Friday, November 2, 2012

Please don't let the President cook again he burns everything.

There will be a BBQ back at the City Bowling Club after the match tomorrow. All you can eat for $5 or $10 for a family. Everyone is welcome to attend so bring along your partner and kids.
GOOOOOOO see you there CITY

Ninety seconds with Phillip Hood

Sixteen questions in ninety seconds with Phillip Hood life long City supporter.
Time starts NOW !!
Who was your favourite cricket player to watch when growing up? Sir Garfield Sobers
Favourite cartoon as a child? Micky Mouse
Are you studying or working, If so doing what? Retired but still throwing newspapers on the front lawns in the early hours of the morning.
When you were growing up, what did you want to be? A grader driver
What do you normally eat for breakfast? Five Weetbixs
Who is the team mate that brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh?  Big Dan Mitchell
Your every last meal would be? Spaghetti bolognaise.
What highest level you have played cricket? 2nd Grade for City.
What primary school did you attend? Ironside State School
What is your most embarrassing moment on the cricket field to date? The only 2nd Grade match I played I dropped three catches all from the same bowler Blair Hill
Stranded on an Island, What are your 3 essential items? Beer, shoes & food.
What footy code do you support either Union, NRL or AFL?   Union, the game they play in heaven.
What would you buy with your last $20? 4 schooners.
How did you become a City player? Introduced to the club by Richard Thornton.
Who is the smartest teammate? Peter Mead
What is your middle name? Barclay  
GOOOOOOOO ninety seconds? like hell !!! it took over an hour for me to get Phil to answer the questions  CITY

Thursday, November 1, 2012

England here I come.

This is an unpaid ad but thought a young player in our club might be interested in making further inquiries.  A note of warning though, one should always do their homework and investigate fully before committing.

 My name is Robert Humphries, Director of World Sports Xchange Limited, an Australian-based and managed Cricket Agency specialising in placing players with UK & European clubs.
 In our 5 years of operation we have placed over 350 players with clubs in the UK, Holland & Ireland. 210 of those in the last 2 Australian winters alone.
We have a huge demand for Australian players of all standards, whether it be a player on the cusp of First Class Cricket or a 4th Grade player that just wants to experience playing in the UK, we will help anyone that is keen to go!
Without the support of clubs around Australia, we cannot fill the vacancies we have in the UK for 2013, with approximately 110 clubs seeking players immediately from us.
The vast majority of our clubs will provide free accommodation for the player, with assistance to find employment and coaching income. In many cases, our clients receive 100% reimbursement for the cost of their flights and many also receive a weekly retainer for playing, this is dependent on each individual’s ability of course.
I encourage you to please circulate this throughout your clubs and give all of your club members the opportunity to play abroad, as it is a wonderful experience and with the Ashes on, what a time to be in the UK!
 Kindest Regards
Robert Humphries,  World Sports Xchange Limited,
GOOOOOOOO I had a little chuckle to myself when I read that English clubs were after 4th Graders, they haven’t seen some of our senior 4th Graders then. CITY

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teams for this Saturday.

City United teams to play Souths this Saturday 3rd & 10th November in Two Day match. There will be a BBQ after the days play at the City Bowling Club. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain.
1st Grade Riverside 1: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Simon Toyer, Jade Thompson, Scott de Weymarn, Richard O'Halloran, Ryan Hansen, Ben Chew, Julian Hulbert, , Aaron Dennis, Pat Dwyer, Scott Hulbert/ Ben Semmler, Jack McVey
2nd Grade Riverside 2: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, Neil Cooke, Chris Langston / Adam Ryan,, Shel Ravi, Sean Hancock, Sam Brown, John Miskle, Simon Bellamy, Daniel Lawrence / Josh Bennie, Tait Jordan, Terry Kampe,

3rd Grade Riverside 5: Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Cory Callcott, Rob Mills, Andy Jarrett, Brett Walsh,   Matt Ballentine, Lachlan Cooke,  Glen Ryan /Graeme Schwenke, Terry Skewes, Josh Bennie/TBA, Ben Ballentine, Nick Stacey.
4th Grade Riverside 9: Timothy Skewes (C) 0467560000, Paul Lawrence/Gary Whale, Anthony Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald,   Eddie Beattie,  Ron Benjamin, Tim Paynter, Scotty Hurn, Luke Hagley/ Mark Chew, Cooper Thompson, Paul Hagley/D.Smith, Doug Truman, Trent Balderston.
City prides itself on being a true club, not 4 individual teams. We play for the club not for a specific team or grade, throughout the season there will be movement of players within the grades both up and down but always playing for City, that’s what being a part of a club is all about. Best of luck to everyone for the weekend matches.
GOOOOOOO come Saturday night may the town ring out with the words of city city city CITY

A day to remember

I am always thinking of cricket. Eventually, my exasperated wife said, "You think nothing but cricket. I bet you don't even remember the day our first child was born."
"Of course I do," I said with pride. "How could I forget that day, It was the day Steve Waugh scored his 100 not out on the final ball of the day's play against the poms at the SCG."

