Saturday, January 15, 2011

City United v Bective, 15/1/11 (Twenty20)

1st Grade at TREC at 8:30am
City United 104 (Peter Mead 26, Daniel Lawrence 13) lost to Bective East 3-106 (Nathan Whale 2-19)
Bective won by six wickets in the early game. Lots of positivity from the City Boys and a great sense of team was evident from the on field talk. A win can't be far away. Well batted Meady.

City United v Souths, 15/1/11 (Twenty20)

1st Grade at TREC - 3:00pm
City United 9-119 (Anthony Dutton 29, Peter Mead 22, Hamish Batley 10x, Shane Rutley 10) lost to Souths 2-123 (Daniel Lawrence 1-16).
Runs were again the problem with not enough on the board to create pressure for Souths. Dutton started well and Meady again provided a steady influence in the middle of the innings. Hamish and Rutts swung well at the end. Dan provided the breakthrough which made Souths think for an over or two and City's fielding kept them in the game for sixteen overs.
2nd Grade at Belmore - 8:30am
City United 112 (Anthony Cashman 30, Jay Sipple 29, Isacc Kensell 17, Sean Hancock 14, Luke Smith 13) lost to Souths 3-114 (Dan Mitchell 2-30, Jack McVey 1-26)
Never in the hunt at 5-25 or 7-59, Cahsy, Kens and Sipp at least gave the side a total. Big Dan took out the openers and his bowling partner Jack bowled a tidy four overs under the circumstances but the bowlers were out gunned.
3rd Grade at Chauvel - 8:30am
Souths 9-110 (Simon Bellamy 3-24, Pat Dwyer 2-21) lost to City United 6-111 (Cory Callcott 64)
After a bad start, Simon & Pat reigned Souths in to a target that was within reach but when the Skipper went in at 4-23 in the fifth over it looked as though the side was on the same slippery slope. Cory played a gem, throwing caution to the wind with four 6's. Luke Lawrence stayed with him to add 63 for the wicket and the games was as good as won when Cory left at 103. The first win for the season. Onward and upward fellas.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Dress Shirts

The new dress shirts are now available free for Cory Callcott, Lachlan Cooke, Tim Hunt, Richie O'Halloran, Peter Mead and Claude Orenstein. The shirt is not available for sale and is only available to players who have completed paying their fees.

Contact Lango 0438 028 917 to arrange pick up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

City United v Old Boys 8/1/11

1st Grade at No1 Oval (day/nighter)
City United 124 (Ross Steyn 30, Bede Young 26, Nathan Whale 13) lost to Old Boys 4-127 (Bede Young 1-39)
Never in the hunt after being 6-39 but thanks to Ross, Nathan and Bede a total was set to bowl at but Aaron Hazlewood took the game away from us.

2nd Grade at No1 Oval (the early game)
Old Boys 104 (Al Austin 3-6, Jack McVey 2-15, Hamish Batley 2-18, Steve Ballantine 2-22) lost to City United 2-106 (Paul Fisher 37x, Al Austin 37x)
A great performance from all the bowlers including Robbie Gregg who bowled 8 overs for 28. Hamish and Steve made the early breakthroughs and Sean Hancock held four catches. Paul lead from the front at the top of the order with great support from the resurrected Al. An excellent win.

3rd Grade at Minor League 3
City United 86 (Ben Ballantine 20, Luke Lawrence 15) lost to Old Boys 5-88 (Simon Bellamy 2-25)
Never enough runs to play with but late breakthroughs by Simon at least caused Old Boys some concern late in the game.