Friday, October 17, 2014

It’s about playing for a club.

When you sign up to play for City United, you are signing up to play for the club not a particular grade.  This is on show in this week’s teams, from the victorious 3rd Grade side that beat West Tamworth last weekend nearly half the team is back playing 4th Grade to take on Norths.

Josh Cooke, Russell Pitt, Brock Dunn, Liam Rogers and Noah Pitt all contributed to that wonderful performance and will be keen to continue their good form.

Best of luck to all players this weekend and may your chapter of the story told of the match will be a telling one
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO see you back at the Golf Club after the match CITY.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Training and selections today from 5pm.

Training will continue this afternoon from 5pm at Riverside 2 practice nets. All four grades play this weekend with 1st Grade playing both Saturday and Sunday in Representative matches, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade will play a usual One-Day match on Saturday against Norths.

TDCA is now calling for nominations for upcoming T20 competition to commence on Friday 7 November.
First & second graders ONLY required.
Selections to be take place on Wednesday 22 Oct from 6.30pm at Butch Southwell House.  All players welcome.  BBQ provided.
If interested, please let Nikki know ASAP on 0427 826704.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All smiles at City 2nd's, cause we had a victory today.

Mark with Johnny, both were happy after their win on Saturday.
The captain who had the biggest smile on Saturday night back at the Golf Club while enjoying a refreshing drink after the matches was 2nd Grade captain Mark “Puff” Fisher.
City had half its playing group unavailable for Saturday’s match. Mark called in some wounded and retired warriors to help him out on the day.

Simon Bellamy was one of the late fill-ins.

A very big thank you must go to Dan Rogers, Simon Bellamy and Cooper Thompson for filling in at the last moment. It was also great to see the return of Jacob Hawley back to cricket and in City’s colours, Jacob’s 39 run with bat and combined with his 4/55 off 8 overs;  was a stunning return.
GOOOOOOOOOOO for the love of it CITY

Monday, October 13, 2014

It doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!!! Three from Three.

Our 1st grade side showing off City's new playig strip.
Results from Rd 1 matches played against Wests – Sat 11 October
1st Grade Result
City won the toss and elected to bowl first.
Wests were dismissed for a total of 140 runs in the 39th over.
Best bowling:  Jack McVey 3/27 off 8 overs; Terry Kampe 3/28 off 8 overs; Dan Lawrence 3/30 off 8 overs
In reply, City hit 7/141 with 4 balls left in the match.
Best batting:  Richie O’Halloran 75 runs; Brett Walsh 24 runs N/O
A real cliff-hanger!  It was the 80 odd run partnership between Richie & Brett which helped set up the win for City.
2nd Grade Result
City lost the toss and batted first.
City were dismissed for a total of 169 runs in the 35th over.
Best batting:  Jacob Hawley 39 runs; Simon Bellamy 27 runs; Graeme Schwenke 24 runs (ret hurt)
In reply, Wests were dismissed for a total of 144 runs in the 23rd over.
Best bowling:  Jacob Hawley 4/55 off 8 overs; Cooper Thompson 3/18 off 3 overs; Ryan Woods 2/23 off 5 overs.
A man-of-the-match performance from Jacob Hawley, who has returned to play cricket with City United this season after a two year break.  A great all-round team performance to achieve the win considering they were short of players.
3rd Grade Result
City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City were dismissed for a total of 143 runs in the 36th over.
Best batting:  Terry Skewes 25 runs; Tim Paynter 24 runs; Liam Dunn 23 runs.
In reply Wests were dismissed for a total of 84 runs in the 23rd over.
Best bowling:  Liam Dunn 6/21 off 7 overs; Terry Skewes 3/30 off 8 overs.
A magnificent result for a team comprising of 2 senior players and a brigade of talented youngsters.  Congratulations to newcomer, Liam Dunn on his man-of-the-match performance in the win.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a very big thank you to Nikki for this wonderful match report. CITY