Thursday, November 1, 2012

England here I come.

This is an unpaid ad but thought a young player in our club might be interested in making further inquiries.  A note of warning though, one should always do their homework and investigate fully before committing.

 My name is Robert Humphries, Director of World Sports Xchange Limited, an Australian-based and managed Cricket Agency specialising in placing players with UK & European clubs.
 In our 5 years of operation we have placed over 350 players with clubs in the UK, Holland & Ireland. 210 of those in the last 2 Australian winters alone.
We have a huge demand for Australian players of all standards, whether it be a player on the cusp of First Class Cricket or a 4th Grade player that just wants to experience playing in the UK, we will help anyone that is keen to go!
Without the support of clubs around Australia, we cannot fill the vacancies we have in the UK for 2013, with approximately 110 clubs seeking players immediately from us.
The vast majority of our clubs will provide free accommodation for the player, with assistance to find employment and coaching income. In many cases, our clients receive 100% reimbursement for the cost of their flights and many also receive a weekly retainer for playing, this is dependent on each individual’s ability of course.
I encourage you to please circulate this throughout your clubs and give all of your club members the opportunity to play abroad, as it is a wonderful experience and with the Ashes on, what a time to be in the UK!
 Kindest Regards
Robert Humphries,  World Sports Xchange Limited,
GOOOOOOOO I had a little chuckle to myself when I read that English clubs were after 4th Graders, they haven’t seen some of our senior 4th Graders then. CITY

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