Friday, November 16, 2012

I am in trouble again

In a relaxing moment last night, my wife and I were sitting at home. I was going through some old City score books, reading some results.
She rested her head on my shoulder, "Do you remember the day you proposed to me after that cricket match?" said she, romantically. "You were so confident and bold  ."
"No I wasn't," I muttered , "I was out, caught and bowled !"
GOOOOOOO it was a moment of not keeping one's eye on the ball CITY

Are you in the draw for winning half your season fees back?

All playing members, if you have paid your fees in full before our Christmas Party you will be in the draw for THREE that’s THREE chances of having half your fees refunded back to you. Now that would be a great early Christmas present.
GOOOOOOOOOOO I will be in that CITY

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Talking of selections

At City's selection meeting last night Paul Fisher was writing down his preferred team list when one of our selectors noticed this new players name. 'Who's Bill Robinson?' asked Leigh Dwyer
Paul jumped in with excitement 'He won us the match last week.'
'Really? Is he a batsman or a bowler?' asked Leigh
'Neither. He's the umpire.' Paul replied with a grin
GOOOOOOO where would we be without the umpires CITY

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teams to play Norths.

City United teams to play Norths this Saturday 17th & 24th November in Two Day match. There will be a BBQ after the days play at the City Bowling Club. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain.

1st Grade Riverside 1: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Scott de Weymarn, Richard O'Halloran, Ryan Hansen, Ben Chew, Julian Hulbert, Aaron Dennis, Pat Dwyer, Scott Hulbert, Ben Semmler, Jack McVey, Nathan Whale.
2nd Grade Riverside 2: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, Neil Cooke, Chris Langston, Shel Ravi, Sean Hancock, John Miskle,  Tait Jordan, Davd Weekes/Michael Bellamy, Daniel Rogers, Pat Dwyer, Paul Charmers, J Vanderkyl
3rd Grade Riverside 5: Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Cory Callcott, Rob Mills, Brett Walsh, Matt Ballentine, Lachlan Cooke, Nick Stacey/Glen Ryan, Doug Truman, Ben Ballentine, Terry Kampe, Josh Bennie, Graeme Schwenke,
4th Grade Riverside 8: Timothy Skewes (C) 0467560000, Paul Lawrence/Ron Benjamin,  Anthony Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald, Eddie Beattie, Tim Paynter, Scotty Hurn/Nick Stacey,  Cooper Thompson, Paul Hagley, Trent Balderston, Terry Skewes, Gary Whale,-Reserve Luke Hagley

City prides itself on being a true club, not 4 individual teams. We play for the club not for a specific team or grade, throughout the season there will be movement of players within the grades both up and down but always playing for City, that’s what being a part of a club is all about. Best of luck to everyone for the weekend matches.
GOOOOOOO  may the rain stay away CITY

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not a bad afternoon, not a bad afternoon at all.

Final wrap-up from Rd 4 games against Souths. When the town echoed with the chant of CITY CITY CITY
The big boys dominating the second day of their match, Seconds & Thirds both winning by outright and the little fourth graders missing out on an outright win by one wicket (if only the President bowled a little bit better).

1st Grade: After day one City were dismissed in their first innings for a total of 65 runs. Souths resumed their innings at 9/136 and were dismissed for a total of 144 runs in the 51st over.
City batted a second time and finished the day at 8/181 after 62 overs. Best batting: Richie O’Halloran 70 runs; Ben Chew 59 runs; Jade Thompson 19 runs.
There was a marked improvement in batting for City in their second innings. It was great to see Richie and Chewy hitting some good form.

2nd Grade: City were dismissed in their first innings for a total of 116 runs. In reply Souths were dismissed for a total of 76 runs.
City resumed their second innings at 2/12 and were finally dismissed for a total of 113 runs in the 38th over. Best batting: Neil Cooke 31 runs; Simon Bellamy 25 runs; Tait Jordan 21 runs; John Miskle 18 runs. Souths were dismissed in their second innings for a total of 127 runs in 40 overs.
Best bowling: Sam Brown 4/30 off 7 overs; Aaron Dennis 3/37 off 17 overs; Simon Bellamy 3/43 off 13 overs.
City won outright, City currently sit on top of the ladder after 4 rounds.

3rd Grade: Souths were dismissed for a total of 150 runs. City resumed their first innings at 7/164 and were finally dismissed for a total of 276 runs in the 51st over. Best batting: Andy Jarrett 65 runs; Cory Callcott 63 runs; Peter Mead 59 runs ret. Souths were dismissed in their second innings for a total of 160 runs in the 48th over. Best bowling:  Andy Jarrett 3/13 off 12 overs; Brett Walsh 3/14 off 8.4 overs; Peter Mead 2/27 off 9 overs. City commenced batting in their second innings and finished the day at 1/42 off 7 overs.
Best batting: Cory Callcott 23 runs N/O.
City won outright, City currently sit on top of the ladder with 34.63 points after 4 rounds.

4th Grade: Souths were dismissed for a total of 113 runs. City resumed their innings at 1/35 and declared the innings closed at 3/251 after 69 overs. Best batting: Anthony Fitzgerald 113 runs ret; Cooper Thompson 52 runs; Eddie Beattie 38 runs N/O. Souths batted a second time and finished the day at 9/70 off 26 overs. Best bowling:  Terry Skewes 5/6 off 5 overs; Tom Fitzgerald 2/15 off 5 overs.
4th Grade continue on their winning way taking first innings points and falling just 1 wicket short of an outright victory. Congratulations to Anthony Fitzgerald hitting a second unbeaten tonne for the season.
City currently sit on top of the ladder with 29.67 points after 3 rounds.

In the overall Club Championship, City United is currently in 2nd position; a mere 4.376 points behind Souths.
For full match details, click on the link to RESULTS.
GOOOOOOOO big matches against Norths this weekend boys CITY

Monday, November 12, 2012

Training up-date.

There will no Tuesday fielding training tomorrow. Wednesday training will go ahead as usual from 5 pm. Lets continue to keep the great numbers that we have at training .
GOOOOOOOO training hard, play hard CITY

An amazing achievement

  Anthony Fitzgerald has achieved what crickets could only dream of; he has scored his second century in as many matches. On Saturday against South’s he scored another century, this follows up his 138 runs against Wests the match before.  What makes it even more special is that he retired on both occasions to end his innings. As one of his team mates said with a laugh “we are sick of clapping him”. What a wonderful achievement Anthony.

GOOOOOOO I got tired just watching him bat for so long CITY