Friday, December 12, 2014

Some things never change.

I was reading a local paper from a few years ago and come across this article. It reminded me that no matter how much time passes by some things never change.

GOOOOOOOOOO men will always be men CITY

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The upcoming matches.

All four grades play this weekend, 13th December against Bective in a One -Dayer.

Our 4th Grade team then has a extend Christmas break after this weekend and do not resume until 31st January against Old Boys.

While 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade plays against Norths in the final match of the year before the Christmas break on the 20th December. Our three higher Grades return earlier on the 10th January in a One-Dayer against Souths.

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Christmas has come early.

I had two early Christmas presents, the best presents you could wish for.
Firstly I had word that Matty Ballantine had announced his engagement to a beautiful girl in Ally McKinnon. Matty was our wicket keeper and a major part of our most successful 3rd Grade team ever in the history of City United. The team was captained by City's "Mr Cricket", Peter Mead. This amazing side won every thing there was to win, The Minor and Major Premiership's as well as the One-Day final. They even had battles off the field with the officaldom. This team overcame them all with integrity and grace.
Matty himself has had health problems which he has over come. He is now living in Gunnedah and working seven days a week making a life for himself and his fiance.
The other terrific news was that of Bobby Hession. Bobby was City's Fourth Grade Captain for many years until eight years ago when he hung up his old battered hat. A year later he was diagnosed with cancer, for seven long years he battled this curse. With his wife Lyn and family by his side, he was given a few months to live by his specalist a number of times. But Bobby is a fighter and never gave in.
Bobby touched many City players who came through the grades. He was a father figure to them all. Bobby is from the old school and would call players little wankers if they played up and would never give his bowlers a fine leg saying if he can't bowl on off stump he shouldn't be bowling at all.
Bobby was the captain of a winning fourth grade side for City and has told me the most talented and inspirational young men he captained was the Sipple twins. Both Adrian and Grant went on to play 1st Grade for City, with Adrian Captaining our 1st Grade side.
Bob is in remossion, has been seven weeks off all medication and is looking forward to spending this Christmas with his family.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (some presents are more valuable than money can buy) CITY.