Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There is something in growing that mo.

Australia a 5-0 series sweep for just the third time in history.

Man-of-the-series Mitchell Johnston, who took 37 wickets in the five tests.

Johnson performance was spectacular in the Test Series with his new mo.


How I wish I could grow a moustache,

                                            so that people could see me as cool.

                                          With a fashionable style, a furry smile,

                                          the ladies would drown in their drool.

                                               Oh I wish I could grow a moustache,

                                            so that people could think me a man.

                                       I would work on a farm,   have a rugged charm,

                                                   and probably drive a black ute.

                                              I wish I could grow a moustache,

                                     maybe people would think I was snappy.

                                  I would keep it in trim, I would go to the gym,

                                     with some hair on my lip, I'd be happy.

                                    Next season I will, I will grow a moustache,

                                          So it will improve my cricket.

                                That’s all I need to succeed is a moustache,

                             and when a score the runs and take the wickets,

                               We will all be wearing moustaches at City.