Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Friday special.

“Sugar, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been looking depressed all afternoon!”

 “Oh Scotty,” responded Sugar “I don’t know what to do! I got in a big fight last night with my new girlfriend, she claims I never buy her gifts, so I must not care about her!”

 “Sugar, that’s horrible!” said Richie putting his arm around Sugar. “What type of a gift does she want?”

 “Well, right before she closed the door on my face she said to me: “Why don’t you show me how much you care about me? Why can’t you get me something that goes from 0 to 100 in seconds!”

Sugar sighed “Boys what should I do? I don’t have that kind of money? I can’t go out and buy her a car!”

 “A car?” replied both boys. “Who needs a car? Just stop by Target and buy her a set of scales!”

GOOOOOOOOOOOO this joke was told to me from a old, short man with glasses, (Phil), I believe our differences should be celebrated CITY

Before I go, every week we call upon players who might be injured or have cancelled their plans for the weekend to assist the club, David Smith is one, Mark Fisher & Shel Ravi are others who have helped out. This week Neil Cooke has been asked to help out playing 2nd Grade and we thank him for that.
After the match everyone is welcome back to the City Bowling Club for pizza (all you can eat for $5) and a quiet drink.

Monday, December 16, 2013

This Saturday, the cricket as well as the weather will be red hot.

City plays Souths in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade this Saturday 21st December with the weather forecast being another hot 37 degrees. Fourth Grade has already started their Christmas break with their first match back being on 1st February 2014.
Training and selections are as usual this Wednesday for Saturday’s match.

 I was down at Belmore watching our 3rd Grade side on Saturday and was very impressed by the pressure that this young team was able to apply through their bowling and fielding. They were able to bowl a very strong Norths batting line-up out for a small total of 113 runs.  This young side fell away when it was their time to bat and were not able to chase down the total.
After the long, hot day, two senior players were chatting about the batting performance. The two grubby old men sat down in their chairs, still shaking their heads with the one that got away.
Then I heard a “HOW IS THAT” and laughter, I looked over to see over half of this young side had found a small rubbish bin, pulled out a tennis ball with electrical tape stuck to one side (so it would swing) and were playing a form of backyard cricket in the carpark of the tennis courts.
As I walked away with a smile on my face, I realized City is in good hands with the juniors we have throughout the grades. Yes they do try their hardest and they do give their all while on the field and yes winning is enjoyable. But they have not lost sight of the main reasons we play cricket. Mateship, enjoyment, laughter, just for the love of playing.
GOOOOOOOOOOO just for the love of it CITY

Results from Rd 7 games played against Norths on Saturday 14 December, 2013

All City’s weekends matches were perfectly summed up by Peter Mead, when he was quoted in today’s Leader- “We found North’s firepower in relation to our team too much but we were competitive. But I am extremely happy with how we played.”
1st Grade: City lost the toss and bowled first.
Norths hit 5/195 off their 40 overs. Best bowling:  Brett Walsh 2/20 off 7 overs; Jack McVey 2/42 off 8 overs.
In reply City was dismissed for 174 runs in the 39th over. Best batting:  Brett Walsh 53 runs N/O; Peter Mead 27 runs.
It was a wonderful batting display by Brett Walsh which almost guided 1st grade to an unlikely win.
2nd Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City hit 9/159 off their 40 overs. Best batting:  Cory Callcott 48 runs; Simon Bellamy 29 runs; Eddie Beattie 24 runs; Ben Cederblad 23 runs.
In reply Norths hit 6/160 in the 29th over. Best bowling:  Josh Bennie 2/37 off 6 overs.
3rd Grade: City lost the toss and bowled first.
Norths were dismissed for 113 runs in the 34th over. Best bowling:  Danny Malpe 4/22 off 7 overs; Cooper Thompson 3/16 off 7 overs.
In reply City was dismissed for 77 runs in the 24th over. Best batting:   Josh Miles 14 runs; Trent Balderston 13 runs; Cooper Thompson 10 runs.
4th Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City hit 9/168 off their 40 overs. Best batting:  Luke Hagley 50 runs; Russell Pitt 42 runs.
In reply Norths hit 4/172 off 35 overs. Best bowling:  Paul Hagley 2/16 off 6 overs; James Wallace 1/24 off 5 overs; Luke Hagley 1/25 off 5 overs.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO great to see both Paul and Luke Hagley on the cricket field in City’s colours CITY

Sunday, December 15, 2013

60 500 and still batting strongly

Late last week, our web site celebrated 60 000 hits since it was launched on the 16th October 2009. We have had inquires and feed back from visitors from all over the world. A big thank you must go to everyone involved from the early days with the likes of Dan Mitchell, Peter Langston and Cory Callott to the current Web custodians.           GOOOOOOO city has so many wonderful and inspiring stories to share CITY

One of those such story's come from the weekend where Brett Walsh almost got the "Big Boys " home in 1st Grade against Norths. Batting second, City was in the run chase when Brett came to the crease. He ended the day 50 odd "not out".  He hammered the Norths attack to all parts of the ground. GOOOOOOOOO where our 1st grade boys just keep turning up CITY