Saturday, October 24, 2009

For A Good Time ... Who Ya Gonna Call?

BBQ tonight after play at the South Tamworth Bowlo. Bring some gold coins to cover your costs.

Chris "Happy Langers" Langston, Robbie "Sensational" Smith, Anthony "Dude" Dutton & Sam "Smirk" Langston are your social committee this season. Welcome to all the new players and their families. Loving the family vibe.
So far we've had a BBQ on Sign On Day and after the first day's play, followed by cheese and biscuits and water melon devoured after we secured wins in all three grades after the 2nd day's play back at South Tamworth Bowling Club. What a start. The social committee are stoked with the buzz around the club and so much support from the STBC, City United Club committee and fellow players. What a club to be in.
Players enjoyed listening to each other recall the first game's highlights. A few coldies, a few softies as the laugh's and hoots echoed down the bowling greens as we celebrated.
A special mention to Phil Cook at McWilliams Meats in Calala shopping centre for supplying us with the meat for the BBQ's. We have an ongoing supply from them for the rest of the season.

The plan is to have BBQ's after play on Day 1 of each game and nibblies after the second day.

Let's wear the City colours bright and proud.
Here is a thought for a club chant :
"City United, City United
no other club will ever be like us,
City United, City United
no other club will ever be fighters
like great City, City, City United"

We also believe it's a great thing to supply iced water at all grounds and we're working on how to do that. What about a Hawaiian Night? Any ideas or suggestion are welcome. Let Langers know what you think. See you all at the club to catch up every Saturday night.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Photos

We need some more old photos of City United players and events. If you have some, could you scan them onto a disk or thumb drive or lend them to Lango so he can. The aim is to build up a sense of history in the club.

The Cricket Weather

Weather forecasts for Saturday can be found by clicking on "The Cricket Weather" in the section "Other Cricket Links" ... down and to the right on this page.

Saturday 24th should be mostly sunny and 33C.

In the event of inclement weather affecting the likelihood of play on any Saturday, players are directed to one or many of the following options:
1. Listen to FM 92.9 or 2TM after the 11:00am news for an announcement;
2. Ring/SMS Simon after 11:00am and he will advise whether we are playing;
3. Keep mobiles turned on as the club will send out a text message advising if play is off;
4. Check the website after 11:00am.

All of these options would be better than inundating you Captain.