Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Responsibility

Your club officials - Terry, Phil, Cory, Claude, Selectors and the Skippers - are working hard to provide you with a game of cricket every weekend. This has been a hard job because the start of this season saw City disadvantaged at almost every turn. Despite setbacks, we have fielded teams and been competitive in every grade.

Putting teams on the paddock every week is not a cheap business. The TDCA has fees and umpires charge the club fees, there is the cost of cricket balls, clothing and gear which has to be paid for up front before you get a chance to use it. If every bloke in the club got active in signing his rego form and submitting at least registration money to their captain or the Treasurer, Claude Orenstein then life would be a tad easier for the officials of your club. They give you a match to play every week so how about you kick the can and get some money in.

In the next few weeks, nearly $1800 will be paid out for new shirts and trousers for the day/night games and a club dress shirt. These are items players will have pay for but a delay in payment puts the very guys under pressure who are dusting their tail so you can play cricket.

So how about getting those regos forms signed (you can download them off the website) and money for fees or shirts in as soon as possible.

Both rego forms are available from the following links.

City United Rego Form

Tamworth City Bowling Club

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Sponsorship Announced

City United has entered into a new sponsorship deal with Monogram It to provide club shirts. Monogram It will provide shirts for the 1st Grade squad to wear in its three day/night one day games this year and City will purchase a further 40 shirts for club members to buy. All of the shirts will be in the traditional maroon with yellow trim and will have the club logo and the logo of our major sponsor - Tamworth City Bowling Club - embroidered on the front. This is a further development of the sponsorship which the club already has with AM Printing. The First Grade shirts will be available before the first day/nighter with the other shirts to follow shortly after.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

City Bouncing Back

City United has bounced back following a difficult start to the season. Driven by a new Executive and a fresh approach, the players have responded with some old fashioned guts and determination and are showing pride in their colours on and off the field.

One of the crucial reasons for this strong bounce back has been ability to get together and socialise thanks to our fantastic new sponsor The Tamworth City Bowling Club who provide us with a great area at the club where we can gather, talk about our day and share successes. This has been a missing element in recent years and the Barefoot Bowls night was another example. More than 40 players, officials and supporters participated in a BBQ and then bowls.

Peter Mead lead the way with his weekly summary of performances in the various grades and at the end of his humourous coverage of the round, he announced that Richie O'Halloran was the Player of the Week for his 5-71 in first grade and has won a $30 meal voucher from the Park View Restaurant at the TCBC.

City United are Lazarus rising. As the add says, it won't happen overnight but it will happen!