Monday, October 28, 2013

Highlights from the weekend.

On Sunday, three City players all shined, representing Tamworth in the MA Connolly Cup match against Gwydir played at No1 Oval.  Harrison Kelly score a brilliant century (115), Nick Blake scored 48 runs and was part of two big partnerships. Then it was Jack McVey turn it get into the action by taking 3 top order wickets for 13 runs from his 5 overs.

 In the 3rd Grade match played on Saturday.
Tom Fitzgerald was been out injured so on Saturday he took on the role as scorer for 3rd Grade. At the end of City’s batting innings he handed the score book over with a sneaky grin. You see the middle order for City didn't do that well and Tom had great delight in drawing three beautiful ducks in the score book against the batsmen involved, he even colored one in Gold to represent Shel’s Golden one. You and your hidden talent Tommy, a true artiest.

While over at 4th Grade, 10 year old Joey Mead took to the field for the very first time for City on Saturday with the excitement and joy you have at that very young age. Young Joey was the Anthony’s man of the match after taking two wickets and trying all day. Going through the City United record books it is official that Joey is the youngest player ever to take the field.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO he may be young but the boy can play CITY

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