Friday, April 5, 2013

Only in 4th Grade.

Garry Whale addresses the batsmen. "Now come on, lets just bat out our over".
And after we did bat out our overs with over 250 on the board Anthony Fitzgerald addresses the team "Let bowl line and length and back each other up in the field".
 In 4th Grade there is  no one leader, their is a number of senior players that guild the side around, you could say they all hunt as a pack.
Paulie Lawrence then calls the boys in for the final word of encouragement. Now you will never find Paul's team addresses in any coaching manuals. "We batted like crap so let's get out there and get those Bective sook's out".
Against Bective in the last Round game of the season was no different.

And as usual Paulie words inspired us to beat Bective out-right and go on to win the Minor Premiership.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO City 4th Grade, just love it CITY

When our Phil first came to City.

 I remember when Phillip Hood first came to City United, he was not the reserved, quiet, polite gentleman we know him to be now.
In a match, in which his son Nick was playing for City United in, Phil was jeering and heckling the umpire (Bruce Skewes) from the sideline.
After an hour of this Bruce had had enough and walked over to the boundary and sat down next to our Phil.
"What are you doing, out here Bruce?" asked our Phil.
"Well," said Bruce, "it seems you get the best view from out here, Phil."

GOOOOOOOOO our Phil will be at City's Night of Night's, he would love for you to say G'Day CITY

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The season that was.

The view of the match is so much nicer sitting under a tree.

How good do I look in sunnies?
How good do I look without sunnies?
Timmy sitting with all his friends.

 Three thorns and with two rose buds on the end.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dont forget to let Kathy know you are coming to the City Presentation Night CITY

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It was just a April Fools Joke?

My wife played a April Fools joke on me?

I was pretending to be asleep on the chair the other night and over heard my wife talking to her friend.  Her friend asked her "Do you ever talk to your man while you are having wild, amazing sex?"
My wife answered.  "Only if he phones me."

She knew I was listening?

GOOOOOOOOOOO Presentation Night numbers need to be in to Kathy (0419490534) before his Saturday CITY

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We need numbers.



Yes we know you are coming to the Night of Nights. City United Presentation Night, Friday the 12th April from 6.30 but you need to inform Kathy how many of you are coming (as we know how much some of you can eat) and the restaurant needs numbers for catering purposes . So please let Kathy M: 0419 490 534 Or E-mail know before this Saturday. The small cost of $15 can be paid on the night.

GOOOOOOOOO be there or be square CITY



The season that was.

I will get the boys home!!
My first year at City and loving it!!


 Two old City United war horses.
A quiet refreshing drink after the game, it dose not get any better than this.



       City's own "true believers", week after week.

Yes I have wrinkles, wrinkles from smiling.

      GOOOOOOOOOOOOO the season that was CITY             
The future of City is in the hands of our many talented Juniors.                                                                            

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time is running out

 Now don't forget, the date has been set for this years City United Presentation Night, it will be held on the 12th April Friday night at the City Bowling Club. There will be barefoot bowls from 4pm, with the presentation night commencing 6.30pm. Cost will be $15 per person with children under 12 years free. Meal will be a Chinese buffet (yummy) with heaps of exciting presentations and things happening throughout the night. Numbers need to be in with Kathy M: 0419 490 534 Or E-mail by the 6th April. There will be a well-deserved major award presented on the night, which I know you will not want to miss.
GOOOOOOOO don't be a square, be there CITY