Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Espresso Addimi Loyalty Cards

Phil Hood now has a club set of loyalty cards so players can either see Phil at games or the Club or ring him on 0408662012 to arrange to get a card. Baring that, Phil will catch up with you. When you get your card, you have to sign for it but that all can be done with Phil.

So now, when you have your delicious coffee a Espresso Addimi in Peel St near Tony Windsor's office, you will be building a bonus for City United at seasons end and supporting a generous sponsor. That's got to be good!

Club Dress Shirts

Congratulations to the following players who have now qualified for the new Club Dress Shirt: Anthony Cashman, Luke Hagley, Paul Hagley, Jack McVey, Jim Stacey, Nick Stacey, Pierre Steyn & Ross Steyn. Lachlan Cooke, Tim Hunt & Claude Orenstein still have shirts to pick up. Shirts may be picked up from Lango at 19 McRae St. There will be a slight delay on the second run of shirts sponsored by Pura Milk as they had to go back to Monogram It for an adjustment.