Friday, November 1, 2013

We are indebted to you.

We have two members within our wonderful Cricket Club who are the backbone of our club, they both work tirelessly behind the scenes. They don't take to the field but they allow us to take that winning catch or score that winning run. They dedicate their time and energy to make City United the well-financed and organized club it is. We are especially grateful for their dedication and effort in their roles as Treasurer and Secretary.  

It’s important as players that we support both these ladies in their roles. To assist Kathy in her role as Treasurer let’s continue to make a big effort to pay any outstanding season fees, as they are now overdue. There should be no need for Kathy to chase us down, let’s remember that Kathy’s tireless efforts over the past few seasons has resulted in City United having the lowest Playing Fees in the competition. Let’s continue to reply to the availability questionnaire sent out before each match from Nikki to assist in selections.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a big thank you , from us to you CITY

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little story for a Friday.

Our three musketeers had been lost and walking in the desert, they sees the home of a missionary. Tired and weak, the missionary nurses them back to health.
Feeling better, the men asks the missionary for directions to the nearest town and asks the missionary, "Could we buy your horse?"
The missionary says, "Sure but there is a special thing about this horse. You have to say the word
 'Thank God' to make him go and 'Amen' to make him stop."
Our three musketeers all climb onto this horse. 
 Richie at the front, Scotty in the middle with Sugar sitting at the rear. Richie yells, "Thank God" and the horse starts walking. Then he yells, "Thank God, Thank God, " and the horse starts trotting.
Feeling really brave, Richie yells, "Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, Thank God" and the horse just literally takes off.
Hanging on for dear life, Richie suddenly sees this cliff coming up and he's doing everything he can to make the horse stop. "Whoa, stop, hold on!!!!"
Finally Scotty remembers and yells "AMEN!!"
The horse stops at the edge of the cliff.
Our three musketeers are all smiles, After a moment Sugar looks at Scotty and taps him on the shoulder and says with a smile, "Thank God"
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all the best for tomorrow, Gentleman. CITY 

Who will it be?

I was looking at City’s batting stats for this early part of the season and I thought to myself, who will be City’s first century maker for the 2013/14 season? Sean Hancock has been the closest with a 78, closely followed by Anthony Fitzgerald with a nice 73 runs N.O., you then have young Ryan Hansen 56.

If I was a betting man I would have one of our captains as my favourite as City’s first century maker for the season.

Harrison score a century only last Sunday in a representative match for Tamworth. Peter Mead in recent seasons has scored some amazing centuries. Then you have Anthony Fitzgerald who has also scored some delightful centuries for City. Yes my money is on them.
GOOOOOOO as my old batting coach would always tell me "keep that front elbow up sonny" CITY

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

City players again on the representive stage.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Highlights from the weekend.

On Sunday, three City players all shined, representing Tamworth in the MA Connolly Cup match against Gwydir played at No1 Oval.  Harrison Kelly score a brilliant century (115), Nick Blake scored 48 runs and was part of two big partnerships. Then it was Jack McVey turn it get into the action by taking 3 top order wickets for 13 runs from his 5 overs.

 In the 3rd Grade match played on Saturday.
Tom Fitzgerald was been out injured so on Saturday he took on the role as scorer for 3rd Grade. At the end of City’s batting innings he handed the score book over with a sneaky grin. You see the middle order for City didn't do that well and Tom had great delight in drawing three beautiful ducks in the score book against the batsmen involved, he even colored one in Gold to represent Shel’s Golden one. You and your hidden talent Tommy, a true artiest.

While over at 4th Grade, 10 year old Joey Mead took to the field for the very first time for City on Saturday with the excitement and joy you have at that very young age. Young Joey was the Anthony’s man of the match after taking two wickets and trying all day. Going through the City United record books it is official that Joey is the youngest player ever to take the field.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO he may be young but the boy can play CITY

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some days the results are not a reflection of the effort made.

Smithy you were just so sharp in the field.
I spent some time at our 3rd Grade at Belmore Park. This grade was typical of all our teams on Saturday.
City had called into our 3rd Grade team two old retired war horses in Ron Farrell and David Smith both were terrific (I am sure it will be a few days before they once again can move without pain). We had the father and son team in Robby and Brody Gregg and from the rehab ward from the Tamworth Base Hospital Shel Ravi (knee) and Graeme Schwenke (calf).
At the final drinks break Norths had already had a 80 run lead on City's first innings of 113 runs. With over an hour to play we were looking at a very big total being put on us. But during that drink break the boys got together and made a pack that we would win the final session, the final hour would be ours. 
So this team of City players half of them by now carrying an injury of one kind or another, took to the field. They supported each other and gave it one last dig. 
Graeme was one of the players that played injured. 
They slowed the run rate and started to take some wickets, when stumps were called and taking 4 wickets for a very few 35 runs City had won the final session. Over half this team will be interchanged, for the second week but to the players slipping back to retirement or back to a lower Grade well done, "Some days the result are not a reflection of the effort made." GOOOOOOOOO well done CITY