Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ground Changes for 11th February

There has been some minor ground changes for first, second and third grades, new grounds for today are as below. If you have someone turn up who was unable to be contacted about changes please send them to right ground as listed below.

First Grade to Chaffey Park

Second Grade to TREC

Third Grade to Chauvel

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CUCC Teams vs Bective - Saturday 11th February

City United teams to play Bective (4th Grade Old Boys) in round 13 One Day matches Saturday 11th February. All players are requested to be at there respective grounds by 1230pm. Both players and supporters are welcome back to our major sponsor Tamworth City Bowling Club for refreshing drinks after the days play - Any late unavailabilities please ring your captain ASAP. For more information about City United and the season ahead check our website

First Grade (Scully Park)
D.Whale (c) 0423918389, N.Whale, L.Steyn, R.Hansen, R.O'Halloran, A.Dutton, J.Philp, M.Walter, D.Lawrence, P.Dwyer, M.Bellamy, B.North.

Second Grade (Chaffey Park)
P.Fisher (c) 0429654808, S.Hancock, B.Hawley, J.Hawley, B.Cederblad, N.Cooke, D.Weeks, R.Ingram, M.Fisher, S.Bellamy, J.McVey, I.Kensall.

Third Grade (TREC)
C.Callott (c)0402334403, D. Holzigal, P. Mead, D. Mitchell, D. Carrol, J. Miskle, T. Balderston, L. Cooke, T. Jordan, S. Ballantine, G. Ryan, D. Truman.

Res: D. Smith

Fourth Grade (Riverside 9)
P. Lawrence (c) 0438617044, T. Skewes, T. Skewes, G. Whale, T. Kampe, S. Hurn, P. Hagley, L. Hagley, R. Benjamin, G. Schwenke, N. Stacey, T. Paynter

CUCC To Train with the NSW Blues

NDL - 4/2/12