A Englishman a rock for City

Our own Scott de WEymarn received the 3 First Grade Best & Fairest points after his match winning 70 runs from 257 balls. He showed grit and concentration in his 80 overs spent at the crease.  GOOOOOOOO there is no better feeling when you achieve what you set out to do,  CITY

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It’s on again.

That’s right unless it's raining, City will be holding a fielding session today Tuesday from 5.30 till 6.30 at No 1 oval. All are welcome to attend. Bring your running shoes, your City training singlet, a hat and a drink of water.
GOOOOOOOO train hard, play hard CITY

A chanceless inning

 Anthony Fitzgerald  was 4 th Grade's man of match.  Anthony’s  138 runs (retired) the week before which was the clubs first century for the season, was instrumental  in setting West  a score they could not reach. A great achievement Anthony.
GOOOOOOO there is still some runs in those old legs yet CITY

Monday, October 29, 2012

The BIG boys have a victory.

The victorious 1st grade team celebrated their first win of the season on Saturday. After showing some good form in the first two one-dayers of the season and with some hard work being shown at training, our 1st Grade team showed grit and determination with the bat to cruise to victory scoring 216 run off 85 overs. Well deserved.
GOOOOOOOO Phil  I believe that's another carton of refreshments CITY 

Final results from day 2 matches against Wests played on Saturday

It was a weekend of mixed results for City United taking home 2 wins and 2 losses.  First Grade came through with their first win of the season.  And the mighty Fourth Grade team continued on their winning way, also.
1st Grade:  Wests were dismissed for 167. City resumed their innings at 3/88.  They were finally dismissed in the 85th over for a total of 216 runs & taking first innings points.
Best batting:  Scott de Weymarn 70 runs; Simon Toyer 46 runs N/O; Jade Thompson 23 runs;
With overs left in the day’s play, Wests batted a second time and hit 4/117 off 21 overs. Best bowling:   Jade Thompson 3/54 off 8 overs; Julian Hulbert 1/48 off 9 overs.
This was the first win of the season for First Grade  (their first win in a 2 day game for a couple of years).  It was great to see our English recruit, Scott hitting a good score.  Sadly the win came at a cost with injuries to Jake Philp, Aaron Dennis & Daniel Lawrence.  We wish them all a speedy recovery.
2nd Grade: Wests were dismissed for 204 runs. City resumed their innings at 4/64.  They were dismissed for a total of 162 runs in the 61st over. Best batting:   Adam Ryan 54 runs; Sean Hancock 30 runs; Dave Weekes 19 runs; Paul Fisher 17 runs; John Miskle 15 runs.
Wests commenced a second innings and finished the game with a total of 6/121 off 35 overs. Best bowling:  Simon Bellamy 1/30 off 10 overs; Pat Dwyer 1/18 off 5 overs; Glenn Ryan 1/11 off 5 overs; Neil Cooke 1/11 off 3 overs; Dave Weekes 1/ 4 off 2 overs.
3rd Grade: Wests declared their innings closed at 5/290. City resumed their innings at 1/33 before being dismissed for a total of 245 runs in the 57th over. Best batting:  Tait Jordan 51 runs N/O; Cory Callcott 34 runs; Terry Kampe 34 runs; Matt Ballantine 29 runs; Graeme Schwenke 24 runs; Andy Jarrett 22 runs.
4th Grade: City finished the day 6/296 off their 80 overs. City started the day in the field with Wests to begin their first innings. Wests were dismissed for a total of 189 runs in 46 overs.
Best bowling:   Eddie Beattie 3/24 off 7 overs; Tom Fitzgerald 2/1 off 4 overs; Terry Skewes 2/19 off 7 overs; Nick Stacey 1/31 off 10 overs; Ron Benjamin 1/23 off 3 overs.
City enforced the follow-on with West batting a second time and ending the day at 2/75 off 25 overs. Best bowling: Tom Fitzgerald 1/19 off 5 overs; Gary Whale 1/3 off 1 over.
GOOOOOOOO has 4th grade found a new spinner in Garry Whale CITY