Saturday, December 6, 2014


Council have just called all cricket matches off due to the rain. Hope you all have a enjoy weekend indoors.We really needed the rain as watering by buckets sucks, but I know Simon and the other Captains were keen to play Wests.

GOOOOOOOOOOO  hope to see you all at training City

Friday, December 5, 2014


City United has be informed that all tomorrows turf wickets matches have been cancelled. Our 1st and 2nd Grade both have the weekend off.

The synthetic wickets (3rd and 4th Grade) will be inspected by council tomorrow morning as soon as we are informed of any decision it will be placed on our web site.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the rains tumbles down CITY

It is not through a lack of hard work.

Our 1st Grade side are having a real dig this season. At City’s training sessions there are great numbers of  1st Graders, not only do they turn up, they really put in. To see the intensity of their bowlers in the nets to their follow teammates batting is quite frighting at times.

A couple of players from our 1st Grade side have been selected to represent at the highest level this season, playing with and against the best cricketers in the state. Over half the side have been rewarded by being selected in one of the two Tamworth Representative teams.

With a third of the competition completed our City 1st Grade side is improving every match and our bowling line up is the talk of the town. Their commitment to Simon their captain and to their team and club is reflexed by the number of players used this season to date. The ability to have the same team playing each week has added to their success.

A Friday story.
I was so frustrated. I had complained dozens of times to my daughter about her newest gag of kissing the bathroom mirror immediately after applying lipstick, but it was all to no avail.
Finally, one day after spending a half hour scrubbing the mirror, only to find another kiss mark an hour later, I had enough, “Katrina!” I yelled.
“What?” was my daughter’s reply through her bedroom door.
"I can’t find the toilet brush that I’ve been using to clean the bathroom mirror. Do you have any idea where it is?” I asked.
After hearing the gagging from behind the bedroom door, I knew my days of cleaning kiss marks off of mirrors were over.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO where is this rain they keep talking about CITY

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sponsor of the week.

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GOOOOOOOOO boy they repair almost everything CITY

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

City's women season is coming to an end.

The women’s competition is coming to its conclusion this Thursday, everyone is welcome to come down and watch some very exciting and high standard of women’s cricket as the City women play off for 3rd place.
Results from round 3 yesterday are as follows – some really strong wins by South’s and City scoring lots of runs and Old boys putting in a great run chase as the sun set on No 6.
Round 3 Results – Thursday 27th November 2014
South’s                3/135     d             Old Boys              4/ 116
City                        2/109     d             North’s                 3/ 95
Now next week is the finals for our women’s league – thanks again to all the clubs umpires and special thanks to players and Beth Hodge for making the league a success over the 5 week period.
 Good luck to all teams the finals are as followed according to administrator Graham (have a great holiday fly’s to Europe tomorrow).  Repeat of final round on different fields but I am sure being the final the standard will  rise another level as it has every week.
Tamworth Women’s Cricket League Finals – Thursday 4th December
Game time – can we please commence games at 5.15pm  to ensure we get through 20 overs in both games and time for presentations before dark – ask for a early mark from the Bosses please.
South’s vs Old Boys Grand Final          No 4 Oval     Umpire Simon
North’s vs City Play off for 3rd.            No 6 Oval     Umpire Doug

 While in Grade cricket played on Saturday City's 3rd Grade side had a nice 1st Innings win over Souths with Eddie Beattie once again receiving the 3 best and fairest points from the umpire. Eddie steered the boys home with the bat being unbeaten on 47 N.O., this is after he secured another 5 wicket haul with his bowling. An inspirational effort.
City's 4th Grade juggernauted continued on their way with a dominating Outright win. It's very much a team effort down there with every player playing his part in a pleasing start to the season
GOOOOOOO more on the weekends results tomorrow CITY

Monday, December 1, 2014

With the passing of Phil Hughes Friday's post will be posted today. Looking for extra cash.

Coach Cricket With Nathan Bracken, Michael Bevan, John Dyson & Get Paid?
Shaun Brown’s Cricket Coaching are once again conducting cricket clinics throughout December & January in NSW and we NEED YOU to assist in coaching the young cricketers of tomorrow.  The clinics have been operating for over Twenty years and provide coaches with numerous benefits. 
The benefits to you!!
üThe chance to meet, coach and learn from Former Test & First Class players;
ü 9am – 3pm work hours;
üHaving a ‘mini trip away’ with other Premier cricket players;
üPay from $180 for a two day clinic – ask about our pro coach multi camp roll over pay
üCar pooling and travel expenses covered;
üGain further experience in coaching;
üStaying at reputable motels throughout  NSW – which most often have a pool;
üCoaching appointments which work around your lifestyle and schedule;
üCoaching attire consisting of a cap and shirt provided;
ü“Refreshments” provided following the conclusion of each days coaching;
If you are interested in being one of the coaches on this year’s clinics, simply go to ; fill in your details at the bottom of the front page under Coaching; Employment Opportunities. If you have registered this year then we look forward to your participation on this year’s summer cricket camps. If you registered last year you will need to re registered this year due to the new financial year.

Friday's little story.
I'm not happy, not happy at all !!!!!!!
My 16 year old daughter, nervously brought her boyfriend home last week to meet her parents.  Although my daughter was very fond of him she was nervous about what sort of  impression he’d make on her parents. After all, he was full of tattoos and rings all over his body.
 “Mom and Dad” said Katrina nervously, ” I would like you to meet  Spike, my boyfriend, Spike this is my Mom and Dad.” After a few minutes of small talk and pleasantries, I called my daughter over and whispered “Katrina, I don’t like him, I don't think he is nice guy at all”
“Dad please!” retorted Katrina, “if he’s not a nice guy how can you explain the forty hours of unpaid community service he does a week?!”
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the joy of your children growing up CITY