may have stolen the game. Ron Farrell bowled with promounced loop, Tim Hunt justified his place with the new ball and big catch was gutted and cleaned by some eager bowling anglers.
4th Grade at Chauvel
Norths 133 (Ryan Hanson 2-17, Kaine Philpott 2-19, Paul Lawrence 2-26. Phil Cook 3 catches) defeated City United 106 (Phil Cook 32, Ryan Hanson 18, Kaine Philpott 13)
The one that got away! After their best bowling and fielding effort of the season, including tight bowling, super catching and a run out from a Sam Langston throw at the boundary edge, 4ths were tasting victory. Unfortunately, only three players were able to exceed double figures and they crashed from 3-58. That said, what a happy bunch turn up at 4ths every week. Keep up the good work Scarby!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fees Due On Saturday

All players are reminded that final payments must be made on fees by this Saturday, 19th December unless an arrangement has been made with the Club.

Players are also reminded that all players who have paid their fees by the 19th December are in the draw for a
dinner for two at the Quality Powerhouse.

The draw will take place at South Tamworth Bowling Club on Saturday night.

There are currently 25 players in the draw.

Another Disappointing Weekend

1st Grade v Wests at Dick Edwards Oval
Wests 8-179 (Tom Wilson 5-26, Ben Semmler 2-35) defeated City United 174 (Dan Mitchell 52, Buddy Harriott 33)

2nd Grade v Wests at Riverside 2
City United 4-192 (Richie O'Halloran 78, Luke O'Connor 50, Jaye Sippel 20) lost to Wests 8-194 (Anthony Cashman 3-23, Richie O'Halloran 2-22)

3rd Grade v Wests at Riverside 5
City United 178 (Ryan Sippel 45, Michael Bellamy 39, Terry Skewes 30) lost to Wests 5-182 (Ben Cleghorn 2-26)

4th Grade v Wests at Riverside 6
Wests 4-304 (Kaine Philpott 2-35) defeated City United 182 (Kaine Philpott 58, Phil Cook 31, Ryan Hanson 21, Paul Lawrence 21)