Friday, January 4, 2013

Lets do it.

Bective this weekend means another round of tough games. A number of our player are in Sydney watching the Test match and will be missing from this Saturday's matches. This will allow a few player to move up a grade, that is what being part of a club is all about. To all teams this weekend all the best, lets play smart, tough, good cricket, Lets do it.
GOOOOOOOOOOO who will stand up this weekend and see us through, it can be you CITY

Thursday, January 3, 2013

When City visited the big smoke.

With the Sydney Test Match starting today, it reminded me of City's own trip to the SCG a few years ago. The trip was a prize won by Dan Whale who is our Club and 1st Grade Captain, the prize was a tour of the SCG as well as being involved in a training session with NSW team.

                                                The greastest of them all "The DON""
GOOOOOOOO The Spirit... The Club... The Team...  The Player.... CITY

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teams to play Bective

City United teams to play Bective this Saturday 5th January in a One-Day match. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain.
This weekend’s match will have it's own story to tell and every player playing in it, will write his own chapter within that story. How will your chapter read this weekend? May your chapter be full of enjoyment and success and personal achievement.
The pen is in your hands.
1st Grade Riverside 2: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Scott de Weymarn, Ben Chew, Aaron Dennis, Jack McVey, Ben Semmler, Michael Bellamy, Jade Thompson,  Simon Toyer, Simon Bellamy, Scott Hulbert
2nd Grade Scully Park: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808,  Mark Fisher, Pat Dwyer, Joshua Bennie, Neil Cooke, Sean Hancock, Daniel Rogers, Chris Langston, John Miskle, Adam Ryan, Terry Kampe, Paul Chalmers
3rd Grade Riverside 8 (Minor League Grounds): Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Cory Callcott, Rob Mills, Matt Ballentine, Ben Ballentine, Tom Fitzgerald, Tim Painter, Andy Jarrett, Brett Walsh, Lochlan Cooke, Graham Schwenke, Anthony Fitzgerald
City prides itself on being a true club, not 4 individual teams. We play for the club not for a specific team or grade, throughout the season there will be movement of players within the grades both up and down but always playing for City, that’s what being a part of a club is all about. Best of luck to everyone for the weekend matches.
GOOOOOOO may the cry of CITY CITY CITY be heard throughout the town come Saturday night CITY

Paid Coaching positions

Jeff Simmons from Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching has contacted City United enquiring if any City United players would be interested in some paid work on 21st and 22nd January helping to conduct Cricket Coaching at Chaffey Park. We would love, some City players to be involved. Persons are to be over 18 years of age. For further details contact Paul Lawrence M: 0438617044 Or E-Mail
GOOOOOO can you do with a little bit of extra cash? CITY

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

We at City would like to wish every player, supporter and their families, a  Happy New Year. Wishing you a fabulous 2013, full of great achievements and experiences.
 City's story of the season is only half written. May you write your  meaningful chapter for that story starting tomorrow at training. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
this year I am more committed than ever to my NEW YEAR’S resolutions, as I have written them down this year CITY